If there is a watermark on a video that does not represent your business, you would surely like to remove it. Sometimes, there is a watermark on the video because of using video editors and tools. However, there are some video editors that do not leave a watermark. It does not matter why you have the watermark on the video; the only thing matters is how you can get rid of it. No one likes watermarks on the video; therefore, we are here with five free and paid online video watermark removers. We will also share an excellent alternative to online tools. We will share the step-by-step methods, so you will be able to remove watermarks on your own.

Part 1: 5 Best Online Video Watermark Removers

1Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover

This is a paid online tool that can help you remove the watermark. It is also available in the form of a desktop application if you want to use it on your computer.


  • You can upload multiple files to remove the watermark in one go.

  • The rectangular box can be applied to all videos. So, if all videos have a watermark at the same place, you only need to place one rectangle.

  • It is a quick tool that completes the job quickly.

User Comments

According to users, this application works as described. The free plan also works, but you can only upload two videos at maximum. Keep in mind that it blurs the portion of the video you select. Most people do not like to blur the video part as it affects the quality.

Video Tutorial:

YouTube Video

Steps to Use the Tool

Step 1: Open the tool in any browser.

Step 2: Upload the video file by dragging it to the box. You can also click inside the blue box to upload the files. Select the video you want to edit.

drag video to apowersoft website

Step 3: Click on the video. You will see a rectangle on it. Place the rectangle over the watermark. You can also add more rectangles by clicking on Add Box(ex).

Step 4: Click on Erase. The watermark will be removed in a few seconds. Then, you can download the video.

2 Watermark Remover

This is a free online tool that can remove the watermark. You only need to open the link, and you are good to go.


  • It can process a batch of files together.

  • It is a simple tool that beginners can use.

  • The format of the video remains the same, and the video quality is not affected.

  • It supports almost all commonly used formats.

User Comments:

According to users, you cannot download the file unless you download an application or provide some personal data. This is irritating, which is the reason people avoid using it.

Price Plan

It is a free tool.

Steps to Use Watermark Remover

Step 1: Open any browser and follow the link.

Step 2: Drag the video files to that box. You can drop multiple files. You can also click to upload files. Select the video files to remove the watermark.

watermark remover

Step 3: Click on Remove Watermark. The watermark will be removed within a few seconds or minutes. You need to download apps or provide some information to download the videos.

3 Beecut Online Watermark Remover

Beecut is another online watermark remover. It is again an excellent online tool to remove the watermark from your videos.


  • You can upload up to two videos in the free version. In the paid version, you can upload as many as you like.

  • It blurs the portion of the video you have selected, and the watermark will not be visible.

  • It also has a downloadable application if you prefer to edit videos directly on your PC.

User Comments

This is a commendable online tool for users. However, sometimes, it does not work as expected. It stops in the middle of uploading and processing.

Price Plan

Price Plan
Package Price

Steps to Use Beecut Watermark Remover

Step 1: Open the link on your browser. You will see two options. One will be for videos, and the other one will be for images. Click on Remove Watermark from Video. Upload the file in which you want to remove the watermark. You can also upload more than one file.

Beecut Watermark Remover

Step 2: You will have a box on the screen. Move the box over the watermark and adjust its size. You can also add more boxes.

Step 3: When you are done, click on Erase. The file will be processed, and you can download it after a few minutes.

4 Video Watermark Remover Online

This is another online remover tool that removes the watermark from your videos. You can remove the watermark from one video or multiple videos in one go.


  • It is a simple and quick tool. It is perfect for those who want to remove the watermark quickly.

  • It can remove the watermark of a batch of videos.

  • Almost all video formats are supported.

Users Comments

The online tool is supposed to do the work, but it asks for personal information and compels you to download some applications. Most users avoid it because of this reason. It processes the file quickly; however, you cannot export it directly.

Price Plan

Not mentioned yet
Not mentioned yet
Not mentioned yet

Steps to Use

Step 1: Follow the link using any browser. You will see a blue rectangle; drag your video files or click on it to upload videos. Upload the video.

Video Watermark Remover Online

Step 2: It will take a few seconds to upload the video. Once it is uploaded, click on Remove Watermark.

Step 3: The file will be processed in a few seconds. To download the file, you need to complete an offer, such as downloading an application or filling a form.

5 Kapwing

Kapwing is a commendable online video editing tool that is worth investing in. You can easily do any kind of editing on this video editor. Its exceptional tools and features are perfect for beginners. You can use it anywhere you want to do basic editing.


  • It is a complete video editor, so you can also edit your videos while removing the watermark.

  • When you export the file from the free version, there is no watermark.

  • It can help you remove the watermark by cropping or replacing the image.

User Comments:

Users love Kapwing because it is an excellent online video editor with all features you need. It is one of the best online video editors that can help you do any type of basic editing in no time.

Price Plan


Steps to Use Kapwing for Watermark Removal

Step 1: Open Kapwing online video editor. Click to upload the video file.

Step 2: After uploading, your video clip will be in a video editor.

Step 3: You can remove the watermark from the video by cropping it. Click on the video. Now, on the right, click on Crop. Crop the video as you like. You can also select the aspect ratio. After cropping, click on Done Cropping.

replace watermark kapwing

Step 3 (Alternate): At the top, you will see the Images tab. Click on it. You will see a new window. Go to the Upload tab. Upload the image that can replace the original watermark. You will see the image in the video. Adjust the size and position.

crop watermark kapwing

Step 4: When you are done, see the preview. After satisfaction, click on Export Video. It will take a few moments to export the file.

Part 2: Comparison of Top 5 Video Watermark Remover Online Tools

Ease of Use

If we consider the ease of use in the five online tools, then you will find all of them easy, except Kapwing. In other tools, you only need to upload the videos and set the area of the watermark. They are specially made for removing the watermark. On the other hand, Kapwing is an online video editor, so you need to crop the video or add a new watermark. It requires a few more steps, but it is not that difficult to use.

Supported Format

All the online tools support almost all common video formats, including mp4, mov, 3gp, avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, flv, and m4v. Kapwing and Watermark Remover also support H265 encoded files.


Watermark Remover is the only free tool. Other than that, all tools are paid tools. However, they all have a free version with some limitations. Kapwing has the best price and features; it is available for $20 per month on a monthly basis and $17 per month on an annual basis. The price of Apowersoft watermark remover ranges from $19-$39.

The price of Video Watermark Remover Online is $79.99 for the Ultimate plan and $49.99 for the Standard plan. Lastly, the price of Beecut Online Watermark Remover is not mentioned yet.

Special Features

Other than Kapwing, all tools can process a batch of files. They are quicker and require fewer steps. Moreover, Beecut Online Watermark Remover can also remove the watermarks from images.

Kapwing is an all-in-one video editor, so it has every tool for video editing. Moreover, you can remove the watermark by replacing the image or cropping the video; these are more reliable than blurring the watermark portion.


Disadvantages of Using Online Watermark Removers

  • Online watermark removers upload your files, so they take time.

  • Most online watermark removers do not work well, and they are malicious.

  • Online tools require constant internet connection, so if you lose the connection, you may need to do everything again.

  • Most tools work by blurring the portion of the video, which does not look good.

Part 3: Best Video Watermark Remover to Remove Video Watermark - Fast & Easy

There are many online watermark removal tools available, but it is recommended to use a desktop application or video editor. The desktop software allows you to remove the watermark without an internet connection. You can do everything offline, and everything can be easily uploaded from your computer. We recommend iMyFone Filme for desktop, which is a great video editor for beginners.

    Reasons to Use Filme

  • Filme is a versatile tool that can provide the tools for basic to advanced video editing. You can add text , transitions, images, animations, effects, and many other things.

  • It is the best tool for beginners as they can easily do anything they want within a few simple steps. It also allows wireless import from Android devices.

  • It supports all videos files and formats. Moreover, you can also select the advanced setting for exporting your videos in any format and settings.

  • You can remove the watermark in two ways, and no one will be able to figure out whether the watermark is removed or not.

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1 Remove Watermark by Cropping

By using the steps below, you can remove the watermark on the video by replacing it with another. This method is mostly used as it does not affect the video quality.

Step 1: Open Filme. Go to the File>New Project and select the aspect ratio.

Step 2: Click on the Import button. Import the file that you need to import. You can import from the computer or from your mobile phone.

filme import media

Step 3: Your video will be in the media; drag it to the timeline. Click the video on the timeline, and you will see the editing options.

Step 4: Over the timeline, click on the crop button. A rectangle will appear on the canvas. Adjust it according to the video. You can also select the desired aspect ratio. After adjusting the rectangle, click on OK.

Filme Crop video

Step 5: The watermark will be removed. If you want to do any other editing, you can do it at this stage.

Step 6: Click on the Export button>Export Video. Choose the desired settings and click on Export.

2 Remove Watermark by Replacing

Step 1: Open Filme on your computer. Go to the File and create a new project.

Step 2: Import the files from the Import button. You can import from your Android device as well. You need to import the video and the image that you will be placed over the original watermark.

Step 3: After importing the video, drag it to the timeline. Now, drag the image to the timeline. Adjust it according to the length of the video.

Filme edit in timeline

Step 4: Double-click on the image to select it. You will see the rectangle around it. Adjust the image and place it over the original watermark. Congratulations! The watermark has been removed.

Step 5: You can do other edits at this stage. You can add effects, animations, audio, texts, or whatever you like.

Step 6: Go to the Export>Export Video. Select the export settings that you want and click on Export.

Part 5: FAQs for Online Video Watermark Removers

Is it illegal to remove a watermark from a video?

Removing watermarks from videos is illegal if you are not allowed to make any modifications to them. You cannot steal someone else's work. But if you are allowed to modify the video and use it in your own work, you can remove the watermark. You will have a licensee to modify the work. You can also fairly use the content according to fair use guidelines. Make sure to take care of the laws and guidelines. You must not infringe the copyright laws.

Is video watermark remover online safe?

Most of the video watermark removers are just scams. They collect valuable information or force you to download some applications. However, there are some online tools, like Kapwing, that are completely safe. It is recommended to buy premium tools. Moreover, most online watermark removers just blur the video, which affects the quality. We recommend using Filme, which is a desktop video editor and can help you get rid of the watermark. You can also have a look at the AVS video editor for removing the watermark.

Are online watermark removers worth it?

Paid online watermarks do the work, but it does not make any sense to pay for watermark removal only. Instead, you can buy a video editing tool at the same price. The desktop video editing tool will offer you more options and features.


We have shared some of the best online watermark tools in this article with their step-by-step procedures. You can use any of them to remove watermarks from videos. There is no doubt that there are dozens of online watermark remover tools available, and you can try them to remove the watermark. But there are many problems associated with them, and we have discussed those problems as well. Therefore, we recommend Filme because it is an excellent desktop tool. It is a complete video editor for basic and advanced video editing. It can remove any watermark in two ways and does not leave a clue.

If you want to learn more about removing watermarks, you can have a look at the eight proven solutions to remove the watermark from the video

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Ease of Use
Supported Formats
Special Features
Almost All Formats
Can add more than one rectangle and batch processing
Watermark Remover
Very easy
Almost All Formats
Batch processing
Beecut Online Watermark Remover
Almost All Formats
Not Mentioned Yet
Can Work on Images
Video Watermark Remover
Very Easy
Almost All Formats
Batch processing
A bit difficult (Requires more steps)
Almost All Formats