You saw a really cool video on your Facebook timeline and you want to convert it to a GIF file so you can share it across other platforms. How can you convert an FB video to GIF, either by downloading and converting it or by converting directly using the URL?

There are tons of tools for doing both, so we鈥檝e curated a list of the top 10 tools you can use to convert FB videos into GIF files. The list is divided into two sections - one for tools that require the FB video to be downloaded and one for tools where you can simply use the FB video URL for conversion.

Section 1 - 6 Tools to Convert FB Video to GIF with Downloading FB Video

1 iMyFone Filme - The Most Powerful FB Video to GIF Converter

If you鈥檙e looking for a comprehensive video editing tool with a powerful FB video to GIF conversion feature, look no further than iMyFone Filme. Whether you need to add filters, create animations, add transitions, crop, cut, or trim a video, or add music tracks for free.

The steps of converting are below:

Step 1: Download and launch Filme and import the FB video into the software using the import tool or simply drag it to the media pane and drop it there.

Step 2: To add the video clip to the timeline, double-click it or drag it to the timeline. You can also click the + sign on the media thumbnail as a shortcut.

Step 3: You can now directly export the file as a GIF, but you may want to make some edits as shown in the screenshots above.

a.There are several controls above the timeline editor, such as cropping, splitting, and speed control. The trim function can be used by moving the vertical handles on their side of the video clip in the timeline editor - remember: short files are better for GIF. If the video is too long, just cut out the clip you want to use for the GIF using the split tool - this can be used by bringing the playhead to the point where you want to cut the video and clicking the scissors icon.

b.To edit the video itself, double-click it and use the editing panel on the top right to change contrast, white balance, etc.

Step 4: To add text or effects, use the menu options on the top left of your screen by clicking the appropriate icon. Click the icon, select the element and click the + symbol to add it to the video.

Step 5: Once you鈥檙e done editing and adding effects, you can hit the Export icon and choose GIF as your output file format.


Full Editing Suite

Edit your videos the way you want to, with full control over every aspect of the video. Crop a video to a new aspect ratio, control white balance and contrast, trim a video to make it shorter, apply slow motion or fast motion, use the picture-in-picture effect, and do everything you need with this robust set of video editing functions. Once you鈥檙e done, you can export your videos in a range of video and device formats - including GIF, of course!

Animations and Effects

Whether you need holiday themes, icons, travel styles, badges, or even emoji, iMyfone Filme offers a wide range of animation and other effects to beautify your GIFs and make them more captivating to keep your audience engaged.

Text Styles

Add title text, bottom and end subtitles, and other styles with different effects, font colors, font styles, sizes, and other controls. Use the text effects to give your GIFs some of that Hollywood appeal you only see in expensive video productions.


yesIntuitive video editing interface

yesMultiple output formats supported, including GIF and other image files

yesExtensive editing and effects features

yesEasy for new users to understand and use

yesLightweight tool - doesn鈥檛 eat up your RAM and memory resources


noMac version has fewer features

noNo keyframe editing for transitions

2 Photoscape for Windows

Since Photoscape is essentially a photo editor, you鈥檒l need to use a workaround to get your FB video clip as individual image files for each frame in the clip. For this, you can use any video editor. The advantage is that you can control various aspects of each image, such as color saturation, brightness, white balance, and many more parameters. From there, you can create an animated GIF in just a few steps. The only thing you need to remember that this only works well if the video was shot at a high resolution so the individual frames are clear when you split them up.

Step 1: Download the FB video and open it with a video editor like Sony Vegas.

Step 2: Use the software to cut just the portion of the video that you want for your GIF.

Step 3: Save the clip as JPG files. Each frame will be saved as one image.

Step 4: Next, download and install Photoscape, launch the application and go to the Animated GIF section using the tool wheel or toolbar. You may see Create GIF depending on which version of Photoscape you鈥檙e using.

Step 5: Once you鈥檙e in the GIF editor, select the images from their folder location on the left and drag them into the gray area. You will be able to see the individual frames at the top along with the default duration set for each.

Step 6: In the editing panel on the right, you can change the duration of each image in the GIF. You can also resize the canvas and make several other adjustments.

Step 7: When you鈥檙e done, click the Save button on the right, then choose the destination folder in the Explorer window and click Save on the bottom right of that window.


yesGives you the freedom to edit the frames as individual photos.

yesYou can change the aspect ratio or set a specific canvas size for the output.

yesAny set of sequential images can be used to create a GIF, not just files converted from a video clip.


noNo direct support to convert video to GIF.

noRequires a third-party video editor to obtain the frames as images.

3 Permute for Mac

Permute is the easiest to use media converter with it's easy to use, no configuration, drag and drop interface, it will meet the needs to convert all your media files. It includes many new features and the entire workflow has been improved with many per-conversion customizations.

Step 1: After installing Permute from the Mac App Store, launch it.

Step 2: Open the folder where the file is located

Step 3: Drag or drop your files into Permute.

Step 4: Select the format as 鈥淕IF Animation鈥.

Step 5: Click on 鈥淪tart鈥 to convert your video to GIF.
permute_gif steps

Step 6: Once converted into a video, it will be saved to the folder where the original was located. If you ever have trouble tracking down a converted file, click the 鈥渦p arrow鈥 button in the bottom right corner. This will bring up a list of converted files; click the 鈥渕agnifying glass鈥 icon next to the file in question to see it in Finder.
permute_finding files


yesKeep the Schedule

yesWebP and SVG support

yesInsanely Fast


noNeed to cost $14.99 to use Permute

noNo other editing options

4 ImgPlay App for iOS

ImgPlay is an iOS app that can easily make GIFs using pictures, continuous snapshots, and videos. Through it, everyone can experience the wonderful moments when taking photos and videos. They can really make your GIFs pop and look very professional. The app is available from the official iOS App Store.

Step 1: Install the app on your iPhone and open it.

Step 2: Select a video directly which you want to convert to GIF.

Step 3: Edit your video such as canvasing, cropping, adding texts, stickers and filters, adjusting, setting FPS, setting speed and zooming. When finishing editing, please click on the 鈥淣ext鈥 button to the next step.

Step 4: In the next step, choose 鈥淕IF size鈥 to set looping and size and then click 鈥淪ave to Photos鈥.

Step 5: At last, you can check your GIF on your iPhone photos


yesEasy-to-use interface.

yesStickers can make your GIFs look stunning.


noNo Android app or desktop version.

5 Camera MX for Android

Camera MX has been around for a while now. Essentially a camera app, the GIF export feature was added a few years ago, in 2016. This allows you to export your Live Shot clips as GIF files. You can also set your GIF as a Live Wallpaper on supported devices. The app also comes with an effects and filters camera, photo and video editing, and the creation of Live Photos and Live Shots.

Step 1: Download and launch the app, then open the Media Manager and import a FB video. You can also take a Live Shot using the Camera MX app.

Step 2: Click the Swirl icon on the tool panel at the top and tap on Create GIF/Video Loop.

Step 3: The GIF file will be saved to your photo album, and you will also find it in the Media Manager of Camera MX.


yesSimple interface that鈥檚 easy to use.

yesMultiple source file types supported to create animated GIFs.

yesDirectly capture Live Shots and convert them to GIF.


noNo iOS version or support for other platforms.

noDoesn鈥檛 always work well on higher versions like Android 11.

6 InVideo

This is not a hugely popular app but it鈥檚 a great online solution because you don鈥檛 need to download anything to convert your downloaded FB videos to GIF. it doesn鈥檛 have a whole lot of features but it does support some common input formats like MP4, WEBM, and MOV, as well as image files like GIF or even JPG.

Step 1: Head over to the web page for the video to GIF conversion tool.

Step 2: Click Upload Video and select your video for import.

Step 3: Click the Convert button once the video is uploaded.

Step 4: You can use the markers to trim the duration of the video.

Step 5: Once the conversion is complete, download the GIF file.


yesNo software download necessary.

yesEasy to use.

yesVideo editor included.


noUploads don鈥檛 always work.

noVery basic tool - e.g. no GIF editing possible.

That concludes the section on tools where you can download an FB video and then convert it on several different platforms. However, if you don鈥檛 want to download the original video, you can consider using tools that accept an FB video URL as the input. They will automatically download and process the file into a GIF and you can download it from within the site or utility.

Section 2 - 4 online Tools to Convert FB Video to GIF without Downloading FB Video

1 MakeaGIF

This popular tool offers various options to convert other media into GIF files. It includes support for Facebook videos, YouTube videos, uploaded clips, webcam captures, images, and even other GIFs.

Step 1: Go to the URL for the conversion tool.

Step 2: Choose the Facebook to GIF tab and enter the URL in the space provided. On the left side, you can add a caption, change its font, and even add free or premium stickers.

Step 3: Make edits to the video, such as enabling audio, adding a ping-pong effect, and setting the duration of the GIF. You can also choose the output quality.

Step 4: When you鈥檙e ready, click Continue to Publishing at the bottom, then name your GIF, choose a category for it and, finally, click Create Your GIF

Step 5: After it鈥檚 processed, you can click the download icon below the live GIF. There are also options to share it directly to several social media sites.


yesSlick interface that鈥檚 easy for first-timers.

yesA wide range of input types supported.

yesAccurate conversion of video to GIF.


noNeed to upgrade to Premium to remove free version limitations.

noSlow uploading unless you upgrade.

2 ImgFlip

This is another very useful online tool. It offers an entirely free version but also comes in a Pro variant that is paid. It also has a very simple interface that new users will find appealing. The output quality is not restricted but longer videos will take you over the free limit. The features are extensive, and the tool allows you to rotate, crop, reverse, and add text to your GIFs. You can also enable audio, scribble on the image, and do a lot of other actions prior to exporting the GIF.

Step 1: Visit the online web page for Imgflip Animated GIF Maker and paste the URL of the Facebook video.

Step 2: The preview area on the left allows you to choose the length of your GIF, while the controls on the right let you change the width, add text, and do several other actions.

Step 3: When you鈥檙e done editing, click the Generate GIF button. In the pop-up window, click the 鈥淒ownload .gif鈥 button. You will also see other options there.


yesSeveral settings options to manipulate the video to create GIF.

yesAccepts video URLs and uploads.

yesA flexible tool that gives you control over individual frames.


noThe interface is a little clunky and may be confusing to first-time users.

noThe free version comes with several limitations including a watermark.

3 Kapwing Studio

Kapwing is a well-known online platform for video editing, and one of its functions is the ability to export video clips as GIF. You can directly paste the FB video URL into the field provided and then edit the file to your exact specifications.

Step 1: Go to the main Convert Video page on the Kapwing website.

Step 2: Paste your FB video鈥檚 URL and wait for it to be imported.

Step 3: When the video is visible inside Kapwing Studio, you will see various editing parameters on the right panel. If you select the video, you will see the Edit, Animate, and Effects tabs in the right panel. In the Edit section, you can trim, crop, change video speed, and control other parameters.

Step 4: You can also add a fill, lock the aspect ratio, rotate the visuals, control the volume level, and more.

Step 5: When you finish editing, click the small down arrow on the red button on the top-right corner next to your login avatar and choose Export as GIF.


yesWatermark-free output for registered users (even on the free plan.)

yesProfessional-looking interface.

yesWide variety of video editing tools available.


noSome premium features are locked behind the paywall.

noConversion usually takes a long time for free users.

4 Img2Go

Img2Go is a collection of free tools that include image editing, optimization, and conversion. Don鈥檛 expect advanced features with this service. It鈥檚 quite basic but it gets the job done and it is very suitable for smartphone users because the platform is optimized for mobile.

Step 1: Click the Enter URL option on the conversion web page and paste any video link.

Step 2: Click the Add button to import the file, then under Optional Settings, change settings such as color filter, quality, and size.

Step 3: Click the Start button to begin converting, and then download the file to your local memory. The download should start automatically but if it doesn鈥檛 you can also click the Download button to do it manually.


yesFree for any type of use.

yesSimple interface.

yesOptimized for smartphones and tablets.


noLimited controls to change video parameters.

noVideos sometimes fail to import when using the URL option.


A.Download an FB Video to Your iPhone or Android Mobile

Android and iOS apps to download FB videos to your device are pretty much outdated. It鈥檚 much easier to use your browser for this because it frees you from the burden of having to use a third-party app that may or may not work. To do this on Android, follow the steps shown here:

  1. Copy the URL of the FB video you want to download using the Share 鈫 Copy Link option.
  2. In a Chrome browser tab, go to and paste the URL there.
  3. Click Download and it will take you to another page, where you need to tap and hold to choose the quality - HD or normal.
  4. When you see the pop-up menu pane, choose Download Link.

The video will be saved to your default folder for content saved online, which is usually the Downloads folder. To execute this same task on an iPhone, follow the same steps shown above; however, your video will be available in the Photos app as part of your Camera Roll.

B. Create a Facebook GIF Profile Picture

If you have an app to create GIFs on your device, you can use it to create a GIF profile picture for Facebook. The process of adding a GIF as your FB profile photo is simple:

  1. On your current profile photo, click the Edit symbol.
  2. Choose Select Profile Photo as your option.
  3. In your Gallery or Camera Roll, choose the GIF file and confirm the selection.

Facebook also has a feature to edit GIFs. In addition, you can use this method to save any GIF from the Internet and use it as your profile picture. GIF profiles are more attractive than static content, so even if you have a normal photo, you can convert it into a GIF to make it more eye-catching.

C.Convert GIF to Facebook video

To turn your GIFs into Facebook videos using a GIF converter like Filme, It only takes 3 steps to complete converting:

  1. Find your favorite GIF(s)
  2. Upload your GIF(s) to Filme
  3. Edit your GIF such as cropping, splitting, rotating, adjusting speed, panning and zooming.
  4. Add effects to make your project more attractive
  5. Select the best aspect ratio for Facebook video(9:16)
  6. Choose 鈥淢P4鈥 as your output format
  7. Click 鈥淓xport鈥 to download as a video

Of course, there are other tools on the Internet that also can convert GIF to FB video. Why we recommend Filme is that other converters are not reliable. This software works perfectly with both windows and mac providing you a stable and convenient editing environment.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1.Can I use a GIF in a Facebook ad?

Yes, Facebook allows advertisers to use GIF exactly as if it were a video. You will still get the same tracking metrics for your GIF-based ads as for your video ads. The only difference is that when you go to Ads Manager to create a video ad, choose a .gif file from your local device or by pasting a URL from a connected account on GIPHY and other compatible services. Additionally, you can also convert a GIF post into an ad by boosting it. One thing to keep in mind is that the GIF file needs to be less than 4GB in size and high-quality so it doesn鈥檛 pixelate when being viewed.

2.How to put a GIF on a Facebook Timeline Cover?

To use a GIF for your Facebook timeline cover, you need to use an existing GIF from Facebook and apply a workaround.

  • To do this, go to a GIF that鈥檚 saved in one of your albums and copy the URL of that file.
  • Next, click the Change Cover and Choose from Photos.
  • Now, right-click any image in the pop-up and choose to Inspect Element in the contextual menu (right at the bottom.)
  • Find the line in the code that corresponds to the image and right-click and choose Edit HTML.
  • Find the Photo ID and replace it with the URL of the GIF that you copied earlier.
  • Click away to exit the editor and click on that same image in the selection box.
  • You will see the GIF appear as your Timeline Cover.
  • Click Save Changes and you鈥檙e done!

3.How to send a GIF in FB Messenger?

Sending a GIF in FB Messenger either as a chat or as a comment to a post is essentially the same. While chatting with someone, click the GIF icon and pick one from your local memory to add it to the chat. It鈥檚 that simple! Unfortunately, you will need to have the GIF already saved because FB has phased out the ability to create new GIFs on the platform.

4.How to add a GIF to an FB comment?

  • In the "Write a comment" field, click on the "GIF" button.
  • In the same way, you found a GIF to use as a status, select the GIF you want to use and it will appear as a comment. And at last, send your GIF to the comment area.

5.How do I add a GIF using HTML code on FB?

In general, the process of adding a GIF to FB using HTML is the same as the one explained in Question 2 above. However, if you鈥檙e inserting a new image, you will need to use the correct HTML tag for images, which should be as follows:

The part inside the quotes tells the application where your GIF file should be taken from. This is very important because the app or browser needs to be able to call up the image when displaying the relevant page.


That brings us to the end of this article on the top 10 tools to convert FB videos to GIF with and without having to download the video file. Our first one - iMyFone Filme - is by far the easiest to use and offers the most number of additional features to make amazing-looking GIF creations. You can be the envy of all your friends on social media, creating stunning GIFs in minutes. The other tools are also very useful resources to have at your fingertips, especially the ones that support video URLs. In summary, finding the best FB video to GIF converter is about convenience, features, price, and quality. Filme comes out on top in all these categories and is undoubtedly the best tool for this purpose.