“I have a video clip that was recorded sideways (couldn't be avoided. It was on a phone). I want to rotate the video 90 degrees before I make clips out of it. I googled how to do it, and most of the responses said to look under the Motion tab in Effect Controls. These were older posts for older versions of Premier Pro. In the newest version, there doesn't seem to be a Motion tab in Effect Controls. How do I rotate the video in Adobe Premier pro CC? I am new to the software, so I admit I may just be looking in the wrong spot.” –Kuro

If you are facing the same problem as Kuro, you are in the right place! This is a really common problem that people new to video-editing come across. But not to fear, we have a step by step guided solution for you.

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to rotate/flip videos in Premiere. Don’t confuse rotating with flipping videos – they are totally different things. A flipped video’s end outcome is a (horizontal or vertical) mirror image of the original footage, whereas a rotated video’s end outcome can range from a few precise degrees of reorientation to adjusting portrait footage to a landscape orientation.

Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Rotate/Flip Video in Premiere?

Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro - the popular industry-leading software application for anyone looking to edit a video. From simple videos to commercials and even film and television videos, Adobe Premiere Pro is THE ultimate video editing solution for your needs.

1 How to Rotate Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

For a simple guided step to rotate videos in Adobe Premiere Pro simply follow the steps below:

Step 1.Start up Adobe Premiere Pro. Click on the File tab and select the “Import” option to load your footage into the software. Once the footage is imported, drag it to the timeline.

Step 2.Click on the specific footage clip you want to rotate such that it is highlighted – that selects it.

Step 3.Now go to “Effects Controls Panel” and make sure you check that the tab name Master [Clip Name] is selected. This will remain empty until you drag the effect over. (which is the next step)

Premiere Rotate Video

Step 4.Once selected, go to the “Effects” Panel. Spot the search box at the top of the panel, and type in “Transform”. The Transform effect should show up and you can drag it to the empty “Effects Control Panel”. A list of controls like “Anchor Point”, “Skew” and “Rotation” should appear.

Premiere Rotate Video

Step 5.Click into “Rotation” and simply type in your orientation of choice to rotate the video.

And there you have it, a rotated video!

2 How to Flip Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

For a simple guided step to flip videos (it is even simpler than rotating videos!) in Adobe Premiere Pro simply follow the steps below:

Step 1.Follow step 1 and 2 of “How to Rotate Video in Adobe Premier Pro”.

Step 2.Select the “Effects” panel and find the “Transform” tab that appears.

Premiere Flip Video

Step 3.Pick your choice of Horizontal or Vertical Flip from the menu below and drag it across to your clip! The result is instantaneous – your footage will be flipped in your chosen orientation automatically.

Premiere Flip Video

3 Useful Tips When Flipping/Rotating Video in Premiere

  • ① If you want to flip only a specific part of the footage instead of the whole clip, make sure you select the Razor tool (press the C key) while clicking twice - once on the beginning of the footage you want to flip and the second time at where you want the effect to end.
  • ② If you want to create a side by side mirror effect within the frame of the video, you can use the Mirror Effect (Effects > Video Effects > Distort > Mirror) to do so. Drag and drop this onto your clip and make adjustments to the Reflection Centre found in the “Effects Control” Panel. That will adjust the position of the mirror line to create this mirroring effect.
  • ③ Make sure to look out for reversed letters of numbers in a flipped or rotated video. You have two options to resolve that. Either blur out the images via the masking and tracking feature or create an inverted mask for the areas of videos that have text or numbers.

Although Adobe Premiere remains the choice of many top professionals, it has its limitations:

  • Pricing: At USD 239.88 per annum, the yearly subscription might be prohibitive for casual video editors who may be students or freelance video editors who are just starting out.
  • Complex process: While flipping and rotating videos might seem simple enough, the comprehensiveness of the Adobe Premiere software might be overwhelming for amateur video editors looking to embark on the first few projects.

And that’s where the best alternative for Adobe premiere - iMyFone Filme - comes in!

A Simpler and Faster Video Editing Process: iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme

Filme Video Editor offers Windows users a simple way to edit videos quickly and efficiently with the following convenient features:

  • Fast Video Mode: All you need is one click, and the software pulls together a slideshow for all your imported content. Just like magic!

  • Cool Effects: A whole catalogue of effects and filters are at your fingertips for you to create those splashy and vivid effects for your story.

  • Text Options: Pick and choose from a wide variety of cinematic intros, text templates and more to enhance your story telling.

  • Instant Preview: Preview your video as you create it! No need to waste time exporting it.

  • Basic Editing: Simple, intuitive process to help anyone edit videos without any technical know-how – from adjusting speed, in picture effects to rotating a video.

1 How to Rotate Video in iMyFone Filme

For comparison’s sake, let us take a look at the two methods on how you can easily rotate a video clip in Filme video editor:

Method 1: Simply click on the video, a panel will appear where you can adjust slider “Rotate” or simply input the number.

Filme Rotate

Method 2: Double click on the video you want to edit, and you can directly rotate it in the preview window by moving your cursor around until you are satisfied with the new orientation.

Filme Rotate

Doesn’t that sound much easier than what you just learnt in Adobe Premiere Pro?

For beginners and amateur video-editors, this is the ideal alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro!

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Final Thought

We hope that you managed to solve your problem of rotating/flipping video in Adobe Premiere with our step by step guide. However, if you are looking for an easier video-editing solution, you might want to consider iMyFone Filme to help you with basic editing needs.