One of the best things about having a backup of the data on your device is the ability to simply restore the data if you ever lose it. Losing WhatsApp data is surprisingly easy and most people lose the data by accidental deletion or loss of the device. But that is not the only reason backups can be useful. They can also come in handy when you need to transfer the data between devices since you can simply restore the backup on the destination device.

One of the best ways to backup WhatsApp data is to use Google Drive. In this way, if you have a Google account, you can simply login on any device to view or restore the backup. In this article, we are going to look at how to restore a WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to an Android or iPhone device.

Part 1. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

We know that WhatsApp can be backed up to Google Drive for Android devices, but when we want to change to a new iphone device, for example, from Samsung S7, to a iPhone 11, are we able to restore the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to the new iPhone directly?

Question: Is It Possible to Restore WhatsApp Directly from Google Drive to iPhone?

transfer whatsapp from google to iphone

The simple answer to this question is however, 鈥渘o鈥 with the official way, only because the encryption protocols that Google Drive uses are incompatible with the iOS system.

Encryption protocols are in place to allow you to move data from Google Drive to a device or computer without hackers intercepting the data. The iPhone and iOS in general uses encryption protocols that are vastly different from Google Drive making data transfer between the two very difficult. So WhatsApp doesn't provide a way to let you restore WhataApp directly from Google Drivce to iPhone officially. However, some 3-party tools like iTransor provides a flexible way to help you restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone.

How to Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive to iPhone via A 3rd-Party Tool

Getting past the encryption protocols to transfer WhatsApp messages from your Google Drive to an iPhone can be very easy if you use iTransor for WhatsApp. This tool is designed to move WhatsApp messages between devices regardless of whether it is from Android to Android or Android to iPhone. It has therefore found a way around the encryption issue which makes it highly useful for you if you are switching between devices.

  • This program is compatible with all Android OS and iOS versions, including Android 10 and iOS 13.3.
  • Restore WhatsApp backup to your Android or iPhone without OS restrictions.
  • 100% safe to back up iPhone/Android WhatsApp messages and save them on the local folder of your computer for free.
  • All WhatsApp chats and the attachments can be easily transfer between 2 devices.
  • The company have been trusted and recommended by a lot of famous media sites.

trusted by many reputable review sites

Here are how you can restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to your iPhone device:

Before we start, download and install iTransor for WhatsApp on to your computer.

windows version聽聽聽聽Mac version

Step 1: Restore the backup in your Google Drive to an available Android device. If you are not familiar with restoring backup from Google Drive, please check out the steps.

Step 2: Then, launch the program and click on 鈥淭ransfer WhatsApp between Devices鈥 from the left panel. Connect both the Android and iPhone devices to the computer.聽

choose to transfer between devices

Step 3: Once the device appears on the screen, click on 鈥淭ransfer鈥 to begin the process.

start to transfer whatsapp

Step 4: Keep the devices connected to the computer until the restoring process is complete. The program will notify you when it is and you will be able to see the WhatsApp messages on your iPhone device.

successfully restore whatsApp data from google drive to iphone

Part 2. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to Android?

When you are planning to restore your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, the first thing you need is to make sure you have a WhatsApp backup on that.

Phase 1. Check WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

Following are the steps through which you can find your saved chats on Google drive:

Step 1. Open Google Drive Webpage

Visit the Google drive webpage on your browser. Login to your Google account to which the chats were backed up.

Step 2. Select Backup On the Menu

Click on the backup option located on the left panel. Here, you can see every backups you have made using Google Drive. Then, you’ll be shown a list of the apps that you’re using with the Google drive. Here I only got one backup - my WhatsApp backup.

open backup google drive

Step 3. Search WhatsApp

If you have many apps backed up on Google Drive, scroll down to the WhatsApp. The backup size will give you the idea that whether the data has saved or not.You can double click the backup to view details.

check whatsapp backup google drive

Phase 2. Backup WhatsApp on Google Drive

If you have access the WhatsApp backup on Goolge Drive, just jump to the third phase. If you are restoring your WhatsApp backup from an old Android device to a new one, and haven't done the backup before, follow the steps below to backup your WhatsApp to Google Drive:

  • Open WhatsApp from the home screen.
  • Tap on 鈥淢enu鈥 at the top of the screen (it is the three vertical dots).
  • Select 鈥淪ettings鈥 and then tap on 鈥淐hats鈥.
  • Tap 鈥淐hat Backup鈥 and then tap on 鈥淕oogle Drive Settings鈥 to choose the frequency to back up your chats.
  • Now tap 鈥淎ccount鈥 and then select the Google Account you would like to use for the backup. If you don鈥檛 already have an account that you can use, click on 鈥淎dd Account鈥 to create a new one.
  • Tap 鈥淎llow鈥 and then tap on 鈥淏ack up over鈥 to choose whether you want to use 鈥淲i-Fi鈥 only or 鈥淲i-Fi and Cellular Data鈥.
  • Tap he box next to 鈥淚nclude videos鈥 to ensure that all your backups will include videos and then click 鈥淏ACK UP鈥 to begin the manual backup of your WhatsApp messages.

backup whatsapp to google drive

Phase 3. Restore WhatsApp to Android

To get your chats back on your phone once you鈥檝e reinstalled WhatsApp, follow these simple steps to restore the backup:

  • Open WhatsApp and then tap on 鈥淎gree and Continue鈥 to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Tap 鈥淐ontinue鈥 to give WhatsApp access to your contacts or you can choose to tap 鈥淣ot Now鈥 if you want to skip this step.
  • When prompted, go ahead and verify your country and phone number and then enter the verification code to complete the process.
  • Tap 鈥淐ontinue鈥 to give WhatsApp access to your Google Drive backup.
  • Tap on 鈥淕ive Permission鈥 to allow WhatsApp to check your Google Drive for the backup.
  • Tap on the 鈥淎ccount鈥 with the backup and the tap 鈥淩estore鈥 to complete the process.

Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive Backup