Whenever a new iPhone is released, more people switch from Android to iPhone. If you happen to buy a new iPhone and now wish to know the best way to transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone, then this guide can help you.

We understand that as long as it is other data, it can be transferred using the company’s apps such as Move to iOS and Mi Mover/Mi Drop. However, transferring WhatsApp data isn’t that simple because of the encoding used for the different platforms. No matter how hard you try, it won’t be easy to get Android WhatsApp data to iPhone the way it is. Today, we introduce you to software that is reliable and efficient and provide guaranteed results.

Part 1. A Direct Way to Transfer All WhatsApp/WA Business Data from Xiaomi to iPhone

When nothing seems helpful to transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone, there is iTransor for WhatsApp that will always assist you in the process. It can transfer, backup, restore, and export WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data directly across different platforms. Hence, as long as you have this software, you won’t have to worry about WhatsApp data transfer.

You only need to download, install, and set up the software.

windows version      Mac version

After that, follow the steps here:

Step 1.Run iTransor for WhatsApp and connect both devices with the computer. Make sure that the right device is specified as the Source and Destination.

initiate transfer

Step 2.Hit the Transfer button, and the software will start preparing the devices for the transfer. As iOS and Android OS are quite different, the WhatsApp application is also built differently.

set devices as source and destination

Step 3.The transfer process will finish in a few minutes, and you will have all your WhatsApp data on the iPhone with just one click. Remember to check your iPhone for the data that you wanted to transfer.

transfer whatsapp data

Part 2. Use Export Chat to Transfer WhatsApp/WA Business from Xiaomi to iPhone

You can also consider using the Export Chat feature of the application to transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone. The feature works by exporting a copy of the chat history from individual chat or group chat. It will create an email of the conversation and send it to the target address.

Step 1.Open the individual chat that you want to export. Hit the “More Options”; and select the “Export Chat” option.

Step 2.The app will prompt you to choose whether to include media or without media. If you want the media files, click on with media option, choose the email app, and an email will be composed of your chat history as a text document along with the media files.

export chat

Step 3.Add the email address that you can later use to access the data and hit the Send button.

One advantage of this method is that you can also see your chat messages without the WhatsApp application on your phone. With the program above, you can also check the chat messages on your computer without your phone, which is free and highly recommended. The same can be done with the WhatsApp Business account too.

Part 3. Does Mi Mover or Move to iOS Transfer WhatsApp?

Many users wonder that there is already a data transfer app available for Xiaomi devices as well as iOS devices. For Xiaomi, it is Mi Mover/Mi Drop, and for iOS devices, it is Move to iOS. Hence, the question arises, aren’t these apps helpful to transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone?

To answer this question, it is crucial that we explore the usability of these apps and the data types they support.

Mi Mover/Mi Drop Move To iOS
Data Types
  • Images
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • System App Data from Android to Xiaomi
  • Third-Party Apps & App Data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi
  • Camera Roll
  • Messages
  • Google Account
  • Contacts
  • Bookmarks
  • Looking at the list of data support, you can see that even though both these apps are designed for data transfer, no specification would allow cross-platform WhatsApp data transfer anyways. That’s why you will have to rely on a third-party tool such as iTransor for WhatsApp for the task.

    Final Words

    At last, all we can say is that no matter how much you want to transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone, the process will get complicated unless you use iTransor for WhatsApp. It is a specially designed app that is created to fulfill the user’s needs. Tell your friends and family about this too so that they can also switch from Android to iPhone easily.