How to Restore WhatsApp to Huawei P Smart 2019

Huawei P Smart 2019 is an incredible addition to smartphones. When you are preparing to change to Huawei, P Smart might be a great choice. However, data transfer might be a headache for most of us, especially when we are changing to a new phone that’s in different operation system. Because WhatsApp is using end to end encryption, they don’t provide data transfer from iPhone to Android or vice versa. So if you are facing this kind of problem, the most effective method will be using a third-party tool which specifically focus on WhatsApp transfer to help.

In this article, we will take a look at different ways to restore WhatsApp to Huawei P Smart 2019 from iPhone and Android.

Part 1. Restore WhatsApp from Android to Huawei P Smart

transfer whatsapp from android to huawei p smart

There are several methods you can use to restore WhatsApp on your new Huawei P Smart. However, here we will only talk about some most effective ways to restore your backup. Let’s discuss all of them one by one:

Method 1. Restore WhatsApp to Huawei P Smart via Local Backup

As you were using an Android phone, you will be provided the backup option to both Google Drive and locally. Folders in SD card store all types of data including attachments, media, and cookies. You can easily find the WhatsApp folder in the internal memory or external SD card. Follow the steps below to restore WhatsApp:

Step 1. Find the WhatsApp Folder in External Storage or Internal Storage

Check the default storage setting of your old phone. If the SD card is your default storage, try to find the WhatsApp folder on SD card. If you find folder there, remove SD card from your older smartphone. Insert it into your Huawei P Smart. If you have already installed WhatsApp, reinstall that.

insert sd card to huawei p smart

If you don’t find the WhatsApp folder on external storage, check the internal memory. To check internal storage, it’s better to connect your cellphone with a PC. After finding the WhatsApp folder, browse for a backup file with the “.db.crypt” extension. All files contain a date stamp. So copy the latest backup file to your computer.

access whatsapp folders in storage

Step 2. Reinstalling WhatsApp

If you have already installed WhatsApp, reinstall that again. After installing, don’t run the application. Connect your new Huawei P Smart 2019 to your PC. Go to the WhatsApp folder. Navigate to the Database folder. If you don’t find any Database folder, create a new one.

Step 3. Copy & Paste Backup File

Now, copy the previously saved backup “.db.crypt” file. Paste that into the Databases folder on your new Huawei P Smart 2019 device.

copy whatsapp backup file to new phone

Step 4. WhatsApp Restored!

Open WhatsApp on your new device. Follow the instructions. Verify your phone number. WhatsApp will notify you about data backup. You will see a Restore option there. Just tap on that. This process will take a few moments. So after a while, you can see your all chats on Huawei P Smart 2019.

Method 2. Restore WhatsApp to Huawei P Smart via Google Drive

This is another most popular method to create and restore a backup. Before restoring your WhatsApp, you need to create a WhatsApp backup with Google drive. Follow the steps below to create a backup from your old device. Then restore WhatsApp to your new device.

Step 1. Create a Google Drive Backup

Please ensure that you have created a backup using Google Drive. You can go to WhatsApp>Chats>Chat Backup to check the last backup date. If you don’t have a backup of Google Drive, press the Back-Up button to make a new complete backup.

backup whatsapp to google drive

Step 2. Install WhatsApp on a New Cellphone

Install and launch WhatsApp on your new Huawei P Smart. Log in by entering the same phone number as you used for backup creation.

Step 3. Restore Backup to your Huawei P Smart from Google Drive

WhatsApp will look for local storage and Google Drive for an existing backup. When WhatsApp successfully finds a backup, you will see a “Restore” button. Press the Restore button. Don’t click on the Skip button. Otherwise, you will have a fresh installation for WhatsApp.

restore whatsapp backup from google drive

Step 4. WhatsApp Restored!

WhatsApp will start downloading your entire backup files. It can take a few moments. Time depends on the backup file size. After a while, you will see your entire conversations. Your media files will still continue downloading in the background.

Method 3. Backup and Restore via iTransor for WhatsApp

itransor for whatsapp

iTransor for WhatsApp is a tool specifically designed for WhatsApp data transfer. It also supports WhatsApp data backup and restore solutions. Even if you are transferring data between different OS devices, let’s say, from Android to iPhone, iTransor for WhatsApp can finish it perfectly. In this part, we are going to introduce both the process of backup and restore.

Step 1. Launch the Tool and Connect Old Cellphone with PC

First of all, download iTransor for WhatsApp, the tool offers a free trail of its backup function.

windows version    Mac version

Connect your old cellphone with the PC and allow data transferring permission. Run iTransor for WhatsApp. After connecting the Android device with PC successfully, all you need to do is press the Backup button.

Step 2. Create a Backup

The application initiates the data backup process. Follow a few instructions to complete this process. It will take some time based on your WhatsApp data size. You will see “WhatsApp Backup Successfully” after completion.

backup whatsapp on android device

Step 3. Connect the New Cellphone with PC

Now your backup is ready. Connect your new cellphone to restore WhatsApp. Click on the “Restore WhatsApp to Devices” in the left pane.

Step 4. Select and Restore a Backup

Here you need to select the backup that you want to restore. It is important to note that this process will erase your data from the target device. In this case you are changing to a new phone, so don’t worry about that. During restoring WhatsApp, you will have to perform a few simple steps. The application will guide you in detail before each operation.

choose backup to restore

Step 5. WhatsApp Restored!

The program will take a few minutes for completion. Generally, it doesn’t take more than a half-hour. Now you can see complete WhatsApp conversation history on your new Huawei device. Actually, you can apply this method to restore your WhatsApp to all devices!

Part 2. Restore WhatsApp from iPhone to Huawei P Smart

transfer whatsapp from iphone to Huawei

Because Huawei and iPhone are using different operation systems. WhatsApp doesn’t provide official way to help directly transfer backup between iPhone and Android. So here we need the help with a third-party tool to make it happen.

Method 1. Transfer WhatsApp via iTransor for WhatsApp

iTransor for WhatsApp is the most powerful app that provides you the complete WhatsApp data backup capability. The working process of this app is similar for both An
droid and iPhone devices. Let’s discuss how to restore WhatsApp briefly.

Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Both your Smartphones

Before we start, launch iTransor for WhatsApp.

windows version    Mac version

Connect your iPhone and the new cellphone with PC. Make sure that your iPhone is in the first place and Huawei the second. If not, click the Transfer on the interface. Then click transfer.

connect devices to computer

Step 2. Transferring started

To transfer WhatsApp data from your iPhone device, iTransor for WhatsApp will fully backup your iPhone data based on iTunes and export the WhatsApp data. So please make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your PC. To transfer to your Huawei device, the program will install a customized WhatsApp. But don’t worry, you can update to the official version later.

start transferring itransor for whatsapp

Step 3. Finished

The program will take some time to complete transferring based on your WhatsApp size. It will normally take around half an hour. When it is finished, you will see a Transfer Success hint on the program.

transfer form iphone to huawei success

Method 2. Use iTransor Lite to View and Export WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

If you just want to keep your WhatsApp chat, and can accept viewing that previous chats on your PC, here is another option for you. iTransor Lite is a tool designed for backup/export data for iOS devices. Not only work for WhatsApp chats, but also your contacts, calls, photos and videos as well as other SMS apps on your iOS device. Follow the instructions below to export your WhatsApp data to PC:

Step 1. Backup your iOS device to iTunes or iCloud

First create a iTunes/iCloud backup for your iOS device. It is a complete backup of all your iPhone data. You are not able to view or restore only WhatsApp chats.

backup whatsapp itunes

Step 2. Download and Launch iTransor Lite

This tool offer a free license of 1 month, go to the purchase page to get one. Download the program and launch, enter the license key.

Step 3. Choose Export From Device & Backup Mode on the Left Panel

Choose “Export from Device & Backup” mode on the left panel, then choose “Export From Backup”.

The program will list the backup file it finds such as messages, contacts and WhatsApp.

choose backup to restore itransor

Step 4. Choose WhatsApp data to Scan and View

Choose the backup you have made by iCloud/iTunes in step 1, click Next. Check WhatsApp on the second line. Click Scan and then you can view the WhatsApp data of your old iPhone device. If needed, choose the chats and export them to any format you like to your computer.

view and export whatsapp chat itransor

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