Have you ever been in a situation when you want to share a video or file on WhatsApp, but the file is just too huge for the online chat itself? Thankfully, there is Google Drive to the rescue! The cloud storage can help you store the file, then you share the link on WhatsApp. If you are still unsure about how to share the link, no worries! This article provides a guide to share Google Drive links to WhatsApp. Check it out!

share google drive video link on whatsapp

Part 1: Send Videos vs. Share Links from Google Drive to WhatsApp

Although you can always send videos on WhatsApp, there are limitations that might hinder the process of the video sharing, such as:

Size Limit

Although you can send videos on WhatsApp, there's a limitation for the video's size. Users can only send videos up to 100 MB. Anything beyond that, the video would be unavailable to be uploaded on WhatsApp.

Connection Issue

Although connection issues don't affect our chats most of the time, it can greatly affect the video that's being uploaded. Not only will the uploading be slow, the downloading would take time also. This will result in the downloading video being in loading mode, and the person who's downloading will not be able to preview the file. Either way, it will be a loss for both the uploader and the downloader.

Storage Mess

All the files downloaded in WhatsApp are stored in one folder, but you won't know the location of the folder unless you dig deep into your phone. To make it even worse, all the videos from all the contacts are stored in one folder. If you need a specific video, you will have to go through all the videos in the folder. Quite a hassle, we'd say.

Not that sending a video directly is bad. However, there are circumstances mentioned above that makes link sharing a preferable method to share the video.

Part 2: Share Video Link from Google Drive to WhatsApp with Mobile Apps

If you have the Google Drive app on your phone, then you're in luck! The information on how to share Google Drive video links on WhatsApp will be easier because all the apps are on the phone.

01 Share One Video Link

  1. On your mobile device, open Google Drive app and upload the video needed.
  2. Once the video is uploaded, click the three dots next to the video's title > Share.
  3. click share on mobile google drive app

  4. At the Who has access section, you can Change the settings for people to view or edit.
  5. Copy the link and share it to WhatsApp.

02 Share Several Videos in One Link

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive.
  2. Enter the folder and upload the videos.
  3. Once the videos are uploaded, click the three dots at the right side, next to the magnifying glass.
  4. Go to Share > Not Shared.
  5. At the Who has access, do these steps: Restricted > Anyone with the link.
  6. set restricted to anyone with the link on mobile app

  7. Copy link then Paste the folder link into WhatsApp.

Part 3: Send Google Drive Video Link to WhatsApp on Web Version

Sending Google Drive video link to WhatsApp on web version is as easy as doing it on the application:

  1. Open Google Drive on your browser, then upload the video.
  2. Once the video has been uploaded, click on the three dots on the right.
  3. Click Share, then change the option to Anyone with the link can view. Then Copy link at the bar.
  4. set anyone with the link can view on web version

  5. Paste the link to the WhatsApp contact on web version you would like to share the video with.

If you're sharing a folder, the process is also easy and you just need to gather all the videos in one folder before sharing the link to WhatsApp web version.

Bonus Tip: Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to Devices

In case you want to get WhatsApp data from Google Drive backup to your phone, we recommend you a WhatsApp management tool to meet your needs. iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp can do everything from transferring WhatsApp between devices to exporting and restoring WhatsApp data.

Step 1.Download and open iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer and connect your devices with a USB cable. Then choose Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup > Import Google Drive Backups.

choose import from google drive backups option

Step 2.There you need to log into your Google account, and you will get a list of WhatsApp backups if you have created them before. Choose the one you need and click on the download icon. After that, choose the backup and click on Restore to Device.

download whatsapp backup on google drive

Step 3.The program will ask you to enter your phone number and get a verification code. Please note that you need to enter the number connected to your Google account.

enter phone number and verification code

Step 4.Wait for the analysis process, then you can preview your WhatsApp backup and selectively restore them to your phone.

read whatsapp on google drive

FAQs: More About Google Drive Link

1. Why Google Drive link is not opening?

There are several reasons why the Google Drive link is not working, such as:

  • Incorrect link;
  • Deleted file;
  • No access.

If this happens to you, check the link again or turn to the owner of the link.

2. When you share a link on Google Drive can they see everything?

You don't need to worry, because only individuals who have been granted permission on personal accounts may see Google Drive files.


Sending videos directly is alright, but there are some circumstances that prevent you to do so. When this happens, you need to know how to send large video files from Google Drive to WhatsApp because there's likely a chance when you upload the video on Google Drive. For extra security measures, you can backup the WhatsApp file from Google Drive using iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp so you definitely won't lose it.