In the world of smartphones, Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS (used exclusively by iPhones) are the two main OS options. They have their own eco-system which allows easy flow data across different devices. However, if one switches from one OS to another, the migration of data can be challenging. To explore this further, we would look at the specific scenario of transferring WhatsApp from a Google Pixel to an iPhone. In our discussion, we would try to explain why the official data transfer options do not work and then we would look at the possible approaches users can take to carry out this task.

Part 1. Failure of the Official Data Transfer Method

As mentioned earlier, the official methods are effective for transferring WhatsApp data when the transfer takes place within the same eco-system. This is because these methods are designed for their respective OS so they are unable to function properly in cases where they need to transfer data across iOS and Android. We would look at some of the commonly used official approaches and their methods.

Local Backup

A common method for transferring WhatsApp data is using the local backup file. This works effectively between Android devices. By means of a file manager app, one can locate the local backup file on the old phone. Once located, it can be transferred to a computer and then to the new phone. The backup is of the last 7 days from the date of its creation. However, in case of transferring WhatsApp data from a Google Pixel to an iPhone, this does not work. If the transfer goes through, WhatsApp on iOS may not recognize the file as it has been encrypted for use within the Android OS.

Move to iOS

Move to iOS is considered as one of the easiest methods of data transfer from an Android to an iPhone. It can transfer a wide variety of files which includes text messages, photos, videos etc. When it comes to WhatsApp data, it does not offer the transfer option because of being unable to access it. As a result, we cannot use this approach to transfer WhatsApp from a Google Pixel to an iPhone. Another limitation of this app is that it only works when a fresh setup of the iPhone is done.

move to ios

Google Drive

In Android devices, both manual and automatic backups of WhatsApp data can be created through the app. This also facilitates in transferring data to another device as this backup can be restored on another device when the same Google account is used on that device. This, however, does not work with iPhones as they make use of iCloud storage for WhatsApp backups so this approach will not help us with a transfer between a Google Pixel and an iPhone.

Part 2. Two Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Google Pixel to iPhone

Since there isn’t any official data transfer methods that can transfer WhatsApp data. In this part, you will discover two ways, a direct way and a flexible way to transfer the WhatsApp data from Google Pixel to iPhone.

Way 1. Using iTransor for WhatsApp

The best approach for transferring WhatsApp data from a Google Pixel to an iPhone is through a reliable third party app. iTransor for WhatsApp by iMyFone is an ideal example of such a tool. The process works seamlessly and is very easy to perform so a vast majority of users can complete it without any hassle.

Other than the WhatsApp transfer, the program is also available for backup, restore and export WhatsApp regardless of the operating system of your phone. It supports WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business as well.

Try It FreeTry It Free

The steps to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone are:

Step 1.Connect both the Google Pixel and the iPhone to your PC.

Step 2.Launch iTransor for WhatsApp and select “Transfer WhatsApp between Devices”. Make sure that the Google Pixel is selected as the source device and the iPhone is selected as the destination device.

connect your devices

Step 3.Click on “Transfer” to initiate the process.

transferring WhatsApp from one phone to another

Step 4.The completion of the process would be indicated by message “WhatsApp Messenger Transfer Successful”.

transfer WhatsApp successfully


If there is already WhatsApp data on your iPhone and you would like to keep the data for future use, it is highly suggested that you make a WhatsApp backup of your iPhone first. The backup will be kept on your computer, and you can read the chats in the backup as real chats on phone, and restore the backup to the iPhone, even to another device anytime.

Way 2. Using the Built-on Export Chat Function of WhatsApp

The closest to an official method for transferring WhatsApp data between a Google Pixel and an iPhone is WhatsApp’s export chat option. It can export the last 10,000 or 40,000 messages of a particular chat (depending on the fact that the export is with or without media). If the media option is chosen, the media is exported separately in a zip file while the messages are in a txt. file.

The steps are as below:

Step 1. Open an individual or group chat on the Google Pixel phone.

Step 2. Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner then select "More" > "Export Chat".

choose whatsapp chat to export

Step 3. Choose whether to export with media or without media.

export with media or without media

Step 4. A pop up will show you different options you can export the WhatsApp chats, such as Google Drive, social media, email and etc. Just choose the one you can easily access on your iPhone.

Step 5. After you click on "Export", a message/email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt document along with a zip file containing the media (if the export is done with media).

export whatsapp chat