The importance of your WhatsApp Backup cannot be overstated. The backup can be helpful when you lose the WhatsApp data on your device and you want to restore the data. But it may prove even more useful when switching devices. But what if the WhatsApp backup is not working? If you have tried to back up the data on WhatsApp to no avail, the following are some of the solutions.

Using a Free Alternative Tool to Backup WhatsApp

The best way to ensure you have a backup of your WhatsApp data even when the normal backup process won’t work is to use an alternative solution. The most ideal alternative way to iCloud is to use聽iTransor for WhatsApp. This third-party WhatsApp management tool allows you to back up all the WhatsApp data on Android and iPhone in a single click for free.

Why is it better than official methods:

  • Each backup will be kept forever, and the previous backup will not be overwritten.
  • There is no storage limitation. You don’t need to purchase more storage for the WhatsApp backup.
  • The WhatsApp backup can also be restored to your iPhone or Android device.
  • It also supports the WhatsApp transfer between 2 different devices.

windows version    mac version

To use iTransor for WhatsApp to create a full backup of WhatsApp, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Install iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer and then launch the program. Click on “Back Up WhatsApp on Devices” and then connect the device to the computer using USB cables. You should unlock the device to enable the program to detect the device.

itransor for whatsapp android iphone whatsapp transfer

Step 2: Click “Back Up” and the backup process will begin immediately. You’ll be able to see the backup on your computer as soon as the process is complete.

backup whataspp messages

Fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working without Installing Any Tools聽

If you would rather not use a third-party tool, you can try the following solutions to fix the problem and backup WhatsApp the normal way;

1. Update WhatsApp and iOS Version

An iOS update can help fix this issue by removing any bugs in the system that could be preventing WhatsApp from working correctly. At the same time, updating the app can significantly improve its functionality, allowing you to backup data easily.

To update WhatsApp, 聽go to the App store > Updates and if there is an update for WhatsApp, tap “Update” to install it.

update whatsapp

To update your iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update and if there is an update, click on “Download and Install” to update the device.

software update

2. Log Out and Login to iCloud

Sometimes the problem could be iCloud and not WhatsApp at all. This is why logging out of iCloud and then logging back in can be a viable solution. Here’s how to do it;

Step 1: Open Settings, tap on your Apple ID and then tap “iCloud”.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom to tap on “Sign Out”.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes and then sign back in to iCloud. Try the backup again once you’re signed in to see if it works.

log out of icloud

3. Log Out and Login to WhatsApp

Logging out and then logging back in to WhatsApp will also work to fix the “WhatsApp Backup now working” issue. Doing this works because it restarts the syncing process, allowing you to backup WhatsApp to iCloud automatically. Go ahead and sign out of WhatsApp, wait a few seconds and sign in, then try a manual backup to see if it works.

4. Check Network Connection

WhatsApp may also fail to work as required because of an unstable network connection. In this case, the first thing you should do is to check the router to ensure that it is working correctly and then try the following solutions;

  • Change the device from WLAN to mobile internet and then try the backup to see if it works.
  • Turn on Airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes. Turn it off and allow the device to connect to your networks before trying again.
  • If that doesn’t work, try resetting the network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to do it.

reset network settings

5. Check Your Device Storage

If the WhatsApp backup is still not working after all the steps above, check if you have adequate storage on your iPhone. Lack of space can prevent a backup from completing. Here’s how to check the device’s storage availability;

Step 1: On your iPhone, open “Settings”.

Step 2: Tap on “General” and then scroll down to locate “iPhone Storage”.

iphone storage

You should see your device’s storage details in the next window. You can delete some data to create space for the backup if you need to.聽 Once you have adequate storage, try to back up WhatsApp again.

If you are unable to backup WhatsApp data on your device, the above solutions should be very helpful. We recommend trying each solution in turn until you are able to successfully backup WhatsApp. As always, we love to hear from you. Post your comments, thoughts and any questions you may have on this topic or any other WhatsApp related topics and we’ll be happy to find solutions for you.