If you hear your hard drive making a noise that is unfamiliar to you and you want to find out what’s causing the noise, you might be too late. A clicking noise coming from your hard drive means that its moving parts would soon become unusable. To put it simply, you would soon lose the disk and all the information it carries.

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The "click of death" as many call it, is one of the few signs of hard drive failure. This hard drive clicking was first noticed in the 1990s, and although the technology used in making hard drives has improved over the years - hard drives have gotten faster, increased in storage capacity, and become more compact, there are still cases of computer users experiencing hard drive clicking.

In this article, first we'll try to explain why hard drive would make clicking noise and then help fix it as best as possible. Besides, we'll introduce an amazing data recovery tool, iMyFone AnyRecover to recover data from a clicking and failing hard drive.

Possible Reasons for Hard Drive Clicking

More often than not, the hard drive clicking phenomenon results from the defective movement of the disk's read-write actuator, which performs scans on the hard drive's platters and either reads or writes that data. When the disk head is performing normally, it will move smoothly to track data on a disk. But if these movements turn from being smooth to haphazard and erratic, then the disk controller would try to reset its position by bumping back to the home position repeatedly. It is this bumping action of the disk controller that produces the clicking sound, and the continuous bumping is what makes the clicking sound repeat over and over again. And some possible root causes of such abnormal movement are as follows:

1. Physical damage: Possibly the most obvious and common cause of hard drive clicking is physical damage, such as it has been dropped, exposed to water or fire, or placed near high magnetic fields. In this case, professional help is advised.

2. Damaged platters: If the platter in the hard drive has been damaged, then the actuator arm will not work properly. The arm would continue to search for a platter, but because the platter is damaged, the search would fail. This searching through the actuator arm swinging back and forth is what would cause that clicking sound.

3. Insufficient power: Sometimes the hard drive clicking comes as a result of poor power coming from a malfunctioning power supply unit. You can fix this by simply using a different power supply unit.

4. Damaged service area: The service area of a hard drive is the part where the manufacturer-specific data has been stored. This data is very essential for the running of the hard drive and it can be damaged by module reading errors or bad sectors. If this service area has been damaged, then the data it carries will no longer be available to the drive. The actuator arm, in an effort to receive data from the service area, will swing back and forth, causing the hard drive to click.

5. Prolonged use: If you have used a hard drive for a long time, it will begin to depreciate, just like most other machinery. Over time, the actuator arm might get worn out, and this could result in the hard drive clicking sound.

6. A defective printed circuit board: In your hard drive, the printed circuit board performs the essential task of connecting the electronic components. When the board or assembly has been damaged, the hard drive will not unable to function properly.

How to Fix a Clicking Hard Drive

It can be quite tempting for you to try and fix your malfunctioning hard drive yourself, but you must remember that hard drives are complex and fragile. Any piece of debris, dust, or mishandling could lead to complete damage of the hard drive and permanent data loss. But still, we can take some simple steps first to see if they work.

First, check the power source. As mentioned above, insufficient power might be one of the reasons causing clicking hard drive. A single socket can be overwhelmed if several devices are plugged in. Therefore, try plugging the hard drive directly into a single power source to make sure that enough power is delivered.

On top of that, check to see if there's anything wrong with the connection. Make sure that the wires work in order or try a different connection if necessary.

hard drive connection

Other issues causing the hard drive noise need to be dealt with professionally. We cannot be too cautious with this in view of all the precious data stored in the hard drive.

Recover Data from a Clicking Hard Drive with AnyRecover

One bad scenario is that you cannot access the data store in hard drive after hearing hard drive making noise. Of course you can seek professional assitance, but a perfect data recovery tool can also help in this situation. And here we are talking about the powerful iMyFone AnyRecover.

AnyRecover is a highly sophisticated data recovery tool that you can utilize to ensure the data is not affected by the hard drive clicking. The software can rescue all your important data before the damage on your hard drive cause permanent data loss. Some main features of it are listed below:

  • Restores data on any internal and external storage in just 3 easy steps.
  • Address all data loss scenarios such as computer crash, format device and damage hard drive.
  • High recovery rate and rapid speed ensured by all-round scan feature and unique algorithms.
  • Supports over 1000 file types, including audio, video, and office file document.
  • Offers preview before officially starting to recover.

To get data out of your damaged hard drive with AnyRecover, download and install it first.

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Step 1.Select a Location

Launch this program, select the location from which you want to recover data. Click "Start" to start the process.

select a location

Step 2.Scan the Data

AnyRecover will perform an all-round and deep scan to dig out all the files recoverable stored in your drive.

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Step 3.Preview and Recover

Preview the files scanned and select what you want to get back. Click "Recover" and save the data to another location.

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1. AnyRecover is completely secure and you don't have to worry at all about data dafety.

2. There is a free trial for every user to recover 3 files. And the specials sales give the best discount. Don't hesitate to give AnyRecover a try!


Hard drive clicking is something we can never treat lightly as it is an indication that hard drive failure is imminent. Try to know more thoroughly about what causes the hard drive to make clicking noise and then fix it as best as we can. When it comes to recovering data from a clicking hard drive, iMyFone AnyRecover is the primary choice. Getting back data from a full range of devices in various situations, AnyRecover deserves everyone's trust.

Windows version Mac version