How to Recover Deleted Files

My final examination is approaching, and the exam review files are all stored in my computer. Unfortunately, I felt extremely tired last night, which caused me negligently deleting all my files including excel and word documents. What should I do? How am I supposed to recover my files? Please advise!                                       


When meeting such issue, you just need to take it easy and calm down first. In fact, there are a lot of methods to find deleted files immediately. The very first thing you need to do is to do nothing on your computer in case your previous contents being overwritten.

There are several ways for you to recovering lost files.

1. Check the Recycle Bin

Even though you delete your files on your computer no matter on purpose or by accident, they are not gone permanently. Check your recycle bin right away; you may find your deleted files are there in a perfect order. Select the files you need and right-click them; then choose “Restore”, and accordingly, your files will be easily recovered.

(Note: This method only works under the circumstance that you do not empty your recycle bin)

2. Retrieve from the Same Folder

If you have stored your files in a folder, you can also try to navigate back to the folder where the files originally were. Right-click on that folder; select “Restore previous versions.” Chances are, you must go back in time and bring back all contents of that folder from a previous date.

3. Restore from Your Backup Files

Perhaps, you have backed up your files previously by copying them twice in your computer, restoring in your hard drive, or by virtue of other backup software. Your files are probably preserved there. If you do, recover lost files from Backup can be easy!

Kindly Reminder: it’s time to backup your files from now on If you never did it before. This good habit will solve your difficulties in a very urgent time!

4. Consult the Computer Expert

This is definitely an effective way to find your files back but it is costly. It is a way, but I don’t really recommend it unless there is really no way out!

5. Recover Deleted Files by Third-party Software

The last but most highly recommended method if options 1-4 are not helpful is to use data recovery program. It’s not complex but with easy and clear directive introduction as well as effective result. You can download the Data Recovery for a free trial which allows you to preview your deleted files first after scanning.What's more, you can also export your scanning results to your computer.

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