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A Handy Recovery Tool to Perform SD Card Recovery

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Tata Davis

August 4, 2015 (Updated: September 30, 2018锛

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I have been working as a reporter for more than 5 years. I treated every photo that I took seriously and carefully all the time. I even don鈥檛 allow others to touch my camera. But yesterday, I accidentally erased all photos that I took the other day due to my bad cold causing me absent-minded. Things just happened without any chance to regret. Any experts could help me to retrieve lost data from SD Card as those photos are my life!

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Certainly, I believe not only Andy meets such urgent situations right now, but most of us might encounter this issue. As a matter of fact, while losing SD card data, you don鈥檛 need to be nervous, worried or frustrated at all, but you are then fully responsible for taking care of your SD card from being further damaged, and for the rest duties, Data Recovery Software will help you to accomplish.

Why Data Recovery is recommended and used by millions of people? Certainly, due to the strong functions which enable SD Recovery successfully in no time is the most important factor, and also, it鈥檚 super easy to operate.

Data Recovery 鈥 a handy recovery tool for PC or any windows-based storage devices.By virtue of Data Recovery, your lost files will be fully recovered including photo, document, graphic, video, audio, email and others. Free Download for a trial Now.

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The following tutorials will show this software is your best bet for SD Card Data Recovery. Not only photos but also 550+ files could be recovered.

Note: Do not store new photos or documents etc. into your SD card to avoid overwriting your lost ones.


How to Perfectly Restore Data From SD Card

Step 1. Launch the Program

Launch the program after you download and install it with success. The first interface will ask you to select the file types for later specific scan and recovery. file type

Then ,you will be asked to select the hard disk drives. Choose the one that is your SD card drive. And then click 鈥淪can鈥.


Step 2. Scan SD Card

After clicking 鈥淪can鈥, the program will quickly start to finish the scanning process and find your target files. During the scanning process, you are allowed either click 鈥淧ause鈥 or 鈥淪top鈥 upon your needs.


Step 3. Preview & Recover Lost SD Card Data

The most considerate design of the program is that you can preview the scanned results before recovery. Thus, you can specifically select the files that you want to recover for saving much time. The final step is to click 鈥淩ecover鈥 to finish the whole process, and accordingly, makes your SD Card Recovery successfully.


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