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The Risk-Free Way to Erase Data Partition on Android

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Tata Davis

February 15, 2017 (Updated: May 14, 2019锛

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Data partition on android is a place in memory for storing settings, messages, contacts, and other personal information as regards usage. For this reason, there are many factors that can influence the need to delete data partition on your Android device.

You might be selling your device 鈥 which in all honesty and totality requires you to clear your device 鈥 or you might be returning the phone as a company property. Either way wiping data partition is important, but with a caution. When you wipe your data partition, you鈥檙e basically performing a factory reset.

erase Data partition on android

Is Factory Reset Capable of Erasing Your Data Partition Permanently?

On the surface, it looks as if when factory reset happens that all your data partition has been deleted, but it hasn鈥檛. A research by Cambridge University on 21 Android devices shows that certain amounts of data were residual on the data partitions despite the wipe. Such revelations show the limiting nature of factory reset as well as show the huge privacy and security risks that Android owners might be open to. Not only this, even the amount deleted can be recovered by third-party apps.

Is There a Way around This?

Absolutely! You can comprehensively delete your data partitions without the aforementioned problems. Furthermore, the technology involved is so advanced that you can perform other tasks such as selectively recovering old files and histories, delete files permanently that they cannot be recovered by any tool, and other powerful features that will be introduced as you read further.

What Makes All These Possible?

The app in question is called iMyFone data eraser. iMyFone data eraser is a multi-platform (Android and iOS) tool that facilitate data erasure including wiping data partitions permanently. The app comes with five different modes that users can use according to their preferences and their needs. Users can also protect themselves fully by scanning their device for files they鈥檝e deleted in the past.

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Advantages of using iMyFone Android Data Eraser

  1. Your data can never be recovered by any data recovery tool 鈥 no matter how powerful it is advertised.
  2. iMyFone is easy to use and in a few clicks your phone is secure and safe.
  3. iMyFone is the safest option you have for deleting your data partition without the risk of damaging your phone or its memory.
  4. No matter the type of data erasure you perform with iMyFone, there鈥檚 never a need to reactivate your device.

erase android data

Other Powerful Functions of Android Data Eraser

  • 1-Click Tune Up: With consistent and persistent use of your device, there鈥檚 bound to be depreciation of performance and speed. This feature of iMyFone will help you improve your device鈥檚 performance in easy-to-follow one-click process.
  • Remove Screen Lock: Eaily remove your Android screen without password.
  • Bypass Google FRP: Completely remove Google FRP lock when you can't bypass Google verification stage.

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