Is there a thrilling sports tournament going on that you wish to cover and share with others? Did you manage to capture some amazing shots from the perfect angle? Then you're at the right place, as today we are going to talk about the best free video editing software for sports highlights.

To get maximum views on your sports video, you need to edit it in such a way that the audience remains captivated and doesn't lose interest. Therefore, the trick is to keep it short and to the point, with minimal effects so that the essence of the game isn't lost.

As the article unfolds, you will learn about some of the best free sports video editing software for your desktop, laptop and mobile.

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Top-rated Free Sports Video Editing Software for Desktop

1 iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme

If you're a beginner in the world of video editing, iMyFone Filme is one of the free sports highlight video editing software you should start with. It is simple and easy to use and understand. You can edit your sports video innovatively and unconventionally, which will certainly hold the attention of your audience.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use - Any software that is simple and easy to understand is popular among the users. Same is the case with iMyFone Filme. With Filme, you don't require any prior technical skills and can edit your sports videos effortlessly, even you are a beginner in sports video editing.

  • Fast Video Mode - Another feature which makes iMyFone Filme one of the best free sports video editing software is the fast video mode. With Fast Video Mode, all you require is to add your sports video clips and create a remarkable sports video with only one click.

  • Picture-in-Picture - The picture-in-picture affect is specifically for sports videos because you can easily highlight the player or area you want your audience to focus on. You can use arrows or shapes to highlight points of interest.

  • Cut/trim, Crop, Split, Rotate - In order to create high-quality sports videos, it is necessary to cut/trim extra shots and focus only on the exciting points of a sporting event. With Filme, you can easily cut/trim, crop, split, rotate your sports video and highlight the main content of a sporting event.

  • Filters and Effects - iMyFone Filme has ample of filters and animations that can be applied to create splendid sports videos. These will help you catch the eyes of your audiences. Also, a variety of transition options are available to bowl over the viewers.

iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme

1,000,000+ Downloads

  • Create a sports video fast via fast video mode
  • Picture-in-picture effect to highlight the palyer or area
  • Plentiful filters and animations
  • Variety of transitions ideal for sports videos
  • Multi-track option
  • Very basic to use for beginners

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2 iMovie


iMovie is one of the best free video editing software for sports highlights by Apple. It provides many interesting features to the users which results in interactive sports videos.


  • Picture-in-Picture - iMovie also has the feature of picture-in-picture, which is for sports videos so that you can highlight the player or area you want your audience to concentrate on. You can use arrows or shapes to highlight the point of interest.

  • Video Filters - What good is a sports highlight video without exhilarating effects? iMovie has 10 spectacular video filters to give your sports video a proficient effect. The pause and slow-mo effects are used by most editors to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.


  • Easy interface
  • High-quality effects and titles for impressive sports videos
  • Classy themes
  • Lots of audio tools


  • Motion tracking feature is lacking
  • No 360-degree video editing
  • Interface is not customizable

Pricing and Compatibility

iMovie is a free video editor by Apple and is compatible with Mac and all iOS devices.

3 Vegas Pro

vegas pro

If you're a flourishing YouTuber, who has tried all basic free sports video editing software, then it's time you switched to something more advanced. Vegas Pro is a video editing software used by professionals to create some of the renowned TV shows. So, if you want your channel to be as popular as those shows, get Vegas Pro.


  • Effects and Modifications - Any changes you want to make to your video clips can be done by simply right-clicking on the clip. Clicking on "Video Event FX" will open the Plugin Chooser from where you can choose tons of effects and modifications. You can further edit each effect to get the desired result.

  • Event Pan/Crop Windows - The Event Pan/Crop window feature of Vegas Pro is most famous with video editors. This window enables you to carry out editing for each clip individually. It also allows you to magnify a certain portion of the clip at the set time. This feature enhances sports video to another level.


  • It has high-quality built-in effects ideal for commercial use
  • A variety of free and paid plugins are available online
  • Numerous YouTube tutorials are available to guide you on how to use this program


  • Some users find that other software offer better benefits
  • It has many additional features that are hardly used

Pricing and Compatibility

鈶燰egas Pro is compatible with all versions of Windows. However, it is not supported on Mac.

鈶egas Pro is available for a 1-month free trial period. You can purchase it for more features.

Top-rated Free Sports Video Editing Software for Mobile Users

Many users make videos using their mobile cameras and so editing it on their device is the most convenient option. Therefore, we have listed some of the best free video editing software for sports highlights for mobile devices.

1 iMovie App

imovie app

No, you're not experiencing d茅j脿 vu. We did mention iMovie earlier, but that was the desktop version. The version we're talking about now is for mobile users. iMovie is a free sports video editing software by Apple.


  • Custom Elements - iMovie enables its users to create cinema-like sports videos by adding custom logos, cast names and credits. It has many templates to choose from according to the feel of the video. This feature is great to hold the attention of the audience.

  • Premium-quality Titles - Apple iMovie comes with a wide range of creatively styled titles. You can also edit the font, size, and text color according to your preference and make your sports video unique.


  • Light interface
  • Various of effects and titles for sports videos
  • Classy sports themes


  • Not support Android
  • No 360-degree video editing

Pricing and Compatibility

iMovie is a free video editor by Apple and is compatible with all iOS devices.

2 Splice Video Editor


Splice is one of the best free sports video editing software for editing videos on your mobile. It enables you to create amazing sports videos and post them to your social media accounts simply and smoothly.


  • Trim, Crop and Focus - Nobody wants to sit and watch unnecessary footage. Therefore, to create high-quality sports video, it is essential to trim extra footage and focus on the exciting moments only. This is possible with Splice. You can easily trim the clip to highlight the main content of the sporting event so that the audience doesn't zone out while watching it.

  • Effects for Video Enhancement - In most sports videos, usually there's a part or segment that needs to stand out to show its significance. For this purpose, video editors usually slow them down or put them in black and white. Splice has 12 different filters and numerous effects that can make your sports video visually interesting. You can apply them to each clip to make it pop out from the rest.


  • Easy to use
  • Contains all basic editing features
  • Simple social media sharing options
  • Integration with iTunes


  • The desktop version is more precise
  • The number of effects and transitions is lesser than other competitors apps

Pricing and Compatibility

Splice Video Editor by GoPro is a free sports video editing software available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Tips for Editing Sports Videos


Creating eye-catching and captivating sports videos is an art. Luckily, with so many free video editing software for sports highlights available out there, this task has become a piece of cake. Although you can create cinematic videos with the help of these apps, you could still use some tips to enhance the quality of your work.

  • Keep it Short - The trick to creating a good sports video is to keep it short. Try to make videos that are minimum 2 minutes and maximum 4 minutes long. People tend to lose interest if a sports highlight video is longer than the mentioned time.
  • Keep Effects to the Minimum - Sports videos are all about the moves and shots that take place during the game. Try not to apply filters or effects during the action. You can use them before or after it, but don't clutter your video with more filters or transitions than required.
  • Music - Music is an important part of a sports video, but make sure the sound isn't loud enough to drown out the original sound of the clip. Also, choose music that is low key so that it doesn't distract the viewer. Try aligning dramatic parts of the video with the dramatic part of the music and use longer clips in the beginning to build momentum.
  • Conclusion

    Always use the best free sports video editing software that you are comfortable in working with. Most free video editors have all the basic features required to create a spectacular sports video, even if you're editing on your phone.

    So, download a free video editor now and get your sports video editing on!