Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the user icon in the upper right corner of the software interface, and a login panel will pop
up for registration. Please log in with your licensed email and license code (which will be sent to your
licensed email within minutes after you鈥檝e purchased Filme from us). To buy from us, please go to the purchase page.
The free version of Filme includes all the same features as the paid version. The only difference is that
the exported videos in the free version are watermarked. When you try to export a video in the free version,
a window will appear to tell you that the exported video will have a watermark. To remove the watermark,
please upgrade your plan.
You cannot change the registered email or iMyFone ID/account. If you have forgotten your account & password,
please contact our support group by email at and
tell us your purchase ID. Our support group will reply and help you.
Yes. The Mac version is compatible with macOS X 10.10 or later.
Yes, Filme allows you to use our rich, built-in library of effects, resources, and features without the need
of a network connection. When you finish editing, you can export and stream the videos to your computer,
iOS/Android, Apple/Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox and PSP without network as well.
If your video quality is not as good as the original file, you may need to check your Playback Quality
setting. Filme enables you to customize the preview quality. The higher the preview quality setting is, the
larger the render files will be, which are created to play the preview in Filme鈥檚 timeline. To enhance the
preview quality, please click the Preview Settings button, and select the Preview Quality option. Choose the
"Full" option. Having it set on full will increase your video preview quality. Don鈥檛 worry about the render
file size, as these can be deleted after editing has finished.
If you want to open the project in another computer to edit it, please reload the project to the timeline on
the original computer. Select "Archive Project" under "File" as this saves the original files and the
project under the same folder. Then you can transfer this folder to another computer to open it. Please make
sure that the two computers share the same version of Filme.
No, sorry. Filme only supports exporting to computer, iOS, Android, Apple/Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox and
PSP currently. You can export the video to your phone or computer first, and then open the social media app
and share the video online that way.
To cancel the auto-renewal, please follow the simple instructions here to cancel by yourself. You can also
contact our support group by email at and we will
cancel for you.


1 Enter your passcode to unlock your phone.


2 Tap 'Trust' from the pop-up alert on your phone.


3 Tap 'Allow' from the pop-up alert on your phone.



1 Enter your passcode to unlock your phone.


2 Tap 'Trust' from the pop-up alert on your phone.


3 Tap 'Allow' from the pop-up alert on your phone.



a.If the 'Trust' or 'Allow' options didn't appear on your device, try reconnecting your device.

b.If the 'Trust' or 'Allow' option has been accepted but your device is not connected,reconnect your device.

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