Powerful & Quality-lossless Video Compressor

Not enough storage space? Videos are too large to share? iMyFone AnySmall video compressor can compress videos without watermarks, while with no quality loss.

  • Multi-end Use

  • Group Compression

  • Customize Size

  • Multiple Modes

  • Enjoy it on your phone or computer.
  • Save storage space for your phone or computer.
  • There are more exciting and special features on the phone, such as one-click sharing.

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  • Support to compress multiple files at once.
  • Increase compression speed to a whole new level.
  • Support custom settings for single or multiple files.
  • Input the expected size per your need before compression.
  • Video compressor for Discord, WhatsApp, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and other platforms.
  • Easily satisfy your various compressing demands.
  • Compatible with all file formats.
  • Keep the high resolution of the video after compression.

Cover Different Usage Scenarios


Save Storage Space

When you try to save a large video to a flash drive or import it into social software, it will take a long time. This process can be accelerated by reducing video size.


Bypass Upload Restrictions

Usually, social media, email and other platforms are limited for the size of transferred files. You need to compress the video in order to share and upload.


Speed Up Transmission

For many people, having too many large video files can take up too much memory, causing the device to lag, etc. Video compression can free up a lot of space.


Reduce Storage Costs

If you have too many files in the cloud, you can either buy more space or compress the files. And the latter option is a better choice to save your money.

Compress Your Video in 3 Steps


Step 1. Select Video

Select the video you need to process and upload it to AnySmall.


Step 2. Choose Mode

Choose the compression mode according to your needs and usage scenarios.


Step 3. Wait Compression

Wait for the compression to finish, the file will be saved automatically later.


Step 1. Choose Mode

Choose the compression mode according to your needs and usage scenarios.


Step 2. Upload Video

Upload the video you need to process and custom settings for single or multiple files.


Step 3. Wait Compression

Wait for the compression to finish, the file will be saved automatically later. You can share the video now!

Stay Tuned for More Features! new

  • compress images

    Compress Images

    Compress images without losing quality, further reducing your storage space.

  • compress audio

    Compress Audio

    Compress audio and ensure you get the file at the highest quality, making your audio to be better stored and easier to transfer.

  • format conversion

    Format Conversion

    With more than 1000 formats at your disposal, you can store in any format you want.

Voices from Our Users

iMyFone TopClipper
Technical Engineer

"Quite good! I’m always pestered by not being able to upload large videos to Gmail since it has certain limitations. This iMyFone AnySmall saves me a lot of trouble and now I can upload and send those large videos successfully by compressing first. Thank you!"

iMyFone TopClipper

"To my surprise, the quality of the compressed video remains the same. And the reduced size is up to 35%! Can you image how important it is for me given that I have not enough storage on my phone and I don’t want to delete any of them. I’ll keep using it and keep up with its every update. "

iMyFone TopClipper
Consult Manager

"It can compress an unlimited quantity of videos at once, which is good enough for me. And my videos look like the same without any quality loss, which is even more perfect. I can share these videos now and I don’t have to move them to somewhere else in order to free up storage for my phone anymore. Once again, I like it."

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    FAQs and Hot Topics


    1. How to compress video without losing quality?
    All you need to do is upload the video file to AnySmall and click "Start" button to compress. After that, you can get the compressed file in high quality. Our compression algorithm is carefully designed to reduce your file size while maintaining the picture and audio quality of your video as much as possible.
    2. What's the difference between the free trial and the full version?
    The biggest difference between the free trial version and the full version is the limitation of functions. For example,on the PC side, the free version can only compress one video, while the full version can compress any video unlimitedly.
    3. Can I resize the image to fit different social media or email?
    Of course you can! To resize a video to fit Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, Hotmaill, Viber, iCloud, Discord, etc. All you have to do is upload it to AnySmall, select the compression mode, click start compression and that's it! You can also input the expected size after compression yourself to perfectly fit whatever video platform you use.
    4. What is the difference between the Mobile and PC?
    The PC and Mobile share the same core functions and compression principle, while the Mobile has richer functions. For instance, it can replace the original video, allows you to share videos in one-click, etc. If you expect AnySmall to add any functions or make any updates, please contact us: AnySmall@imyfone.com
    5. Will videos downloaded/saved from AnySmall have a watermark?
    No. All videos compressed by AnySmall will be saved without watermark.
    6. How long will it take to compress a video?
    There are many factors that determine the time to compress a video, such as video size, duration, resolution, bit rate, encoding mode, and device performance, etc. Generally speaking, a video of about 10 minutes can be compressed within 1 minute. However, it won't take you much time if it is a larger video file.
    7. When compressing in batches, can I specify the compressed size?
    Yes. You can upload multiple videos at once time and choose the most suitable compression method or desired compression size. Then AnySmall will automatically compress videos in batch and generate high-quality compressed videos for you.


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