Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Please install and open iMyFone TunesFix on your computer.
Step 2: Click on the tool bar (which is the icon with three lines) at the upper right
corner and choose 鈥淩egister鈥. The 鈥淩egister鈥 window will pop up and ask you to register.
how to register TunesFix
Step 3: Copy and paste your licensed email and registration code there. Click 鈥淩egister鈥 to
activate it. Now you can enjoy the full functions of TunesFix.
Note: Make sure that there is no space copied at the beginning or the end of the
registration code.
The trial version only allows you to enjoy some limited features while the full version allows you to enjoy
all the features that TunesFix has.
In the trial version:

  • It will detect your iTunes and necessary components. If there are issues with the components, you
    are allowed to view the detailed issues.
  • You can do a quick scan or deep scan of iTunes data, including iTunes media files, old backups
    (backups made by third-party software are inclusive), used software update files and other data
    (like Mobile Apps, cache, cookies, logs and junk files). The scanning result will show you how much
    space is occupied by each kind of iTunes data.

You can also refer to this screenshot to see the differences between trial version and full version:
TunesFix free trial

Here are the differences between 鈥淨uick Clean鈥 and 鈥淒eep Clean鈥 modes:
Scanning Time: 鈥淒eep Clean鈥 will take more time than 鈥淨uick Clean鈥 to scan your iTunes,
because 鈥淒eep鈥 mode will scan your whole computer while the 鈥淨uick鈥 mode will only scan all the iTunes
Scanning Result: The scanning results will be similar. The difference is the backups. If
there are backups stored on other folders except iTunes folders, the 鈥淒eep鈥 mode will show you those backups
as well.

The 鈥淔ull Uninstall鈥 will help to remove iTunes and related software components, including iTunes, Apple
Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support 32-bit and Apple
Application Support 64-bit from your computer. Besides, all the component files will be cleaned as well.
full uninstall iTunes

In the 鈥淔ull Uninstall鈥 mode, you will see the checkbox that says 鈥淒elete user data including iTunes media,
backups, software update files and junk files鈥 under 鈥淯ninstall鈥 button. If you check it to uninstall
iTunes, it will remove all your iTunes media, iOS backups, used software update files and other data.

  • iTunes media files include music, movies, home videos, TV shows, podcasts, voice
    memos, audiobooks, books, iTunes U, tones and downloads.
  • iOS backups include all the iPhone/iPad/iPod backups made by iTunes.
  • Software update files include used iTunes update files and used iOS update files.
  • Other data includes downloaded apps, cache, cookies, logs and other junk files.

If your iTunes performs abnormally, but it鈥檚 not iTunes connect issue, iTunes install or update issue and
backup or restore problem, then you can use 鈥淔ix Other iTunes Problems鈥 to try.
When you go to 鈥淨uick Clean鈥 or 鈥淒eep Clean鈥 function and let it scan, you will find one file type called
鈥淢obile Apps鈥 in 鈥淥ther Data鈥 from the scanning result. 鈥淢obile Apps鈥 include all the apps that you
downloaded on your iTunes. They are just the installation files of the apps.

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