Frequently Asked Questions

It means the PDF file is password protected. Please click the lock icon to enter the password and continue
the conversion process.
It depends on your file size. Usually it only takes seconds to convert one file. If the size is too large,
it may take a longer time.
It happens, since the PDF document format is different from the ones of other documents. Data format in PDF
is fixed, while data converted in Word for example may reflow due to its layout rules. PDF fonts may not be
supported by the output formats as well. Many factors may affect the results.
Absolutely safe. Your privacy is our top priority. We will never store, scan or copy users' files. For more
information, please read our privacy policy .
Never, it won't affect any data of your PDF files.
You can simply retry and convert the files again. It happens when the files are damaged or encrypted by
restriction password.
In the trial version, you can convert the first 3 pages of each PDF file and only one file at a time.
Conversion in batch and unlimited pages are available in the full version.
No. It only supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 by far. If you are interested in Mac version, please send us an
email to .

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