Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. iBypasser is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/7 and macOS 10.13 to 10.15. Jailbreaking iOS device on Mac
is much easier than on Windows. For Windows users, if you have access to a Mac computer, you are recommended
to execute jailbreak on Mac first.
Apple Activation Lock is designed to prevent anyone else using the device if it's ever lost or stolen.
Nobody but the original iCloud account owner can unlock the Activation Lock with correct Apple ID and
password. In the phone market, there are tons of iOS devices out there that are second-hand and locked,
especially iPhone with iCloud activation lock. Apple itself unlocks iCloud if you can prove that the device
is indeed yours. There are also third-party service providers who are authorized to make such changes to an
iPhone’s iCloud activation status. There are only a handful of software vendors who can do a proper and
legit iCloud activation lock removal for you, and we’re one of them. It is up to you to use the service
Please keep your device connected to the computer and wait for the bypassing process to end. If you disrupt
the process, your iOS device might get bricked.
The activation lock will appear when you put the device into recovery mode and restore a device without
logging out the currently used Apple ID. Restoring an iPhone erases all the settings and contents. So an iOS
device with activation lock screen has no data.
If your device is running iOS 13.2.3 or versions below, the Checkra1n app will be deleted after restarting
your device.
If you your device is running iOS 13.3 or versions above, please do not restart your device. The activation
lock screen will appear again after restarting.
Option 1. Upgrade with iTunes manually.
Step 1. Prepare a firmware package of iOS 12.4.7.
Step 2. Connect the iOS device to your computer.
Step 3. Launch iTunes and select the iOS device from the top left corner.
Step 4. Then click on " Summary " in the left-hand sidebar.
Step 5. If on a Mac, hold down the " Option " key, then click " Restore
" in the Summary page in iTunes. On a Windows PC, do the same but hold down
" Shift " instead.
Step 6. From the window that pops up, select the iOS 12.4.7 ipsw firmware file you had downloaded earlier.
Step 7. iTunes will inform that it will upgrade your iOS device to iOS 12.4.7 and will verify the update
with Apple.
Step 8. Click " Restore ".
iTunes should now upgrade your iOS device to iOS 12.4.7.
Option 2. Upgrade with Fixppo Automatically.
Step1.Download iMyFone
and install the software.
Step 2. Choose " Standard Mode " from the home interface. Connect your iOS device to the
software and follow the onscreen instructions.
Step 3. Your iOS version will be iOS 12.4.7 when the process ends.
Please make sure that your device is in normal mode when jailbreaking with iRa1n. If your device is in recovery mode, please learn more details about getting out of iPhone recovery mode.
For devices with A11 chip (iPhone 8\8 plus\X) , please go to "Options > Skip A11 BPR check".
Option 1. Use Another Checkra1n Version
If the jailbreak failed, please use another Checkra1n version and repeat the jailbreak process.
Step 1. Download
other recommended Checkra1n versions
through a browser.
Step 2. Install the other version on your Mac. If you come across the problem below, please execute a
command to run it.
In the terminal app on your Mac, follow the instructions below:
1) enter “xattr –rc” and press the Space bar
2) drag the newly downloaded Checkra1n to the command window
3) then press “Return” and you will see the result as shown on the picture
Option 2. Fix Errors if Error Codes Are Given
You might come across the following error codes when the jailbreak failed, the solutions are given below.

    • Error code: -20

Choose the “Safe Mode” option and jailbreak again.

    • Error code: -31

Install your iOS firmware again and try the jailbreak one more time.

If the software does not work, please restart the software and try again.
If retry still does not work, please email us at Our customer support
specialist will offer help.
To exit DFU Mode, simply force restart your device.

  • For iPad, iPhone 6s and below, iPhone SE and iPod touch, hold the Home button and the Lock button
    until the device reboots.
  • For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Side button and Volume Down button until the device
  • For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, quick-press the Volume Up button, then quick-press the
    Volume Down button, then hold down the Side button until the device reboots.
In this case, don’t worry, connect your device to iBypasser and run the program to
bypass the activation lock screen again. You can use it on the same device for unlimited times before the
license expires.
Here is a short video on how to check the FMI
Take the steps below to check the FMI status on your iOS devce:
Step 1. Open your browser and visit .
Step 2. In the white area, enter or paste your serial number, and then click the “f1” button in blue.
Step 3. You might be required to verify some images.
Step 4. After you’ve passed the images verifying. An orange bar with “Chcking…” will appear. Wait for
Step 5. The result will be displayed as the image below:
If the Unc0ver installation fails, please try installing Unc0ver with other solutions introduced in this Unc0ver jailbreak

If the jailbreaking process with Unc0ver failed, please try again.
Unactivated means it is not set up. The "Turn Off FMI" mode will not work for unactivated devices (even if the activation lock has been bypassed).
Note: If you know the screen passcode but don't have the Apple ID password to sign out of iCloud on your activated device with Find My feature on, please select the "Turn Off FMI" mode.

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