Frequently Asked Questions

The decryption speed is tightly related to many factors such as: the length and the complexity of the
password you set, the PC performance and it's memory space, your iTunes memory space and the iOS version,

In order to speed up the process, it's recommended to use "Brute-Force with Mask Attack" type and offer
accurate information to find your password.

This usually happens when you select an incomplete or wrong folder. A correct backup folder should be named
as combinations of lowercase letters and numbers, such as 鈥53b8cccf1c5a6d0d6a19e26230d1d113472c3d48鈥.


No. Once you鈥檝e purchased iMyFone KeyGenius, you鈥檙e allowed to unlock unlimited backup files within the
validity period of your license code.

The dictionary file contains a number of possible combinations of letters and figures. A dictionary of
potential passwords is more accurately known as a wordlist.聽iMyFone KeyGenius will automatically try the
passwords one by one at a pretty amazing speed.

No. Differing from other iTunes backup unlock software, iMyFone KeyGenius is programmed with the latest &
advanced technology, which will ensure 100% security for your backup data.

This software will use the CPU resources to improve the decryption speed to 40X faster than the average,
which might slow down your computer. There are two additional options for you if you need your computer for
other purposes.

Option 1. Making a pause for the unlocking process by clicking on the Pause button, it will automatically
save the unlocking progress.


Option 2. Reducing the amount of CPU utilization.


When encrypt a backup, iTunes will store the password (encryption settings) to your iPhone. Then the backup
you create will be encrypted automatically by default. Once you forgot the password, you will have to spend
much time to find the password before restoring from the encrypted backup.

No, when you remove backup encryption settings using the 鈥淩emove without Password鈥 option, you鈥檒l need to
set up your iPhone. Please select "Set Up as New iPhone" in the "App & Data" interface to avoid losing data.


To disable the "Find my iPhone" feature, follow the steps below

Step 1.聽Open settings from your iPhone Home screen.
Step 2.聽Navigate to 鈥淵our Name鈥 >鈥渋Cloud鈥 > 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥.
Step 3.聽Click on the green SWITCH under Find My iPhone to turn it off.
Step 4.聽Enter your Apple ID password to complete the process.


KeyGenius will automatically save the unlocking progress at聽intervals聽throughout聽iTunes backup unlocking in
case you lost the whole progress after it is interrupted due to some unknown reasons. The time interval will
be 5 minutes in default.


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