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This tool can help fix file formats of MP4, MKV, FLV, MXF, AVI, MTS, and M2TS effectively.
No. This video repair tool can't import video from iPhone and Android devices. But it can help you transfer the corrupted video file from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ Android to Mac or Win. You can use the 'Repair for Video' function in UltraRepair to fix the corrupted file after transferring it to a PC.
UltraRepair can help you with almost every kind of damaged video. For example, you can effectively fix the videos that become inaccessible, grainy, pixelated, blurry, truncated, out of sync, jerky, distorted, showing a black screen, missing sound, etc.
If your file get huge damaged, UltraRepair allows you to repair it by adding a sample file to it. The sample file is created from the same device and has the same format as the corrupted file. It can be any size. You can repair severely damaged files with advanced repair function.
Select the files you want to save in the list of repaired files or click the "Save All" button. Then you can choose the appropriate path to save the file in your desired location.

In general, videos that play perfectly in editing software but become noisy and lose quality when exported could be the wrong combination of export settings, an older version of the graphics driver, an unsupported file format, or an incompatible codec.

Then you can restart your computer and export again, or try playing video with other media players. Sometimes removing the special effects and then exporting also does the trick. Ensure the export settings match the quality and format of the source video clip. If you find it difficult to fix the video quality loss, try UltraRepair! Just three easy steps can solve this issue. If you are not satisfied with the repair quality, we can provide manual repair for you, and we will not disclose your privacy.
It would be annoying if the video plays slowly or take a long time to buffer. This problem can be with internet speed, browser, computer, or the video file itself.

To fix it, clear your browser by deleting cache and temporary files first. Then update your graphics card driver or disable hardware acceleration. Finally, opt for an ethernet cable over Wi-Fi to increase the speed of the online video.

If none of these methods work, the problem might be with the video file. You can try UltraRepair to fix it! It can help you repair all kinds of corruption in the video and make it play seamlessly.

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