User Guide to iMyFone AllDrive

AllDrive manages multiple-cloud storage to get larger cloud space for customers. The App supports combining all your cloud storage, viewing, and editing the information of all cloud files and folders on the same page. Currently, AllDrive allows to integrate Dropbox and Google Drive. Shortly, it will support managing more clouds and more features.


Part 1. Launch iMyFone AllDrive

Step 1. Click "Add cloud", log in to the cloud drive you want to use.

add cloud

Step 2. Select sign into Google Drive or Dropbox.

select cloud drive

Step 3. Click Authorize, and confirm it allows establishing the third-party cloud drive in the storage path.

establish storage path

Step 4. After the successful login, check the available space.

check available space



Part 2. Upload/Download and Edit Files

Step 1: View files in the third-party cloud drive you have logged in.

check third party cloud files

Step 2: View files in the folder recursively.

view files in the folder

Step 3: Click "New--Upload" and select upload file, then the new task will appear in the task list.

new task  appears in the task list

Step 4: In the file list, right mouse click, then you can rename/download/view file details/transfer/delete files.

edit files

1: Rename files


2: View file details

file details

3: Transfer files

transfer files

4: Delete files

deleted files

Step 5: Click "New Folder".

new folder


Part 3. Fuzzy Screen Files and Accurate Screen Files

Step 1: Screen files fuzzily: Enter the keywords and click the search icon to display the results.

select files fuzzily 1

select files fuzzily 2

Step 2: Screen files accurately: Enter the filter criteria and click the search icon to display the results.(Follow the prompts)

select files accurately

select files accurately

select files accurately

select files accurately


Part 4. Task List

Step 1: Execute an upload/download task, a new task will be added to the Task List. You can view task details and delete tasks by single selection or multiple selection.

task list

task list

task list

task list

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