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    Academic research

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Academic research

Academic research

Book summary

Book summary

Report reading

Report reading

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ZoeAI offers a variety of shortcuts in the prompt action box which can be clicked to get high-quality responses.

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1. What is ZoeAI?
ZoeAI is a web page designed to assist users in quickly understanding document content through text conversations, and it uses artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to user queries or requests.
2. How can ZoeAI help you?
ZoeAI helps users quickly understand the document content. It can generate a summary of the document content, and users can further understand the document content through dialogue. ZoeAI also provides a variety of quick functions, such as translation, explain, keyword extraction, case extraction, etc.
3. How does ZoeAI work?
ZoeAI works by analyzing user input and document content, understanding the context and intent of the conversation, and generating an appropriate response. They use algorithms and models to process and interpret natural language, allowing them to have meaningful conversations with users.
4. What is the difference between paid users and unpaid users?
Free users can upload files up to 5 M and have a limited number of conversations. Paid users can have unlimited conversations and upload files under 10M.
5. Does ZoeAI collect user information?
Absolutely not. ZoeAI will never collect user information without permission. You can be 100% confident about your private information.