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iMyFone TopClipper is the most advanced and intelligent video editing tool on the market. It is specially designed to clip videos automatically. That is, without learning any editing skills, you can use TopClipper to create a brand-new video by just a few clicks. The program is the best choice for beginners to edit videos.

The biggest difference between the free trial and the full version is the limit on the number of times you can use it. In the free trial, the feature of removing watermark can be only used 5 times a day. And, the feature of creating videos automatically can be only used 3 times in total. But after purchasing TopClipper, all features can be used unlimitedly (including new features that will be added to the product in the future).

TopClipper uses the precise editing method that has been tested for many times, which intelligently changes various attributes of the original videos. That is, TopClipper can automatically reconstruct each frame of the original videos by high technology. So you can get an original video.

Yes, you can. Click the settings button above TopClipper to customize the way of editing according to your requirements. You can customize the editing methods, including video flipping, picture-in-picture effects, frame processing, etc.

In order not to affect the performance of video content, the way that TopClipper edits video is to perform subtle processing frame by frame. We promise that your last saved video file will be completely different from the source file.

No, it won' t. Whether you purchase or experience the automated video creation feature, both saved videos are watermark-free.

Here is the share link of the Tiktok video. Here's how to get a share link:

  1. Open TikTok app on your phone/open the web page on your browser.
  2. Choose any video you want to download.
  3. Click the Share button in the bottom right.
  4. Click the Copy Link button.
  5. Paste it into the program.

There are many reasons why you fail to download, such as:

These videos are private, deleted or restricted to one country.

The links you' ve downloaded are not the TiKTok videos' links. For exampe:

No, it won't. The saved video is the best terms of clarity and fluency. If you are not satisfied with the created video, you can contact us:

Yes, of course. After removing the watermark, you can click Start Creating on the video preview page to make your new video automatically.

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