Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the social media platform by tapping on its button located on the app's home screen or by entering the video link into the embedded browser page.
From there, you can browse and locate the videos of your interest. Simply click on the download button to effortlessly save any video you desire. Additionally, you can utilize the shortcut on the program's main interface to instantly parse and download videos by inputting their respective links.

The main difference between the free trial and full versions lies in the usage limitations.
In the free trial version, there are restrictions on the number of times you can use the feature to download watermark-free audio and video.
However, upon purchasing TopClipper, you will have unlimited access to one-click downloads for all videos and benefit from faster video downloading and processing speeds. Additionally, you will enjoy any future added features that may be introduced.

TopClipper supports one-click downloads of watermark-free videos from various popular platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Niconico, Naver, SoundCloud, and many more.
If you encounter any videos that cannot be downloaded, please feel free to contact us through the Contact us page. We are here to assist you.

Certainly. While downloading videos, you have the option to select one-click extraction of the video's audio. This functionality enables you to effortlessly extract the audio content from the downloaded video file.

Please rest assured that there will be no watermarks when saving videos from any user-generated content (UGC) sites.

The "URL" refers to the playback link or video-sharing link of the video you wish to download. It allows the program to directly locate and analyze the video for downloading.
Please note that if the provided link leads to a video playlist, you will not be able to initiate the download directly. In such cases, you will need to select the specific video you are interested in and navigate to its playback page before initiating the download process.

Yes. When downloading a video, you have the flexibility to select the resolution size of the video you wish to save and proceed with the download accordingly.

Several reasons can lead to download failure, such as:

  • They are private videos, they are deleted or restricted to 1 country/region.
  • The download link you enter is not a specific video link.
  • Your network is unstable.

TopClipper PC version includes an automated video editing feature, which is an additional value-added service. TopClipper utilizes a precise editing method that has been extensively tested and researched. It intelligently modifies various attributes of the original video and employs advanced technology to automatically reconstruct the content of each frame, transforming it into your very own original video.

No, the downloaded videos maintain the highest quality in terms of both resolution and smoothness. If you are unsatisfied with the downloaded videos, please feel free to contact us at

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