Frequently Asked Questions

FamiGuard is a parental control app that helps every parent monitor his/her child's online activity, block apps, filter unhealthy websites, limit screen time, and sets a geofence for each child.
The use of FamiGuard is very simple. Firstly, the app is installed on both the parent's and the child's phone. Afterward, the parent can monitor or control his/her child's phone remotely. Controlling each child's device with the web panel is also supported.
FamiGuard is compatible with all Android smartphones. An iOS version will be developed soon.
No. The installation and configuration process is very easy for everyone. You can just follow the on-screen step to finish the process.
Yes. The web control panel is there to help you handle this.
Actually, there is no difference between the two. They have the same features and run effectively to help you control your child's device.
Yes. The application works in the presence of an active network connection because it needs to synchronize some real-time data.
FamiGuard is not a hidden app. Therefore, it will show up on your phone and on the phone of anyone who has been added to your FamiGuard Dashboard.
Yes. You can set the time according to your child's schedule. For example, you can block the apps during bedtime or school time.
Yes. You will get notifications once your child enters or leaves the geofence.
No. FamiGuard is not a tool for spying. We just help parents protect their children from online threats and screen addiction.
Our subscription only controls one device. If you need the app on another device, please purchase again.
We have set the permissions for children. That means if your child wants to uninstall the app or unbind the device, permission would be required for password entry by you, the parent.
All the data will be cleared after uninstalling the app. Please feel free to use it.
You can unbind devices at the account page for both app and web panels. For your children's safety, we don't recommend you to unbind devices.
If you have unbound the child's device, then, you cannot get updated reports. To protect the privacy of your child, FamiGuard will stop monitoring and delete related data.
No, FamiGuard does not require Android devices to be rooted.
No. We take your privacy very seriously, and permissions accessing is necessary for the app to run.
Yes. We will remind you at the account page within the app so that you can renew or upgrade the plan to continue protecting your child.
In the app: Go to the account page to choose the plan that suits you. In the web control panel: If your trial or premium plan has expired, you can buy at the dashboard or account page.
You can wait for a few minutes and try again. If you still do not receive it, please contact us at

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