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Hot Halloween Costumes for Kids
Hot Halloween Costumes for Women

Can’t choose between two looks? How about you go as half-human, half-werewolf. It looks like she stopped mid transition. Really cool for a Halloween party.

Zombies should always be a prominent feature of any Halloween party and this Zombie may just win costume of the year. Just enough detail to make her look really un-dead.

Who says you have to be the monster this Halloween? This cute make up look may just help you stand out. Besides, there’s nothing scarier than the girl next door who’s anything but.

Speaking of Cute, this costume is just beautiful with a hint of the “Ice Cream Man” worked in. Many people may need a little help figuring it out but if you can pull it off, you may turn heads this Halloween.

Can you imagine a Halloween without the undead? This “melting face” look is just the right amounts of scary to make all the Zombie outfits this Halloween look a little ridiculous.

Beautiful Skeleton! Never though those two words could go together until now. The look blends in perfectly with her tattoos (if they are real). The detail is insane.

You think Halloween skeleton themed costumes and makeup are overdone until you see something as spectacular as this. The gold, adds magic to a look that is sure to turn heads in more ways than one.

Eye popping awesomeness! And I don’t just mean her eyes are popping. Anyone she meets in this look will have a hard time keeping their eyes in their sockets.

She reminds me of vampires. Don’t know if that’s what she’s going for but her eyes are particularly intriguing. How does she make them appear so full of life and so dead at the same time? The pasty white skin and the awesome claws are simply captivating.

Hot Halloween Costumes for Couples

Harley Quinn and the Joker. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this is going to be a popular one this Halloween. Although I can’t imagine anyone doing it better than this.

The classic Egyptian Royalty look. She’s rocking it. So is he. It must have taken quite the time and effort to put this outfit together and it shows. Even the makeup us Egyptian.

The undead with a sexy twist. Looks like they died on their wedding night. This look is so well thought out that even if there are 1000 other zombie couples, none will be quite like this.

Who says couple’s Halloween costumes have to match? The fact that this couple choose a generally similar theme but went with different looks is absolutely refreshing.

Don’t know what’s going on here but if I had to guess I’d go with sumo wrestlers. This is a perfect look if you want people to just stop and stare in awe. I wonder how comfortable the costumes are?

Simple and Intriguing. Not much was done here but if these two stand close enough to one another, they will look like one or an extension of the other. See! Don’t overthink your Halloween costume, just think outside the box.

Hot Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

Blood Splatter Halloween Makeup

Hole in Hand illusion

DIY Vampire Halloween Makeup

Hot Halloween Decorations

How about 3 realistic-looking ghosts to welcome trick-or-treaters to your home. Imagine for a moment what happens to these ghosts on a moonlit, windy night with sound effects added. Spooky huh?

Since no Halloween night is ever complete without the ghosts of the dearly departed. How about placing these ghostly candles in strategic places around the house and then dimming the lights?

Nothing is scarier than a bats flocking from their cave in large numbers. This awesomely done Halloween decoration perfectly captures this horror on your front door.

Oh! Let’s just put white sheets on all the furniture to make the house look spectacularly haunted. This may backfire when people think you’re just trying to protect the furniture. It is also a really lazy way to decorate for Halloween.

Hang a bunch of ghosts to guard the door and scare away intruders. They also look really easy to make and may work very well paired with other types of decorations.

A well thought out and well executed Halloween decoration. Who says pumpkins can only be used as jack-o-lanterns?

Hosting a classy party this Halloween? Here’s a decoration idea that is elegant with just a hint of the Halloween spirit. Might be ideal if you are not out to scare our guests all that much.

A Halloween themed, dining table. The orange and black work together to make the table look elegant. I love the big black pumpkin centerpiece and the strategically positioned crows waiting for the scraps.

Less is more! Don’t want to overwhelm your Guests with an all-out scary Halloween look? Try this one. The orange and white with just a hint of black say, “It’s Halloween, but we don’t need to shout about it.”

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