Yesterday, I decided to reset my Samsung device and it was hanging up and I thought that maybe factory reset will make it fresh and help in better functioning. After performing the FRP process, I wanted to use it but I couldn’t. It asked me for Google account verification and I tried to enter my Google account and password. Unfortunately, I already forgot the account and password. I kept on trying but it got stuck on Google account verification.

I wanted to bypass Samsung Google account, so, I searched online solutions. I came up with the most effective solution to bypass Google account on Samsung devices. Here I thought to write it in detail so that it can help people who are stuck at Google account verification.

In this article, the basic knowledge regarding FRP lock will be shared. You will also know the effective and tested solution to bypass Samsung Google account.

Part 1. Samsung Bypass Google FRP – What IS FRP?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a default feature in all Samsung & Android devices which help in protecting your device. It locks your device and saves your important data, information, and files of your Samsung device. To unlock FRP lock, you have to enter Google verification that is your registered Google account and accurate password. If you lose your device, FRP will lock it and prevent unauthorized use of your Samsung device.

How does FRP work?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is your device’s shield as it protects it from misuse. No one can access your personal information until FRP is active. When you sign in to your Google account for the first time on your device, FRP activates automatically. Once FRP is activated, you can only reach your device by entering Google account and password.

Part 2. Samsung Bypass Google FRP – Advantages and Disadvantages

If you know your Google account credentials (username and password), you can easily bypass the FRP lock screen without any hindrances. If you can remember the password, you can easily change/reset the password via

Advantages of Google FRP on Samsung Devices

Prevent unauthorized access to your device by stopping anyone who factory resets your device from using it.

Deter thieves from stealing Android devices and makes people who found your device to return them.

Protect your data and privacy.

 You can be sure that if you will sell your device to someone, you can Factory Reset it before selling and confirm removing of your data so that no one can misuse it.

Disadvantages Google FRP on Samsung Devices

If you forget your Google account username and password, you may not be able to unlock the phone without special intervention.

Part 3. Most Recommended Tool to Bypass Samsung Google FRP

If youre searching for a tool that is capable of bypassing the FRP lock efficiently with few easy steps and no requirements, then we recommend iMyFone LockWiper (Android). You dont need to know the Google ID or password thats associated with the Android device, all you just need is to simply remove the barrier using LockWiper (Android). FRP lock on almost every Samsung device model can be unlocked using LockWiper (Android), giving you full access and control of your device. If youre not going to take our word for it, you can use the trial version of LockWiper before upgrading to the paid version.



LockWiper (Android) Excellent Features for FRP bypass without OTG

  • Completely bypass Samsung Google FRP and Google account verification page from Samsung devices without password.
  • Introduce a new or old Google account to the device after bypassing the FRP lock.
  • Allowr full access to your Samsung device and Google related features such as Play Store.
  • Prevent the previous Google account owner from tracking or blocking your device.

Part 4. How to Bypass Samsung Google FRP without Google Account

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is a special tool for bypassing Google Account (FRP) lock on Android devices without providing the credentials to the Google account. No matter the condition of your device or circumstances surrounding the device, if you follow the steps below, you can easily unlock your device using this tool.

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your PC. Choose the "Remove Google Lock (FRP)" mode on the first screen.

Remove Googe Lock (FRP) mode

Step 2. Click  "Start"  and then connect your device via a USB cable.

remove Android google frp lock

Step 3. Once your device information is detected automatically, verify the information. Select your device PDA or input it manually, and then select the right Country and Network Carrier. Click the "Download" tab to continue.

remove Android google frp lock

Step 4. The program will put your Samsung device into downloading mode and start searching and downloading a data package for your device. Confirm your actions by typing "000000" into the box to start the data installation process

remove Android google frp lock

Step 5. After the successful installation, take the onscreen instructions to enable "USB debugging" and "OEM unlock" on your device.

Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your device and put your device into Downloading Mode again to download the firmware package.

remove Android google frp lock

Step 6. After the firmware package downloads successfully, click "Start to Extract" and it will prepare the firmware for your device .

remove Android google frp lock

Step 7. The program starts to bypass the Google lock on your Samsung device. You may wait for a few minutes for this process to complete.

remove Android google frp lock

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) can also remove   screen locks such as PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint and face lock without losing data from the Samsung device.


To bypass Samsung Google account verification, you can use iMyFone LockWiper (Android) because it is specially designed to remove FRP lock and bypass Goggle account verification. You can download iMyFone LockWiper’s FREE TRIAL VERSION to bypass Samsung Google account verification.