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Monster Hunter Now stuck issue is really annoying. The screen is stuck when walking, and the game is stuck when fighting monsters. I believe that if you are in trouble with MHN stuck, you must be worried about how to solve this problem.

monster hunter now stuck

Don’t worry, this article brings you 5 super effective methods to help you easily solve the stuck issue in Monster Hunter Now and give you a happy gaming experience!

In this article:

Part 1: Reasons for Monster Hunter Now Stuck

Many players may ask why a game that is obviously new always has issues? Either the connection is unstable 6-4 or other Monster Hunter Now not working bugs. There are many reasons why Monster Hunter Now getting stuck. It may be due to the mobile phone or the game.

Mobile phone gets hot

Games such as MHN, Pokémon that rely heavily on the Internet and GPS location will consume more battery when running.

mobile phone gets hot

When the mobile phone is running games, internal components (such as the processor) will generate heat, which may affect the performance of the mobile phone, make the game less smooth, and cause MHN stuck issues.

Poor cell phone signal

As mentioned in the previous point, MHN relies heavily on GPS. By constantly changing the GPS location, different monsters appear nearby.

poor cell phone signal

However, if you are in some places with poor mobile phone signal, the GPS signal and network and game server data transmission will be delayed, and the MHN map will not be able to change smoothly, so you will find that Monster Hunter Now is lagging when moving.

Use poor Monster Hunter Now spoofer

When inferior MHN hacking tools are used to fake GPS location, the GPS movement will often drift, making the use very unstable. Or the movement speed is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. This will also make the MHN screen very stuck.

Official BUG

The recent game upgrade of Monster Hunter Now have led to a surge in the number of gamers.

monster hunter now official bug

Many players have discovered various problems in the game such as Monster Hunter Now getting stuck, monsters recovering blood, defeating monsters, and ghosting during battles. So sometimes MHN lagging may be an official BUG.

Part 2: How to Fix MHN Stuck Issue

Above, we have listed four possible reasons for Monster Hunter Now to be stuck. Except for the official BUG, which can only wait for the official fix, there are other ways to effectively solve it, such as replacing high-quality flying tools, using mobile phone radiators, and maintaining signal And some netizens provided tips.

fix mhn stuck issue

Hurry down and watch the video tutorial or graphic tutorial to solve the MHN lagging issue together!

Method 1 Discard Poor Pokémon Go Spoofer & Use High-quality Alternatives

As mentioned above, inferior changing location in Monster Hunter Now will lead to unnatural GPS location modifications and even drift. Not only will Monster Hunter Now freeze, but abnormal GPS movements can easily lead to official detection, causing you the trouble of being banned or punished.

You can replace it with a high-quality faking GPS tool, try location changer iMyFone AnyTo which we recommend for you. Not only does location changing naturally support simulating real travel methods, but location can also be spoofed in multiple modes. It provides you with convenience while maintaining your gaming experience to the greatest extent.

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How to Spoof Monster hunter now with GPS Joystick

How to Spoof Monster hunter now with GPS Joystick

Method 2 Use a Mobile Phone Radiator

Sometimes MHN freezes are caused by the phone overheating. If you want to go out and play Monster Hunter Now for a long time, you can clip a phone radiator to the back of the phone to reduce the temperature on the back of the phone.

mobile phone radiator

These heat sinks usually use fans or heat sinks to help dissipate heat. They help keep the phone at a lower temperature, reduce the negative impact of heat on game performance, and can also effectively alleviate the MHN stuck issues caused by overheating of the phone.

Method 3 Adjust Game Screen Clarity

If your mobile phone model or system version is older, it will not be able to support high definition when running the game. Too high a resolution will cause screen lag. You can adjust the resolution to alleviate the stuck issue in Monster Hunter Now.

adjust game screen clarity


Please follow the steps below:

Please go to "Settings" in Monster Hunter Now, click "Maintain smooth graphics while hunting (60fps)" to turn it on and adjust the image quality to medium or low.

Method 4 Avoid Going to Densely Populated Areas

When you are in an area with dense buildings, your phone's GPS location may be delayed or inaccurate.

This is because high-rise buildings will block GPS signals, making it difficult for the signals to penetrate or produce multiple bounces, making it difficult for mobile phones to accurately receive satellite signals.

densely populated areas

This will cause the server to repeatedly fetch your location, causing you to see Monster Hunter Now lag.

So when hunting, try to avoid places where high-rise buildings gather to ensure smooth GPS signals, but at the same time, remember to pay attention to safety.

Method 5 Other Bonus Tips for Fixing MHN Stuck

In addition to the above solutions, we have also collected some solutions from enthusiastic players in some game forums.

For example, restart the game to another place, change the mobile network to Wi-Fi, restart the phone, turn off the screen and then move it, turn it on again when you go to the hunting point, turn it off immediately after playing...

Final Words

The above is all about the reasons why Monster Hunter Now stuck and how to solve the problem. I hope that after reading this article, you can easily solve the issue of MHN stuck.

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