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Stuck on a lyrical block? Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. AI lyric generator tools are transforming songwriting, providing endless inspiration with just a click. They help musicians, songwriters, and artists create compelling, original lyrics.

In this article, we reveal 8 of the best AI lyrics generator free tools that can unleash your creativity and help you write hit songs faster than ever. Let's explore these futuristic co-authors!

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Part 1. Top 8 Best AI Lyrics Generators

1 ChatArt

ChatArt is an advanced conversational AI chatbot that provides quick answers. It uses the power of AI to help you create original and engaging lyrics. With ChatArt, you can interact with an AI-driven chatbot in real-time to help you brainstorm and explore different styles of lyrics.

In addition, it can generate images, articles, poems, blogs, and other content. Whether you are an experienced songwriter or just starting out, ChatArt Lyrics Generator provides a dynamic and engaging platform to inspire your creativity.

ChatArt Key Features:

  • Interact with an advanced AI chatbot to help you generate creative lyrics for your songs.
  • Get instant feedback, suggestions, and guidance to improve the quality of your lyrics.
  • Enjoy a seamless and intuitive interface that makes using the tool simple and efficient.
  • Save, download, or export generated lyrics.
  • Learns from user interactions and feedback to continuously improve its lyric generation capabilities.
  • Generate lyrics quickly, allowing songwriters to create more content in less time.
  • The design is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that users can focus on their creativity.

How to Create Song Lyrics with ChatArt:

Step 1 Open ChatArt's web version or download and install the ChatArt program. You can use the button below to start trying it for free.

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Step 2 Simply ask ChatArt to write you a song lyric. You can type like this: Write me the lyrics to a rap song.

Step 3 ChatArt will quickly generate lyrics for you. If you like it, you can add to your favorites. If not, you can ask it to create a new one for you.

chatart ai lyrics generator


  • The design is intuitive and user-friendly, suitable for beginners.
  • Natural language processing allows for natural conversations and queries.
  • Supports various music genres and styles.
  • Diverse content creation, including blogs, poems, and novels that can inspire lyrics.
  • Supports voice recognition for hands-free operation.
  • Save the generated content for easy access later.


  • The free version has limited daily usage.

2 Rytr

rytr lyrics generator

Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant. It offers a full set of tools to generate lyrics, blogs, social media posts, and more. With its song lyric generator, you can easily overcome writing blocks and explore new lyrical ideas. For songwriters who want to start leveraging AI without using ChatGPT, Rytr provides an easy entry point into lyric generation.


  • Generous free plan for new users to test drive lyric generation.
  • Additional AI writing features beyond just lyrics.
  • Lower price point compared to other paid lyric generator AIs.
  • Simple interface to get started quickly.


  • Must upgrade to paid plan for higher lyric output volumes.
  • Requires creating an account even for basic free version.
  • Limited customization options in free version.

3 Writesonic

lyrics generator AI- Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered platform. While lyric generation isn't Writesonic's main feature, the app does include the ability to generate completely original songs. There's even a dedicated songwriting feature with pre-made templates to get started. Just register for a free account to use Writesonic Lyrics Generator.


  • Dedicated songwriting feature specifically for generating lyrics.
  • Premade template makes it easy to generate a full song.
  • Free tier available to test out lyric ideas.
  • Includes additional AI writing features beyond just lyrics.


  • Must pay to unlock higher character generation limits.
  • Requires creating an account to use even the free version.

4 Jasper AI

lyrics generator AI- Jasper AI

Jasper AI, renamed from Jarvis AI, is a powerful generative AI writing assistant. While not marketed specifically as an AI lyrics generator, Jasper's advanced text capabilities allow users to create original song lyrics.


  • Best-in-class text generation that sounds very natural.
  • Built-in chat feature makes iterating lyric ideas simple.
  • Able to generate long-form content beyond just lyrics.
  • Free tier available to try before upgrading.


  • No dedicated lyric generator feature built into the platform. 
  • Must pay to unlock full capabilities.
  • More expensive compared to other AI writing assistants.

5 GPT Playground

lyrics generator AI- GPT Playground

GPT Playground is an online platform that leverages the powerful GPT-3 model. It is an artificial intelligence text generator. Although not designed specifically for lyrics, it can create original lyrics based on your requirements. You can use it as an AI lyrics generator free tool. While it can provide interesting and creative suggestions, the generated lyrics may not always be perfect. Thus, it's always a good idea to check and refine the output to match your desired style and message.


  • Leverages the advanced GPT-3 model for high-quality text generation.
  • Completely free to use with no account required.
  • Easy to tweak prompts to get different lyric outputs.
  • Generates lyrics line-by-line for convenient editing.


  • No dedicated songwriting features beyond text generation.
  • Limited to a few hundred words per request without paying.
  • Must carefully craft prompts to get good lyrics.
  • Lacks collaborative features of other lyric AIs.

6 Masterpiece

Masterpiece is an AI-powered online platform. It uses advanced algorithms that allow users to create and customize their own unique artwork. It contains many generators including poem generator, name generator, and more. With its lyric generator, you can write your own lyrics in less than a minute.

masterpiece song lyrics generator


  • Provides a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers different genres, artists, etc.
  • Allows users to save and share their creations with others.


  • There can be limitations in replicating the depth and complexity of traditional handcrafted artwork.

7 ToolBaz

toolbaz song lyrics generator

ToolBaz Lyric Generator is a powerful tool designed to help song users create compelling, original lyrics. By leveraging advanced algorithms and language processing capabilities, the platform streamlines the lyric creation process.


  • Provide rich inspiration to help users overcome obstacles.
  • Catering to all music genres and styles.
  • Can save time and energy.


  • Users may experience differences in the quality and coherence of generated lyrics.

8 Freshbots

freshbots song lyrics generator

Freshbots AI Lyrics Generator is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to create original lyrics. It utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms to generate creative lyrics. It is a valuable resource for songwriters, musicians, and anyone looking for inspiration or help creating compelling lyrics for their own music.


  • Various types of genres are available for you to choose from.
  • Automatically generate different ideas for you.


  • Since the model is trained on Internet lyrics, some of the generated content may have similarities to existing content.

Part 2. FAQs about Lyrics Generators

1 Is there any free AI lyrics generator option?

Yes, there are free AI lyric generators available, such as ChatArt and Rytr. These offer basic AI-generated lyrics for free to help jump-start song ideas with a limited free trial that's good enough for everyday use.

2 What features of the lyrics generator tool are useful for song writing?

Lyric generator AI tools often allow adjusting pitch, theme, genre, and other parameters to generate lyrics that suit your specific song needs. This saves time rather than writing it from scratch.

3 Is there an AI rap lyrics generator option for hip-hop music?

Yes, there are AI rap lyrics generation tools like ChatArt. It is programmed with rap and hip-hop lyrics and provides various content creation scenarios to help generate AI-based rap lyrics as a starting point for writing.

4 Can a lyrics generator replace human songwriters?

No. While lyric generators can be a helpful tool, they cannot completely replace human creativity and emotion. In addition, since the lyrics are generated by artificial intelligence, there is a high possibility of repetition.

Part 3. In Conclusion

Today we have shown you 8 best AI lyric generator tools for you. They can help you save time and maintain creative control. Among them, ChatArt offers advanced artificial intelligence to quickly generate lyric ideas while still allowing for human editing.

Whether you’re stuck on a poem, need inspiration, or want to speed up the entire songwriting process, the Lyric Generator AI tool offers the future of AI-assisted songwriting today. Don't just take our word for it - try our Lyrics Generator free trial and experience for yourself the breakthrough in AI songwriting.

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