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2015-09-17 15:49:40

My little brother deleted my albums when playing with my phone. I was alomost freaked out. Then I found this and downloaded to see if it really can scan my deleted photos. And it DID! So I paid for the full version and my albums recovered successfully!

By Susanana


2015-09-17 09:27:04

Photos on my tablet deleted by accident were restored by just simple operation. Great tool for girls.

By Emma


2015-09-16 18:10:22

Ruin all my files after failing rooting my mobile. This service helps me to restore all of them. Thank you.

By Diane


2015-09-16 09:25:21

Restoring to factory reset accidentally. Lucky this software helps me to get back all the data.

By Jocob


2015-09-15 17:11:26

It CAN restore deleted files! I got back videos on my tour deleted by mistake, and it really makes me happy. :) Thank you for making this splendid product.

By Jenny


2015-09-11 14:40:35

Get my videos back with success. It's good.

By Pius


2015-09-10 10:58:13

I did not try other data recovery yet, but at least, recovered my needed documents from my Samsung SM-G900W. So, good~

By Trevoiir


2015-09-09 16:20:06

Able to recover a few lost photos (from my old Samsung III) that was good.

By Elspeth


2015-09-08 11:29:29

I used your product to recover my photos from a formatted Sumsung smartphone. Very easy and fast.

By Colleen


2015-09-07 15:00:51

Get back some vital notes I\'d foolishly deleted a couple days ago. Thanks, great product!

By Klarissa

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