Every time you make a backup of your iPhone, you gather together a ton of information and data that may be hard to dissect using typical methods. That is why many people looking for a tool that offers customized ways to view the individual files and other important info before recovering or exporting the backup.

In this post, I gather several top iPhone backup extractor tools to helo you find the best solution! Now we go.

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#1 - iPhone Backup Extractor - iMyFone iTransor

The easiest method we have found for customizable iPhone backup extractor software is iMyFone iTransor. This easy-to-use software can help manage your device’s info and shows you a preview of what is inside your backup by extracting more than 18 different file types. Except for backup, you can use this tool to restore all your data to the iOS device.

Pros of iMyFone iTransor

  • Compatible with all iOS & Android versions. Support for Win & Mac devices.
  • Restore only the selected files you want from your iTunes, iCloud, and iMyFone backups without losing data on your iPhone.
  • View and export more than 18 different types of data from your iTunes, iCloud, or iOS device.
  • 100% safety without any data loss.
  • The hold procession just needs several minutes

Cons of iMyFone iTransor

  • Some functions are not free.


#1 Recommend iPhone Extractor

One-stop iOS Data Backup & Restore Tool

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#2 - Dr. Fone - Data Recovery (iOS Version)

Dr. Fone can help you export backup from your iCloud, iTunes, and iPhone devices. It allows up to 15 different file types of safe extracting, but you can't preview before export. And you can't recover data from iPhone backup-free. Dr. Fone has a premium feel on the higher end of the industry.

Pros of Dr. Fone - Data Recovery

  • Easy to use interface that is accessible from your desktop PC.
  • Up to 15 different file types of extraction are available with a decent recovery rate for lost or corrupted files.
  • Fully compatible with Win 10 or Mac 10.5.

Cons of Dr.Fone

  • Fairly high price point for access to all the premium features of the extracting program.
  • Some operation is difficult to handle.

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#3 - AnyTrans - iOS Backup Viewer

AnyTrans Backup Viewer is created by iMacTools and provides a simplified user interface based on a file-system view. It has a little more limited file type selection but will get the job done well for photos, videos, web visits, contacts, texts, and some others. See what can AnyTrans do for you below:

Pros of AnyTrans iOS Backup Viewer

  • Works well with unencrypted iOS data.
  • Doesn’t require any extra configuring to extra data because of its simplified structure and viewer.
  • Work both Win and Mac.

Cons of AnyTrans iOS Backup Viewer

  • This program cannot view files from your iCloud backup, and you need to buy the pro version to unlock all the features.


#4 - iBackup Extractor

iBackup extractor is another iPhone backup extractor software that focuses on a file system view instead of a wizard. It is a decent option for those wishing to extract data to a new iPhone from an older version or to locate where you have placed backups of your iPhone on your computer.

Pros of iBackup Extractor

  • This program does work with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • iBackup can extract files from encrypted or corrupted backups and provides decent previewing support before restoring.

Cons of iBackup Extractor

  • · It will not extract data from an iCloud backup and often fails to scan the entire iTunes backup.

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#5 - EaseUS MobieSaver Free

It is the only free program on our iPhone backup extractor list. It can read and restore data from iTunes and iCloud backups and has a decent wizard-style viewer to confirm the data you have selected is what you want to restore. It is free to use for contacts, photos, videos, and more.

Pros of EaseUS MobieSaver Free

  • Pretty comprehensive file preview feature before you restore the intended data.
  • You can select to save and export the data you want in different formats.

Cons of EaseUS MobieSaver Free

  • The scan speed is a little slower than the other options on our list and can crash from time to time during extraction.

easeus mpbosaver


Those are the best programs we found for our iPhone backup extractor review. Between all the options listed, you are sure to find a solution that is right for you. For our money, we would suggest iMyFone iTransor as that has the most capability and an extremely easy-to-use interface that anyone can engage. Click the free version button below if you want to try this software, it won't let you down!