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How to Save Text Messages from iPhone to PC for Free?

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Heather Marston

May 30, 2018 (Updated: July 13, 2020)

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The art of conversing digitally via phones is the norm nowadays, and with that comes the ability to store conversations. But, if you do want to back up your text messages to your PC from your iPhone in case of data loss, how do you do it without having to pay for expensive software? Well, that's exactly what we're going to tell you – how to save text messages from iPhone to PC for free. Go on with the article and explore the methods.

1. Only One or Two Messages to Save? Copy and Email Them!

If you only have a couple of text messages that you want to save from iPhone to PC for free, you can do so via an indirect backup. You see, if you copy the messages and email them to yourself, you can then access them when you log into your email account on your PC. If you never delete the email, it'll always be accessible.

copy and send messages to email

It's extremely quick and saves you a ton of hassle. But, if you want to back up mass text messages on your iPhone, this may not be a viable option. Plus, if you need to save attachments from messages, this method will bring up some problems.

2. Save iPhone Messages via iTunes then Keep the SQLite File

This strategy may sound overwhelming and complicated, but it's actually very simple. All you need to do is back up your iPhone via iTunes like normal, and Apple will save your text messages as part of that.

Then if you head to 'C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataRoaming' you'll find a bunch of folders with different names. You should only be interested in the ones named '3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28.mddata.' as they're your precious text messages. Unless you have an SQL editor you may not be able to view them, but if you just save those files somewhere safe, you'll have an archive of your text messages.

message db on windows

BTW, you can also directly search this file and then save it to any place you think it will be safe there.

3. Free Program to Save Text Messages from iPhone to PC

If you want a solution that is perfectly designed for this task, plus many more Apple issues, then iMyFone D-Port is a great option. As a free program to save text messages from iPhone, It's able to cater for all models of iPhone and all iOS versions (including iPhone X running iOS 11.4). But, here are its main features:

500,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • You're able to back up only text messages and the attachments from your iPhone, completely FREE of charge.
  • Also, you're able to back up only WhatsApp, and WeChat conversations separately, without any other files you don't need.
  • You're able to view text messages from the backup before you save them, completely free of charge.

Windows version      Mac version

How to Save Text Messages from iPhone to Computer Free using iMyFone D-Port?

Let us explain how easy it is to use. Actually only several clicks you can finish the process.

  • Step 1. Access the software, and select ‘Back Up & Export from Device'. You can see iMyFone can export your data from your iOS device and back up certain types of data separately. For your case, you should click ‘Back Up Messages'.

Back Up Messages on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

  • Step 2. Hit ‘Back Up' at the bottom and the software will start the process. You can also view the notices iMyFone gives about the backup.

 back up your Messages

  • Step 3. Once the process of backup has been completed, you'll be notified on screen.

Messages have been backed up successfully

And tada! You have saved text messages from iPhone to PC for free, and without any effort.

Notice: This software also empowers you to export all of your text messages from this backup so that you can edit, print, or alter them for any use, but this is an addition feature that requires a purchase.

Whether you want to choose the fast method, or utilize an expert piece of software such as iMyFone D-Port, there are several methods to save text messages from iPhone to PC for free. Just remember to save them regularly in case you lose important information in your conversations.

Windows version      Mac version

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