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[2024] How to Change Location in Happn?


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The popular dating app has more than 50 million users globally, and it uses a system that uses a user's location and the location of nearby users within 250 meters to pair up potential suitors.

happn change location

You surely need to know how Happn changes location beyond 250 meters when you get bored. We will show you the best method to do that.

In this article:

Part 1: What is Happn?

New mobile dating app Happn displays potential matches based on your current location. The profile of the person you most recently crossed paths with will appear at the top of your feed. This app is similar to Highlight, but it's specifically designed for the dating scene.

what is happn

The most recent encounters are displayed in a grid format when you launch the app. In order to view earlier events, you scroll down. When you click on a user's profile, the app provides the standard set of communication options for a modern dating service. Since you probably live or work in the same region, using Happn to set up a date is much easier.

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Change Location in Happn?

There are a few scenarios in which a user may actively seek out information on Happn change location. To begin, the app's functionality is significantly affected by the user's physical location.

This one-of-a-kind dating app tailors its offerings to your precise geographical region.

location on happn

If you use the app, it will only give you location-based suggestions for potential dates. Happn has a default restriction of 250 meters in terms of proximity.

You can't help but switch locations in Happn if you want to broaden your search to people who live in different parts of the world.

happn popular location

The Happn app takes advantage of a user's geographical location to provide relevant content. You need to turn on your phone's location services before you can see the folks you've crossed paths with on Happn. Any chance of meeting new people is eliminated.

Part 3: How to Change Location in Happn on Android/iOS?

Setting a new location on Happn is not as simple as one might assume. Because of this, it's not surprising that many individuals look for "How can I alter my Happn app distance?" when they go online.

change location tool anyto

If your sole concern is figuring out how to set your distance in Happn, or if you're just curious how the Happn map works, read on! If so, you're in luck: iMyFone AnyTo Location Changer can help you out.

This is such a wonderful tool since it makes spoofing your location seem like a breeze. Here are a some of iMyFone AnyTo Location Changer's most impressive capabilities:

iMyFone AnyTo

Key Features:

  • One-click access to GPS location customization.
  • Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pokémon Go that rely on your location will work with no problems.
  • Adds support for GPS files, so you can get going on your preferred routes.
  • Joysticks make it easy to adjust course with minimal effort.

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Step 1: Install the iMyFone software on your PC. Open the software, and clock on Get Started.

anyto launch page

Step 2: Connect your phone with it, and you will see your location on a map.

anyto location choose

Step 3: Here you will get a map, drag and select the location you want. Choose the place where you want to go to and click Move.

anyto move page

Step 4: Now you will get your fake location, and the new location will appear in your phone.

anyto location change page



Part 4: FAQs about Changing Location in Happn?

1 How Does Happn Track location?

Whether or not you've really seen the person, the app can help you track them down. But have no fear! Others will not be able to track your precise location. When you physically encounter another person, only your location will be shown.

Also, for safety reasons, the location is always approximate and never given in a direct fashion.

2 How Do I Change My Distance on happn?

Having your location switched on in Happn is a prerequisite for discovering folks you've crossed paths with. Learn where you are right now with this guide.

  • Step 1:Launch the device's settings app on device.
  • Step 2: Use the Happn app.
  • Step 3: Find "Location" by scrolling down.
  • Step 4:The "Always" option can be activated with a tap.

3 How Do You Search for People on Happn?

In order to show up on your Timeline, the other user must be logged into the app, share your interests, and have come into contact with you.

The Map is where you can view all the locations you've been and the individuals you've come into contact with.


Finally, if you're tired of staying in the same place on Happn and have been searching for a better answer to "how to change location in Happn," give iMyFone AnyTo a try. We guarantee that it will change the way you look at Happn dating apps forever.

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