You shouldn't miss the Pokemon Emerald if you happen to be a huge fan of the Pokemon game series. This is because the Pokemon Emerald is the best game you can get on the GBA. This particular game has gained more value over the other game series in that it combines both the Ruby and the Sapphire teams.

Probably you have not taken that bold step in playing this game, or you might have just been playing it without ever catching a master ball. Do not worry yourself, in your hands is the secret to successfully playing the Pokemon Emerald by using the master ball cheat with ease.

master ball in pokemon emerald

What Do You Know about The Master Ball Cheat in Pokemon Emerald?

Before we proceed on the trick in catching a master ball in the Pokemon Emerald, let us go down the memory lane of what the game is all about. This is for the benefit of the people that are yet to play the video game. The Pokemon Emerald game is a video game for 5 players that was published by The Pokemon Company in 2004.

pokemon emerald

It is believed to be the remake of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire with the presence of new elements like the battle frontier that was absent in the other series. In the year 2005, the Pokemon Emerald was the second bestselling game, and to date, it is widely played and cherished by gamers all over the world.

One of the greatest achievements in playing the Pokemon Emerald video game is catching a master ball? Let us, therefore, start by giving enough details on what master ball is in this video game.

1 What Is The Master Ball?

The master ball is the most favourite of gamers because it helps them to capture a Pokemon faster and with ease. The master ball is usually located at the top left of the in the team Aqua hideout.

There are traditionally four balls present in this location, of which two out of them are Electrodes, one is the nugget, and the other one the master ball. Another alternative to this method of getting a master ball is to visit the Lilycove department store lottery corner.

different balls in pokemon emerald

2 Where Can You Get A Master Ball in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, the master ball is a mighty poke ball and somewhat challenging to get. The potency of the master ball is seen in their usage of catching rare Pokemon.

There are 2 ways to get master ball. One is you can get a master ball in Pokemon Go at level thirty. Getting a master ball in Pokemon Emerald all by yourself is a fortunate thing. In the real sense, it is almost impossible to catch one, especially if you are yet to be master of the game.

This is why many gamers have resolved the easiest way of finding these balls. The fastest way to catching a master ball in the Pokemon Emerald is via the cheat code. This will then lead us to the big question, which is what the Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat is?

find a master ball

What Is The Master Ball Cheat Code in Pokemon Emerald?

The Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat code is a unique code that can be used to obtain as many master balls as one desires. Once this code is activated, the gamer would heed to the Pokemart and purchase the master ball for zero.

A lot of players mostly consider this route when they get bored and want to catch a master ball faster. Below are some of the Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat codes widely used by gamers.

  • 958D8046
  • A7151D70
  • 8BB602F7
  • 8CEB6818
  • Tips

    However, the use of these cheat codes should be carefully monitored. They should be disabled after use to avoid conflicts.

    It would help if you also took note that before these cheats can work, they must be in concordance with the game versions. For example, some cheat codes are specific to the Japanese version of the game and, therefore, would not work if they are used for the American version of the game.

    Is It Possible to Get More Master Balls on Pokemon Emerald?

    More Pokemon Emerald master balls can be gotten on the game via 2 options. The first route to obtaining more master balls is to win the lottery at the Lilycove department store or to clone a master ball at the battle frontier.

    However, the faster and easier way to get this done is via the cheat code: 820052740001. This code is used correctly to obtain one master ball at a time because only the first item bought at the shop is modified. Nevertheless, with this Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat code, one can get up to 1000 master balls. Check the tricks given below for a good understanding of how to get more Pokemon Emerald master ball.

  • Catch all Pokemons: This will increase your chances of you winning more master balls.
  • Catch all Pokemons

  • Visit the Lilycove department store: Each day, a random lottery ticket is generated in this store, and you can win one for yourself.
  • Visit the Lilycove department store

  • Clone master ball: In Pokemon Emerald, this action generates more master balls for gamers.
  • Clone master ball

    How to Level Up Your Pokemon Faster in Emerald?

    The need for Pokemon leveling up in the Pokemon Emerald video game is essential. Aside from its significant role in the success of catching master balls in the game, this action helps train Pokemon. Below are some easy methods that you can make use of to level up your Pokemon faster.

    Please leave them in the daycare

    Over time, gamers have been able to level up their Pokemon by leaving them in the daycare. Although this course of action would require you to use the money to get them back, it is still one of the best ways to level up Pokemons.

    leave pokemon in the daycare

    Go raiding

    This is another fast method to level up Pokemons. A single raid comes with 10000 XP. Other ways to level up Pokemons include gym battles, rare candies, having a strong Pokemon, battle wide Pokemon, etc.

    go raiding in pokemom emerald

    Extra Tip to Level Up in Pokemon Go

    Using a location changer is a perfect choice to level up in Pokemon Go. iMyFone AnyTo is such a wonderful tool which can help you level up without any hassles.

    With a user-friendly interface, anyone can simulate a customized route. Hence, you can stay at home to hatch more Pokemon. The more Pokemon you get, you can level up more quickly. Without jailbreaking, AnyTo can work with iOS&Android devices, including Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.

    Here is a quick guide to simulate movements with iMyFone AnyTo.

    Step 1.Download and install AnyTo on your computer. Launch the tool and tap Get Started.

    launch anyto application

    Step 2.Connect your phone to computer and unlock your device. After that, a map will appear on the interface of AnyTo software.

    trust the device

    Step 3.Select Teleport Mode (the first icon at the right corner). Choose the spots on the map by zooming in or out the map. Or enter the addree in the field directly. Then set the speed or moves of time.

    select teleport mode

    Step 4.After setting, click Move to start simulate movements. Meanwhile, the character in Pokemon Go will wonder around to get Pokemon.

    simulate movements with two-spot mode

    In this way, you can catch more Pokemon as much as possible.

    catch pokemon go in the game

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    Related Questions for Pokemon Emerald Master Ball

    There are several questions that are always running through the mind of players interested in playing the Pokemon Emerald video game. Here in this article are the major questions people usually ask in regards to the Pokemon Emerald.

    Pokemon Emerald

    How many master balls can you get?

    Well, in the pokemon Emerald, one can only obtain a master ball per file. However, with the use of cheat codes and cloning action, one could get several others.

    Can you clone a master ball in Pokemon Emerald?

    Indeed yes, the master ball can be cloned in Pokmon Emerald. This would be done the same way pokemon is cloned but with a held item that is not required in cloning pokemon. The master ball would be given to the Pokemon that is to be cloned, and the needful would be done.

    Will master ball catch Rayquaza?

    Since Rayquaza is extremely difficult to catch, the master ball can do the magic because it has a 100% catch rate. Master balls should be saved for catching rare and powerful legendaries like Rayquaza. The rate of failure in using a master ball to catch Rayquaza is very slim.

    What legendaries can you catch in Emerald?

    Just like every other Pokmon series have legendaries, the Pokemon Emerald do also have legendaries. The list of the Emerald legendary includes the Rayquaza, Lugia, Mewtwo, ho-ho, etc. All of these legendaries can be caught in the game, so it depends on the legendary that you desire to find.

    How do you cheat rare candy in Pokemon Emerald?

    Of course, the rare candy in Pokemon Emerald is good for Pokmons since its usage would increase the level of ant Pokemon by one.

    The rare candy in the Pokemon Emerald is relatively small, but notwithstanding, it can be activated using the rare candy cheat code. The rare candy cheat code is 820052740044. However, you must ensure to deactivate the cheat code when not in use to avoid producing more rare candy bundles that are not needed.

    To Sum Up

    These cheat codes are often seen as live wires by gamers. However, it is more fun to play the Pokemon Emerald video game and get a master ball without using ant cheat code. That would, however, be taking forever to achieve coupled with the fact that it could end up becoming boring for the gamers.

    With the Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat codes, master balls are gotten easier and faster. In addition to that, it adds more life and excitement to the game for the players. The use of these cheat codes is safe and reliable as long as gamers take the precaution of deactivating them once they are not in use.