Data is an essential part of everyone’s life, whether it be personal data or office data. Every type of data has its value. Losing data or files can be stressful as not everyone is a tech guru. 

R-Studio Data Recovery is a tool that can help you to get back your lost data. In this article, we will have an in-depth R-Studio Data Recovery review. We will share whether it is worth it or not and the best alternative.

r-studio review

Part 1. R-Studio Data Recovery Review

R-Studio Data Recovery is a tool from R-Tools Technology. Many questions arise in the minds of people. It includes why R-Studio can recover data? How is it a powerful tool? Is it more complicated than others or not? Here we will talk about all of these things specifically. 

R-Studio Data Recovery Review

R-Studio is a diverse tool that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is among the few tools that serve all the operating systems. It is a tool that handles the recovery of data, full disks, and partitions. 

R-Studio Data Recovery supports different file systems. It also offers a file viewer where the user can preview the recoverable data. One of the most outstanding features of R-Studio Data Recovery for Windows is that it has a smart monitoring system. It monitors and indicates any imminent HDD failure so the user can recover the data as soon as possible.

r-studio data recovery

R-Studio Data Recovery is capable of recovering the data that has been deleted from the Windows Recycle bin or due to damage by malware or virus, drive format, repartition, or corruption. The scanning algorithm of R-Studio Data Recovery is very advanced because it finds the data with unknown file systems as well.

Moreover, it also offers data recovery over the network. It does not have a wizard-oriented interface, so if you are a beginner, then you can try out R-Undelete first. It will teach the techniques of how to use a professional recovery tool.

  • Additional Features:
  • Text/hexadecimal editor
  • Different price plans for different system files (FAT/NTFS)
  • Optimized search engine to find files
  • Virtual RAID support
  • Non-Windows file system support
  • Emergency CD













R-Undelete Home Review

R-Undelete Home is a recovery tool for home users that are looking to recover data from USB disks and videos/photos from memory cards and other storage devices. Sadly R-Studio Home only supports devices with FAT file systems. But the user can search for lost files on NTFS and ReFS file systems if files are under the size of 256KB.

R-Undelete Home has a wizard-oriented interface, so it is easier for the user to use this tool. It also has a versatile search for lost files. Moreover, it provides an estimated preview of data recovery chances. However, unlike R-Studio Data Recovery, it does not support non-Windows file systems and does not search for user-defined file types. R-Undelete Home neither recovers the data over the network nor supports virtual RAID.

r-undelete home data recovery

R-Undelete Home is available for $59.99, and the user can also upgrade the plan to R-Studio Data Recovery by paying the initial price difference. But bear in mind that R-Undelete Home is only compatible with Windows OS.

Is R-Studio Safe/Trustworthy?

R-Studio is trustworthy; it complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect the privacy of each individual. However, there are certain ways in which one can make sure that it is safe from any viruses or malware or on the edge of exposing important data.

The first thing you can make sure of is that whenever you download the R installers, download it from a CRAN server using HTTPS. Secondly, check MD5 checksums before starting the installation. Then you need to configure for secure file downloads. Lastly, download CRAN packages from a secure source. By following these steps, you can be sure that R-Studio is now safe to use.

Part 2. Better Alternative for R-Studio Data Recovery - iMyFone D-Back

We have mentioned R-Studio Data Recovery and R-Studio Home. These tools are excellent, but there are many issues with the file systems, user interface, and data security. Thus, a better alternative to recover the lost or deleted data is iMyFone D-Back

Retrieve PC Data with iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back is a comprehensive tool that allows the user to recover data from multiple operating systems under one window. You don’t have to buy another expensive plan to do so.

iMyFone D-Back is easier than R-Studio Data Recovery as it has a friendly user interface. It allows even an amateur to recover the data easily with a few clicks. The rate of scan is very fast in this tool which allows the user to save time and recover the lost file.

If you have accidentally deleted the files, want to recover data from external hard drives, or lost data while creating a partition, all of the data can be recovered with iMyFone D-Back.

Let us see how this tool can help us in retrieving the lost data. It only needs a few simple steps and a few minutes.

  • Steps to Recover Data Using iMyFone D-Back:

Step 1: First simply download iMyFone D-Back and install it. The interface should look like this.

hard drive data recovery interface

Step 2: Choose the drive from where you want to recover the data. After scanning, all the data will be listed in front of you.

scan hard drive data

Step 3: Lastly, select the file you want to recover and click on Recover. Choose a destination where the file will be recovered. Click on “OK” and the recovery will start. Your lost file will be available for use in no time.

recover voice recordings

Comparison Between R-Studio Data Recovery and iMyFone D-Back

Scanning Speed Success Rate File Format Secure Price
D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert Very High Very High File Format More than 1000 file types Highly secure. $59.94 (1-Month Plan for 2 PCs) $79.95 (1-Year Plan for 2 PCs) $99.95 (Lifetime Plan for 3 PCs)
R-Studio Data Recovery High High Not mentioned Need some steps to make it more secure. Different price plans according to file systems. ($49.99 for NTFS and $59.99 for FAT, while $79.99 for both file systems)

R-Studio Data Recovery Coupon Code/Free Download/License Key

Coupon Code for R-Studio Data Recovery

Instead of buying R-Studio for a full price, there are different coupons available at various sites that allow the user to get the tool for cheap. Go to and enter the code “SAVE25” to avail a 25% discount on the tool.

Moreover, you can also use coupon codes like “10OFF50”, “SHIFT”, and “SPRING25” to avail of different discounts at checkouts.

R-Studio Data Recovery Free Download

We know that R-Studio is a paid tool and offers different price plans for different operating systems. However, there is a free version available that the user can download for a demo. Go to its official website, and you will be directed to the page from where you can download the free demo or trial version of R-Studio Data Recovery.

Free Registration Key/Crack Key for R-Studio Data Recovery

There are some users who, after buying the tool, share it with others. Here are some free registration/crack keys that you can use for R-Studio Data Recovery.

R-Studio Data Recovery License Key

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R-Studio Data Recovery Registration Key

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R-Studio Data Recovery and R-Studio Home are data recovery tools that help the user to recover the lost data. R-Studio Data Recovery is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a little complex tool as it does not have a wizard-oriented interface. Moreover, it has different price plans for different file systems.

On the other hand, the iMyFone D-Back is a better alternative as it is easier and quicker. It involves only a few steps to recover the files. It is also cheaper than R-Studio Data Recovery and more secure. So, your data is safe and is never exposed to anyone.