"I connected my Nikon SD card to my PC to share the photos and video, but my Nikon camera SD files aren't showing up anymore. Can I recover deleted pictures from my Nikon camera SD card"?

Having lost the Nikon SD card data is indeed really frustrating, but it's not something surprising, as it can happen to almost everyone.

The main question is whether it is possible to opt for the Nikon SD card recovery, and if it is possible, this guide will help you retrieve the data.

Part 1. Can I Recover Deleted Photos from My Nikon Camera?

There might be more than one reason behind your Nikon SD card data getting deleted. Luckily, you can retrieve the lost Nikon SD card data using manual ways and appropriate Nikon SD card recovery software.

For instance, you might unintentionally delete the Nikon SD card data, or a virus attack might have caused the data loss on your SD card.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon Camera SD Card

2.1. Nikon Photo Recovery Free Software

The Nikon SD card recovery software is the most efficient and straightforward way to recover lost data from the Nikon camera SD card.

Luckily, iMyFone D-Back emerges as one of the most pinnacle data recovery tools that ensure you quickly get back all the data.

The best thing about D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert is that the possibility of you retrieving the lost photos and videos from Nikon SD card recovery is almost 100%.

Main Features:

  • Retrieve the data from many storage devices, including SD cards, flash drives, cameras, internal hard drives, external hard drives.
  • 100% safe.
  • Fast scanning speed.
  • It lets you preview the data before restoring it.
  • Comes up with the highest recovery rate.

How to recover deleted photos/videos from Nikon camera?

Step 1: Install D-Back Hard drive Recovery Expert and launch it afterwards. Next, connect the Nikon camera SD card to the PC.

install imyfone d-back

Step 2: Launch the SD card and tap on the ''Scan'' icon to scan for lost data.

tap on the scan

Step 3: Preview the data and start recovering it by hitting the ''Recover'' option.

click on the recover icon

2.2. How to Restore Deleted Photos /Videos from Nikon Camera SD Card

You can also retrieve the Nikon SD card's lost data using a manual method like a command prompt. Using this method, you can repair the affected SD card and get all the information you'd have lost for various reasons.

Here's how to recover deleted photos from Nikon camera.

Step 1: Connect the SD card to the PC and click on the Windows icon. Next, select the Search icon to proceed ahead

Step 2: Please type in the command prompt and right-click on it. Next, choose '' Run as Administrator'' before hitting ''Yes'' to make the command prompt run as administrator.

Step 3: After navigating to the command prompt, type in the Type: chkdsk F: /f where F is the drive letter of the SD card you lost the data from

run the command and type chkdsk F

Step 4: Press Enter key after typing the Y. Next, click the'' Enter'' key again after typing the F.

press enter key after typing y

Step 5: Hit Enter after typing the F:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *

Once this process is completed, you'll be able to access all the previously lost Nikon camera SD card data.

hit the enter after typing h r s s d

Part 3: FAQs

01 How to recover deleted photos from Nikon camera for free?

Recovering the deleted photos from the Nikon camera SD card for free is possible by using manual methods. But, the best way to retrieve the data is using a Nikon photo recovery software free. You can opt for the iMyFone D-Back in this situation.

02 Does the Nikon camera have a recycle bin?

Although Nikon has a Trash option, it works much differently than the PC's Recycle Bin. It doesn't allow you to retrieve the lost data directly from the camera.

Instead, if you intend to recover the data from the Nikon camera Recycle Bin, you must use an appropriate Nikon SD card recovery software to serve your purpose.

03 Can you recover old Nikon photos from years ago?

You can get back all the old Nikon photos from years ago through backups. However, if you don't have any backup available, iMyFone D-Back seems to be the best option to retrieve the data. It is a terrific Nikon photo recovery software that retrieves lost data within a few clicks.

Final Words

Retrieving the deleted data from the Nikon camera SD card isn't daunting. Instead, all you need to do is read this post to access the appropriate ways to know how to recover deleted photos from Nikon camera SD card.

You must credit iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery, the best Nikon SD card recovery software that makes the recovery process effortless.