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2018-09-06 18:11:07


By Fahim


2018-09-06 18:09:40


By Fahim


2016-02-18 09:36:14

I deleted some useful pictures and emptied the recycle bin but finally this program helped me find them back! Really freed me from trouble!

By Sharkey


2016-02-09 19:59:20

Before I had time to sort them, the photos I took during New Year holiday were lost! And thanks to the program that I recovered them all! Good!

By McGregor

2016-02-09 04:40:06

This is definitely what I was looking for!

By Betty

2016-02-09 04:27:49

That’s a creative answer to my difficult question.

By Staysha


2016-01-27 14:06:48

I deleted more than 1GB files on my U-Disk yesterday then I found I needed some resume photos. This is not the first time I did things like this, and I have to pay for the silliness. Now my photos are back but I am not happy at all.

By Sandara


2016-01-15 13:44:26

I didn’t expect so much before I use it. You know, it is not so expensive so I thought its function could be limited. However, it recovered my photos, videos and Word documents in my U disk! How surprised I was!

By Maud


2015-12-26 14:07:23

I accidently deleted my resume from my computer and this software helped me get it back. Really saved me! Hope I can get a new job :)

By Brian Stern


2015-12-01 19:09:48

recovered my formatted memory card with success. this program is not bad.

By Alex Briggs

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