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2015-08-28 15:57:55


By Phillip1991


2015-08-28 11:50:20

Found plenty of my USB files.

By Ingrid


2015-08-27 11:43:38

I used this tool several days ago to recover the important files that I need on my work. Luckily it didn\'t failed my expectations. NICE!

By Mathilde


2015-08-26 13:21:22

It performed super fast. Did well in getting back all the formatted files.

By Dominique


2015-08-26 09:49:35

Fantastic Software!! I had lost a partition with 13 year worth of photos and home videos of my children and family, and felt sick to the stomach. I downloaded this software and it found all the data I thought was lost forever. AMAZING! Thank you very much - A must buy for all your lost data issues.

By Tadsheep


2015-08-25 17:01:27

I lost all my files when I upgraded to Windows 10 over Windows 7. This wonderful software has saved all my files!!! Thanks guys so much for this product!

By Nairi


2015-08-25 16:58:10

Sehr gute Software! Ich liebe es~

By Franziska

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