How to Completely Erase iPhone Without Apple ID Password?

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While there are many ways to erase iPhone, most of them require you to provide your Apple ID. If you have forgotten your Apple ID/Password and want to erase iPhone without providing Apple ID, then you are in luck because it is possible with DFU mode.

Erase iPhone Without Apple ID Password

Erasing iPhone without Apple id/password is possible with DFU mode, however you must make sure that Find My iPhone feature is turned off before proceeding to DFU mode. Keep in mind that resetting your iPhone via DFU mode will erase all your data.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone via lightning cable to your computer. And then launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Once iTunes is launched, turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Home button for at least three seconds.

Step 3. Now you need to boot your iPhone into DFU mode.


To do this, press Power and Home buttons and then hold them for ten seconds. After that, let go of the Power button but keep holding the Home button until the Apple logo appears and then disappears. If everything goes well, your iPhone will be booted into DFU mode.


Step 4. You can now reset/restore your iPhone once it is in DFU mode.

Step 5. Now select the Restore iPhone option to start the restore process. You will also get a notification when the process is complete. Your iPhone will automatically restart afterwards.

That’s it! You have successfully erase your iPhone without an Apple id/password. After your iPhone is erased via the above mentioned steps, it is recommended that you create a new Apple ID. As mentioned before, resetting iPhone via this method will erase all your data but you can restore your backup via iCloud or iTunes easily if there is one available.

Completely Erase iPhone When Find My iPhone is Disabled

While there are many ways to erase your iPhone, they don’t completely erase the data as some fragments of erased files are left on your iPhone. These fragments are easy to recover via recovery softwares, which could result in privacy leak.

A safer option would be to erase all the iPhone data permanently so that no one can recover it. It is possible with iMyFone Umate Pro. This third-party iPhone data erasing software can erase data from your device permanently. It’s Erase All Data feature is a better and safer alternative to an ordinary Factory Reset.

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Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Erase all kinds of data permanently within a few simple steps. Data erased by Umate Pro is 100% unrecoverable.
  • Umate Pro lets you preview data when selecting it before deletion. This feature enhances your selection experience and helps prevent accidently deleting important files.
  • You can also erase traces/fragments of already deleted files with this software.
  • Clean up your iPhone’s storage quickly with One-Click Clean Up iDevice feature.
  • Umate Pro also allows you to wipe your private iPhone data permanently. It includes messages, contacts, call history, Safari history, third-party app data, and much more.
  • A great amount of professional software review sites recommend iMyFone Umate Pro to protect privacy, including MacWorldiPhoneinCanadaAPPKED, etc.

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Steps to Completely Erase iPhone

Step 1. Launch Umate Pro on your Windows PC or Mac. Plug in your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Now from the main page of Umate Pro, click on Erase All Data tab and then click Erase button so that Umate Pro can scan your device.

guide erase all data screen

Step 3. Once the scan is finished, a new window will open listing several configurations. On that window, select the Security Level of deletion (from low, medium, or high) and then click OK.

select security level to erase all data

Step 4. Now type ‘delete’ in the textbox provided below the Security Level configuration and then click Erase Now. All your iPhone data will now be permanently wiped.

erase all data