How to Fix iPhone Freezing? Here Are the Solutions!

The freezing nature of iPhone has become a common issue across the globe. The reason for such an occurrence varies from one individual to another. However, the common aspects are jailbreaking the operating system, installation of potentially hazardous apps, and firmware update. A virus attack also shows similar properties.

The freezing nature of the iPhone causes distress and stops an important activity for any user. With extensive information stored on the iPhone, restoring it back from a previous backup is not the option because you will lose plenty of data. In the following article, we will discuss the various fixes that are helpful in overcoming the iPhone freezing issue.

1 Fixing iPhone Freezing using Hard Reset Method

A hard reset is a good choice and the beginning for restarting the iPhone. The process requires a user to press both the Power and Home button together for a few seconds or until they notice the Apple logo appear on the screen. Once done, the phone begins to reboot and works in its usual condition.

hard resetting ipad

2 Using iMyfone iOS System Recovery without Restoring iPhone

Fixing the freezing issue on iPhone for iMyfone iOS System Recovery is similar to that of adding icing on a cake. The program, a system issues fix tool for iOS devices, can fix your iOS system problems without restoring the device or erasing any of the files. The reason behind its appreciation and long standing performance are due to the following features:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone iOS System Recovery

  • Capable of fixing iPhone stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode/Apple logo with ease.
  • iPhone white/black screen of death or won’t turn on issues can be solved easily.
  • It won’t cause any data loss during the fixing process in its Standard fix mode.
  • The application is applicable to almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.
  • User-friendly interface make it possible to be used by even technology illiteracy.

Windows version Mac version

Guide to Fix the Freezing Issue Faced with iPhone using This Tool

Step 1: Run the App and Connect Your iPhone

Start the application. From the main screen, click “Start” to connect your freezing iPhone. After connection, click “Next” to see what this tool can do for you.

start to fix ios issues

Step 2: Download the Appropriate firmware Package

It is essential to download the firmware for your iPhone to fix the freezing issue. iMyfone iOS System Recovery provides you with the accurate firmware version for the connected iPhone based on its model. You just have to click on the “Download” key.

choose the matching firmware package

Step 3: Fix Freezing iPhone to Normal without Data Loss

After firmware downloading, the program begins repairing the iPhone issue immediately. After fixing the system is complete, the iPhone reboots and restarts in the normal condition without losing any of the content.

fix your ios system to normal

3 Fixing the Freezing Issue of iPhone with iTunes

Before beginning the process, it is essential to understand the fact that you have to enter into the recovery mode to enable iTunes to detect the device and allow restoration procedure. Follow the steps below to restore your iPhone and fix freezing problem:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and establish a connection with your iPhone.
  2. You have to perform “force restart” action. You can achieve this by pressing both the power and home keys together for at least ten seconds. You will observe the Apple logo surface on the screen. Do not release the buttons. Wait until you notice the recovery mode screen.
  3. iTunes will not detect the device and displays a warning that states that the device requires reinstalling the iOS to function efficiently. iTunes will begin downloading the latest iOS and ensures that it installs it without erasing any of the content.
  4. After restoration process is complete, you can set up the device. You can choose the recent backup file to transfer all the content back onto your iPhone.

put iphone into recovery mode

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