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[5 Solutions !] How to Fix iPod Touch White Screen?


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5 Solutions to Fix iPod Touch White Screen:

With the new iOS 17 being released, you could be curious to update your iPod. In the event of updating your iPod touch to iOS 17/16, the process may fail and you will see your iPod stuck on a white screen. In this article, we will show you how to fix an iPod touch white screen of death with five possible solutions.

Solution 1. Fix iPod Touch White Screen without Data Loss- iMyFone Fixppo

The latest and most convenient method is using third-party software that has the "Fix iOS System" feature. A recommended software is iMyFone Fixppo. This software will fix your iOS device out of Recovery mode, White screen, and stuck on Apple Logo.

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iMyFone Fixppo

Key Features:

  • Easily revert back to the previous version of iOS 17 beta without the need for jailbreaking.
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When you have downloaded this tool on your Mac or Windows. Open it and follow these steps.

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fixppo apple system repair

Step 1 Select "Standard Mode"

Once you open the software, tap on "Standard Mode".

fixppo standard mode

Then you will need to connect your iPod touch to your computer and put your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode so that the program can detect your device.

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fixppo connect your device to your computer

Step 2 Download Firmware

Next is to download the latest iOS 17 firmware that matches your iPod touch. The program identifies a firmware that matches it. Move the cursor to the "download" button to get it.

fixppo download firmware under standard mode

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Step 3 Fix Your iPod

When the firmware is downloaded, click "Start". The progress is displayed on the screen. Once it is complete the program will notify you. From there you can now restart and use your iPod Touch.

fixppo extract firmware under standard mode

iMyFone Fixppo is the right tool for iPod touch white screen repair since you will not incur any data loss. Download iMyFone Fixppo(compatible with iOS 17) to fix the iPod Touch white screen of death right now.

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Solution 2. Restore Your Device Using iTunes

Using iTunes is another way. Just ensure that you have the latest iTunes on your computer and a USB cable that is in good condition then follow these steps.

click restore

Step 1 Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Link your iPod to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 3 Once your iPod is detected by iTunes click on it.

Step 4 Go to the summary panel and click on "Restore iPod".

Step 5 Click on "Restore" when the message notification pops up.

Step 6 iTunes will then erase your iPod and update it to the latest iOS 17.

After that, your iPod will restart and go back to normalcy. But if your iPod Touch keeps the white screen and restore doesn't work, you will have to try another option.

Solution 3. Force Restart Your Device While It's Plugged in

Since your iPod is not responding, you have to force restart it.  Ensure that the iPod is still plugged into your computer or wall power source.

1 Identify the home button which circular button at the bottom face of your iPod

2 Locate the sleep/wake on the top left side.

3 Now, tap on the home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for more than ten seconds.

4 When the Apple logo appears your iPod should reboot immediately. You can use your device.

hold home and power button

If that fails consider the next method.

Solution 4. Hold Down Home + Volume Up + Power

This is another possible remedy that you can use to fix the issue of the iPod Touch white screen of death.

1 Locate the home button, sleep/wake button, and Volume up.

2 Next press the Home button, Sleep/Wake, and Volume up button concurrently for more than 10 minutes until the Apple logo appears.

3 Now release the buttons once you see the Apple logo. Your iPod will restart in a minute or so.

hold down home and volume up and power



If this doesn't work, we recommend you use the first method.

Solution 5. Plugin Your Device to A Power Source

When you see a white screen this is the first thing is to try charging it. Follow these steps.

usb cable

1 Connect a USB cable to your iPod.

2 Next is to try charging your iPod.



“If you have a USB wall adapter you can connect it to the wall power output. For a USB only connect it to your USB computer port.

3 You will see a lightning bolt in the status bar showing the phone is charging. If you see a low battery screen leave it to charge for a while.

Now, the iPod may fail to respond and it will display a notification " I see Accessory Not Supported or Certified." Then you will have to force restart the device when it is plugged into the power source.


iMyFone Fixppo is the complete solution you need to ensure that you have no problems working with your devices. It is easy to make your iPod work perfectly after getting stuck on a white screen. Do not hesitate to try the free version now!

iMyFone Fixppo

iMyFone Fixppo Key Features:

  • Fixes iPhone problems like iPod stuck on a white screen or top of iPhone screen not working.
  • iOS issues can be dealt with easily with all your data remaining intact.
  • You can reset your iPhone to factory settings if you want to sell it.
  • It's beginner-friendly and requires no special skills.

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