What can you do when your iPhone won't restart? If the device is already turned off and won't turn on, the problem can be quite debilitating since there is nothing you can do to diagnose the main cause of this issue.

We have received a lot of questions about this problem from many iPhone users who complain that their device suddenly turns off and won't restart or when a restart may fail even when they attempt one deliberately.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why your iPhone won't restart, as well as offer you a number of solutions for this problem.

Why iPhone 13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5 Won't Restart

It is important to begin by analyzing the main reasons why your iPhone will not restart. This will not only give you a clear idea of how to fix the problem but will also help to prevent the problem from happening again.

An iPhone will fail to restart for one of two reasons. One of the most common is a software issue that may point to an iOS system that has crashed and may need to be restored or fixed. This problem can also be caused by a hardware problem such as a broken hardware component.

Part 1. How to Fix iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5 Won't Restart

Regardless of the causes of the problem, we are certain that you want to find a solution that works if only to confirm that your device is not completely broken. The following are just some of the most effective solutions.

Option 1. The Best Way to Fix iPhone Won't Restart Issue

The most common reason why your iPhone won't restart is a software glitch. Once in a while and for several reasons, an iPhone OS can completely crash resulting in a problem such as this one.

In this case, the best solution is to fix the device's operating system and the best tool to do that is iMyFone Fixppo. Fixppo is an easy to use solution designed to help you get out of all iOS system problems like this one. Some of the features that make Fixppo the best solution include the following:

  • It can be used to repair all iOS related issues with a 100% success rate.
  • It can repair system issues without data loss.
  • It can reset iDevices easily without iTunes and password.
  • It is very easy to use and a simple process allows you to easily repair the device.
  • It supports all iOS device models including the iPhone 13/12/11/X and all versions of the iOS system including iOS 16/15/14/13.
  • It has been recommended by a lot of professional websites around the world.

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To use this program to repair the device, download and install the program on to your computer and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Launch the program after installation and then select the "Standard Mode" to repair the device without causing data loss.

choose standard mode

Step 2: Now connect the device to the computer using USB cables and unlock it. If the program fails to detect the device, follow the instructions to put the device in recovery or DFU mode.

 enter DFU Mode under Standard Mode

Step 3: Fixppo will them provide various versions of firmware compatible with the device. Select one and then click "Download".

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 4: When the download is complete, click "Start" and the program will begin fixing the device.

finished fixing your device

This tool is the ultimate solution for all iOS-related issues and a lot of iPhone users have trusted it. Just download the free trial version now.

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Option 2. Force Restart the iPhone

A force restart is a simple solution that may work for an unresponsive device. To force restart your particular iPhone model, use one of the following procedures.

For iPhone 6 and earlier - Press and hold the home button and the power button until the Apple logo appears.


For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus - Press and hold the power button and the volume down button until the Apple logo appears.


For iPhone 8 and later - Press and then quickly release the volume up button, do the same with the volume up button and then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.


Option 3. Charge iPhone for at Least 30 Minutes

You iPhone may also fail to restart if the battery is not sufficiently charged. Therefore, consider charging the device for at least 30 minutes undisturbed to determine if a low battery is a cause. If the device's battery was completely drained, the device should restart after a few minutes of undisturbed charging.


Option 4. Restore iPhone via iTunes

Restoring the device in iTunes is another great way to fix iOS and get the device working normally again. We recommend putting the device in recovery mode before restoring for best results. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and then connect the device to the computer using USB cables.

Step 2: Put the device in recovery mode. Follow these steps to do that for your particular model.

For iPhone 6 or earlier - turn off the device and connect it to the computer while holding the Home button until the recovery mode screen appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus - turn off the iPhone and while connecting it to the computer, hold the volume down button until the recovery mode screen appears.

For iPhone 8 and earlier - turn off the device and then hold the Power (side) button while connecting it to the computer until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 3: When iTunes asks, click on "Restore" and iTunes will restore the device to its factory settings.

Please note that if the process takes more than 15 minutes, the device may have exited recovery mode and you'll have to repeat the process.


Option 5. Contact Apple Support Center

In cases where hardware damage is causing the problem, the best solution will be contacting Apple Support Center. Apple technicians will be able to easily diagnose the problem and quickly fix the device. Depending on the type of damage and whether or not you have a warranty, this solution may cost you a pretty penny.

Part 2. A Review of the Above 5 Methods

The following is a complete review of the above 5 methods and how they compare to one another.

Success Rate Difficulty Required Time Data Loss What Can Be Fixed
iMyFone Fixppo 100% Easy Short No All system/software issues
Force Restart 50% Easy Short No A few software issues
Charge iPhone 30% Easy Long No Only battery issues
iTunes Restore 80% Complex Long Yes Some software issues
Apple Support 100% Complex Long Depends Most hardware/software issues


When your iPhone fails to restart, the options you have can be limited. But the above solutions will help you easily fix a device that will not restart. Select a solution that you trust will fix the device in the shortest time possible and implement it to the best of your ability. Don't forget to share your thoughts, comments and questions you have on this topic or any other iOS issue in the comments section below and we'll do our best to help you.

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