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IPads are handy devices that you can easily carry anywhere. However, there are times when you might want to mirror iPad to PC. iPad mirroring has become the next big thing, making it easier to control the iPad remotely and work on a big screen.

mirror ipad to pc

However, mirroring is beneficial only when you have a reliable medium with a stable internet connection. Thankfully, there are various tools available online that help you connect your iPad to your PC. In this article, we will discuss some of the common ways that can help you mirror an iPad to a PC with/without a USB.

Part 1: Why You Want to Mirror iPad to PC?

Before heading forward to know about the various methods of mirroring iPad to PC, it is necessary to have a quick look at the reasons to mirror iPad to PC. Here, we have mentioned some common reasons of iPad mirror to PC:

  • While displaying a presentation in the board meeting of your office, mirroring the iPad to a PC screen makes it easier to explain and display the views.
  • While watching a movie that you have downloaded on your iPad with friends and family.

watch ipad video on pc

  • While playing video games with friends on a big screen gives a next-level and HD-quality experience to video game lovers.
  • When you want to perform multiple tasks at a single time, mirroring iPad to PC helps to accomplish them with ease.

Part 2: How to Mirror iPad to PC with USB?

1. iMyFone MirrorTo

iMyFone MirrorTo is one of the most efficient applications that help screen sharing and mirroring for different iOS and Android devices. It is widely known for its high-quality and smooth screen mirroring. To top it all, MirrorTo also allows convenient video conferencing and social app management.

Features of iMyFone MirrorTo

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  • Without delay: fluently mirror and control your iPad on PC while you are gaming.
  • HD quality: great visual experience with HD screen quality while watching or teaching.
  • Streaming various applications: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meeting, Skype, Snapchat, TikTok etc.
  • Remotely controlling: it totally allows you to control your iPad remotely with your mouse.
  • Easy screen recording: videos will save on the PC for the convenience of your later edition.
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Video Tutorial on Mirroring iOS Devices to PC with MirrorTo:

YouTube Video

Steps to Mirror iPad to PC with iMyFone MirrorTo:

Step 1. Initially, download and install iMyFone MirrorTo on your PC. On the homepage, select "iOS" and then choose "USB".

choose ios and usb

Step 2. Next, connect your iPad to the PC through your USB charging cable. You will see a pop-up on your iPad screen. Tap on the "Trust" button when it asks you to "Trust This Computer".

tap trust

Step 3. Next, you need to enter the screen passcode of your iOS device to complete the screen mirroring procedure.

Step 4. Finally, set up Bluetooth pairing between your iPad and PC.

Step 4. Now you can control your iOS device easily through your PC freely, such as watching Youtube videos with a larger screen.

successful in mirror

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2. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is another handy and reliable app that allows you to mirror your iPad screen to a PC with the help of a USB cable. It doesn't require any Wi-Fi connection to work smoothly. Moreover, it also displays features like screen recording, screenshots, etc. along with screen mirroring.

Steps to Mirror iPad to PC with ApowerMirror:

Step 1. Download and open the ApowerMirror app on your PC and iPad. It is compatible to work with various versions of Windows and iOS devices.

Step 2. Establish a connection between your iPad and PC via a USB charging cable. After that, you will immediately receive a pop-up on the screen of your iOS device. Tap on the "Trust" button.

choose usb

Step 3. Next, you will be required to enter the passcode of your iOS device.

Step 4. You will be able to see your iOS screen on your PC immediately after you enter the passcode.


Although it is available to download for free, the free version displays certain time limits. You can purchase a one-time premium version to get rid of all the limits.

Part 3: How to Mirror iPad to PC without USB?

1. AirPlay

AirPlay is one of the most common screen mirroring applications that are widely used for mirroring iPad to PC wirelessly. It is an in-built option available on all iOS devices. Now, you might be wondering how to mirror iPad to Windows PC with AirPlay. Read further to know about AirPlay in detail!

Steps to Mirror iPad to PC with AirPlay:

Step 1. Initially, download and install the "AirPlay Screen Mirroring Receiver" on your PC from the Microsoft App Store.

choose receiver

Step 2. Next, connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC.

Step 3. Open the "Control Center" on your iPad and tap on the "Screen Mirroring" option.

control center screen mirroring

Step 4. Select the name of your PC from the list of available devices to start screen mirroring.

connect device


AirPlay is available to download free of cost from the Microsoft App Store. However, it will show a watermark on the screen every minute.

2. LetsView

LetsView is a reliable method that allows you to mirror the iPad screen to Windows 10 easily and wirelessly. You just need a stable Wi-Fi connection with the same source on both devices. Moreover, you can easily download the LetsView app from the apple app store on your iPhone/iPad. It is also available to download for the PC from its official website.

Steps to Mirror iPad to PC with LetsView:

Step 1. Initially, download and install LetsView on both iPad and PC.

Step 2. On the homepage of web LetsView, you will find an icon on the top right corner of the screen. By tapping on this icon, you will get the QR code and PIN code to connect with your iPad.

QR code

Step 3. Next, open the "Control Center" on your iPad. Under this section, scroll down to find the "Screen Mirroring" option.

Step 4. After this, you can either scan the QR code or enter the PIN code available on the PC screen on your iPad. This will mirror the iPad screen on your PC.


Ensure to provide internet connectivity to both iPad and PC through the same source of internet, so that LetsView can work properly.

Part 4: Is It Possible to Screen Mirror from IPad to PC without Software?

No, it’s not possible to mirror your iPad screen to a PC without any software or tools. Screen mirroring allows you to view all the content and operations from your phone/tablet on a large screen like a PC and TV. So without a software program, the process of screen mirroring cannot proceed.

control ipad on pc

Screen mirroring software does more than just mirror the screen but helps you a lot in different scenarios, such as playing games using the keyboard to get more advantages, giving you more freedom by turning your iPad into a second blackboard, making your presentations clearer, etc. Therefore, it’s a need for you to choose an application from the user-friendly ones mentioned above to make your life and work easier and more productive.

Part 5: Common Questions about Mirroring iPad to PC

1. How to control the iPad from Windows 10?

It is not possible to control an iPad from windows 10 without any third-party application. You need to download the reliable third-party app of your choice from the above-mentioned list. Although, every app has different ways of getting connected the basics are as follows:

  • Launch the app on both the iPad and PC.
  • Establish internet connectivity between both through the same source of internet.
  • in the same source of internet

  • Grant permission from the iPad to start screen mirroring.
  • 2. Can I Screen Mirror iPad to PC via Bluetooth?

    Yes, you can easily connect your iPad to a PC for file transfers via Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is not strong enough to establish a screen mirroring connection between an iPad and a PC. You need to download any of the above-mentioned tools to mirror your iPad screen to a PC with a stable connection.

    3. How to Mirror the Mac screen to my iPad?

    The latest version of iOS devices comes with a built-in feature known as Sidecar that allows you to set up screen mirroring between iPad and Mac. You need to follow the following steps to mirror your Mac screen to your iPad:

  • First of all, open the "Control Center" on your macOS Big Sur.
  • Under this section, click on the "Display" menu.
  • Tap on the "Screen Mirroring" option from the "Display" menu.
  • screen mirror in the control center

  • At last, select the name of your iPad from the "Connect To" section to mirror your Mac screen to your iPad.
  • 4. How can I mirror an iPad to a TV?

    You can easily mirror your iPad to a TV either by using an HDMI cable or through a wireless screen mirroring option. Here, we have mentioned the simple steps that help you to connect your iPad to a TV wirelessly:

  • Establish internet connectivity on your iPad and TV through the same source of internet.
  • Open the "Control Center" on your iPad. Then, tap on the "Screen Mirroring" icon available on the screen.
  • Select your TV name to establish screen mirroring between your iPad and TV.
  • Conclusion

    Mirroring an iPad screen to a PC is not possible without the help of a third-party tool or software. Now that you are aware of the benefits of screen mirroring, you might be wondering which tool to download to have the best screen mirroring experience. All the above-mentioned tools are easily available to download from their official websites.

    However, It is necessary to compare the benefits and features of all the tools to choose the one that suits you the best. iMyFone MirrorTo is one of the best applications with its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It provides a no-delay and high-quality screen mirroring experience for your life and work.

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