What would you do if you had forgotten your Gmail ID after you got your phone reset? And you aren't able to do your Google account verification? Most of the Android phones are mainly dependent on a Google account for activating your play store etc. And if you don’t remember your user name and password, it would get you to difficult situations. Now, this is the main reason, you must know how to bypass Google account verification after reset!

bypass google account verification after reset

What is Google Account Verification & How Does It Work?

Once you reset your device, in order to sign in and use your device, you ought to use the account you had been using before. And if you have deleted the account, or if you don’t remember the password and user name, the situation becomes quite difficult! And this is the reason why you must know about bypassing the Google account verification after reset. You might land up in this situation once you:

  1. Have reset your phone.

  2. Purchase a secondary phone that has been reset.

Now, in either case, you can bypass your Google account verification in different ways.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification after Reset?

1Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset via iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool is basically a software, that would enable you to instantly bypass different kinds of screen locks including pin, pattern, face lock and fingerprint lock, etc. and also bypass the Google account verification in minimal steps.



Top Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android):

  • Completely bypass Google account verification after reset.

  • Instantly remove Google account/bypass FRP lock without any passwords.

  • Allow you to gain full access to your device and enjoy all its features after reset.

  • You won't be tracked or remotely blocked by the previous account.

  • Remove your device from the previous account and use a different account.

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Now we will show you the video and steps about how to bypass the Google account verification after reset.

How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung

Step 1: Install iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your PC. Choose the “Remove Google Lock” option. Now click “Start”, and go on connecting your device via the USB cable.

connect device via usb

Step 2: Your device information would be detected and displayed, click on “Next” after you verify all these details. Follow the instructions to put your device into recovery mode, then select your device PDA, country and carrier information. Hit “Download” to move on.

select device information

Step 3: The software would now search a data package for your device, and always place your computer in complete access for your device. Once the download is complete, select the “Start to extract” to extract the package.

extract firmware package

Step 4: You would now come across a few instructions to put your device to download mode, follow them. Then confirm data installation, enter “000000”.

installing data package

Step 5: You would now have to install a data package and rest your device by following the instructions provided. Enable the download mode, and now follow the next steps to prepare a firmware package for your device.

enable oem unlock

Step 6: Download the firmware package, and click “Start to extract“ to prepare firmware for your respected device. After getting your firmware prepared, the program would start unlocking the Google lock.

unlock Samsung google lock

You would then get this message “The Google lock has been removed successfully. Your device will be new reset and you are now free to use your Samsung device!"

unlocked successfully

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iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool can also help to remove Android lock screen like PIN, pattern, password, face and fingerprint lock. No matter you forget the screen password, get a second-hand device with locked screen or your fingerprint unlock not working, LockWiper (Android) can save you from all the troubles.

Seeking ways to unlock your Android device screen lock? Then you shouldn’t miss:

2Bypass Google Account Verification through Reset Option

If you choose this method, you might lose all the data linked on to your account, as you are removing your account from your device. We are now going to reset your device by using the factory reset option so this will remove all the applications connected via your Gmail account.

Let us take a look at the steps you ought to follow for the same:

Step 1Click on account reset, and if you come across the Google account verification screen, tap on Back to get to the Wireless Network selection screen.

Step 2Click on Add Network.

add network

Step 3Enter a few random letters on to the network name.

Step 4Press and hold the characters you just entered until they are highlighted, choose Share from the menu that appears.

share the strings

Step 5Now choose Gmail from the options.

choose gmail

Step 6Go to the next page and tap on Notifications from App Settings.

Step 7From the Settings, select Backup and Reset then Factory Data Reset.

factory data reset

Once the process is done, you can set up your device and use another Google account to enjoy all its features.

3FRP Bypass APK to Bypass Google Account Verification after Reset

Android phones have this factory reset protection feature, which is also known as Google account verification. Thereby, in order to use your phones, you must pass the verification. Now let us take a look at how to use bypass APK to bypass Google account verification ( Only for Android devices).

Step 1Choose an appropriate FRP bypass app like the FRP Bypass APK, and download this file on a USB drive.

Step 2Connect this USB drive to your phone via OTG cable. After you install this application, you will have access to phone settings and wipe out everything including the Google account on your device.

4Use Online Service to Bypass Google Account Verification after Reset

You will be able to find some online tool for bypassing Google account lock when you search on Google for such services. But many of these tools neither accomplish what they promise nor give your money back after failing. Please Think Twice when you decide to pay for the service.

remove google frp lock online services

Bonus: How to Enable and Disable Factory Reset Protection

Ways to Enable FRP

First, go to the Settings option, and under Accounts, you will find this “Add Accounts”. Tap it and choose Google. Enter your Google account credentials to log in.

enable google account

Ways to Disable FRP

Go to the Settings option, tap "Accounts", then choose the Google account you have added to the device and then, click on "Remove account" that is present on the top right.

disable google account


These are a few methods you can use to bypass your Google account verification after reset. Of all these methods, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool is highly recommended as it can help you take full control of your device without limitations. If you are planning to reset your device, it is advised to archive your important documents for the Gmail account before you proceed with reset.

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