How to Use Parental Restrictions on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You don’t need to curb your child’s iPhone usage by checking 3 or 4 times a day. The iOS 11 Parental Restrictions on iPhone are here, which allows you to prevent the access to inappropriate website or apps with a private passcode.

The Parental Restrictions on iPhone can restrict kids’ access to music, movies, games, social media and other content, especially when they are in school. You can also set content ratings according to your kids’ age and sensitivity for books, TV shows, movies and apps, while giving your kid the filtered healthy content. After upgrading to iOS 12, the Parental Restrictions on iPhone renaming Screen Time, enables you to manage your kids’ screen time, such as put time limits on games, view the screen time report of the time spending on each app, etc. You can wholly take control of your kids’ iPhone, and help them to form decent digital habits.

How to Use Parental Restrictions on iPhone

There are nine features on iOS devices that can be limited, locked or restricted using Parental Restrictions on iPhone. Let’s see how to enable Parental Restrictions on iOS 11 and iOS12.

#1. How to Enable Parental Restrictions on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS 11

Step 1. Launch the Settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Step 2. Select the following General > Restrictions.
Step 3. Click on Enable Restrictions.

Enable Parental Restrictions ios 11

Step 4. Set up a Parental Restriction passcode, don't forget it.

#2. How to Enable Parental Restrictions on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS 12

Step 1. Launch the Settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Step 2. Scroll down and select “Screen Time”.
Step 3. Tap on Turn On Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

screen time ios 12

Step 4. Set up a 4-digit passcode, and re-enter it to confirm.
Step 5. choose the content for restriction.


  • If you use a 4-digit passcode to unlock the screen lock, the Parental Restrictions passcode should be different from your screen lock passcode.
  • Don’t forget the Restrictions passcode, or you should completely reset your device as Apple suggested.

What If You Forgot Your Parental Restrictions Passcode

If you forget the Parental Restrictions passcode, you need to reset the device to factory setting through iTunes to remove the passcode, while your device will be completely erased. If you wish to remove the passcode without losing any data on your iPhone or iPad, the third-party software will be your best solution.

iMyFone LockWiper can easily remove the Parental Restrictions on iPhone in several minutes. You don’t need waste time in backup, but just following 4 simple steps, and waiting a few minutes, the software will unlock the Prarental Restrictions, without losing any data of your iPhone.

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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LосkWiреr helps to unlock Parental Restrictions раѕѕсоdе withоut any hassle:

Step 1: Open iMyFone LockWiper, and click the "Unlock Screen Time Passcode".

Unlock restrictions passcode

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

connect idevice to pc

Case 1: Recover Restrictions Passcode on iOS 11 and Earlier.

Step 3: Simply tap on the "Start to Unlock" to start recovering.

Start to Unlock

Step 4: After a few minutes, iMyFone LockWiper shows your current restrictions passcode.

Finish Recovering

Case 2: Remove Screen Time Passcode on iOS 12 and later.

Step 3: Tap on the "Start to Unlock" mode.

Start to Unlock

Step 4: After a few minutes, iMyFone LockWiper successfully remove the Screen Time.

Finish Removing

Useful Parental Restrictions Tips on iPhone

The Parental Restrictions on iPhone as a useful tool can make the internet a safer place for your children. You can set controls on your children’s iPhone, which is a great way to protect young children from accessing inappropriate content online. Here are some essential features about the Screen Time to help you manage your children’s time.

#1. Downtime

Remotely schedule a block of time in which your kid’s iPhone cannot be used, such as during bedtime or homework time. During this period, an icon will appear on all their iPhone indicating that they are not allowed to be used.

#2. App Limit

Set a specific amount of time that your kid can be on certain apps each day, and create limits for all categories, such as games, music, movies and social media. A warning will appear five minutes before the time is up.

#3. Content Restrictions

You can limit your children’s access to music, movies and other apps on their iPhone, and choose whether your children can install new apps or make iTunes purchases. And set content ratings for books, music, TV shows, movies and apps to prevent some inappropriate content.

As your kids have grown up and are capable of using their iPhones responsibly, you’ll want to adjust their Parental Restrictions, but it’s common that you forgot the passcode especially when the settings remain the same for a long time. iMyFone LockWiper provides you the fastest way to unlock the Parental Restrictions on iPhone without erasing the devices, it works effectively and features the 100% successful rate.

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