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Next will introduce a new pokemon--Arctovish, let's have a look!

Each Pokemon comes with its strengths and weaknesses and can help you move ahead in the game. Arctovish is one such Pokemon, and many Pokemon Go players can be seen looking for it.

This article will give you some more detailed information about this Pokemon.

What is Arctovish in Pokemon Go?

HP 90
Attack 90
Defense 100
Special Attack 80
Special Defense 90
Speed 55
Total 505

arctovish pokemon

Arctovish is a hybrid Pokemon with features of a fish-plesiosaur.

This character is colored in white and blue on either half of its body.

  • The tail of this Pokemon is blue and there is a fin on top of it.
  • The flippers are blue with white spots and patches on the end.
  • The head of this fish is round-shaped and blue and features rectangle pupils that are completely black.
  • The mouth of Arctovish is located at the top of its head.
  • This fish head is connected with white fins.

Arctovish can easily capture its prey by freezing the surroundings. However, since it was created after fusing two different fossil Pokemons, its mouth remains open, which makes it difficult for it to eat. The skin on Arctovish’s face makes it impervious to any kind of attack. However, this Pokemon went extinct anyway due to its breathing difficulties.

Locations Where Arctovish Appears

You cannot encounter Arctovish Pokemon out in the wild.

You can get Arctovish only in two different ways, and each of these ways is given below.

1. Revive Arctovish by going to Route 6 and asking the Professor

route 6

If you want to revive Arctovish by taking the help of Professor on Route 6, you will first need to collect the required fossilized Pokemons so that they can be fused by the professor.

For Pokemon Arctovish, you will need two fossilized Pokemons that are,

  1. Fossilized Dino
  2. Fossilized Fish

Once you have these fossilized Pokemons, all you need to do is take them to Professor Cara Liss on Route 6 and get them fused to give you Arctovish.

2. Obtained in Snowslide Slope at Max Raid battle

max raid den

Shiny Arctovishcan also be obtained in Crown Tundra.

For this, you will need to challenge Snowslide Slope Max Raid Den C.

When you obtain Arctovish in Crown Tundra’s rare den, you will obtain an Arctovish with a hidden ability. So, if you want Arctovsih Pokemon with hidden rare ability, this is the location where you can get it.

The rare den in Crown Tundra can be found by going to the southern end of Crown Shrine, right behind the exit at the eastern end of Tunnel to the Top.

The Ways to Catch More Arctovish Outside Pokemon

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FAQs about Arctovish

1. What is the difference between Arctovish and Dracovish?

The main difference between Arctovish and Dracovish is that Arctovish is obtained by fusing fossilized dino and fossilized fish, while Dracovish is obtained by fusing fossilized drake and fossilized fish. Unlike Dracovish, Arctovish has it’s head upside down with its mouth at the top.

2. Why is Arctovish head upside down?

Arctovish is a fused Pokemon obtained from fossilized dino and fossilized fish. When fused, its head becomes upside down, and due to this, it has trouble eating. This means that even if it easily catches its prey, eating it becomes difficult.

3. Can I play Pokémon GO without walking?

Yes, you can play Pokemon Go without walking around. You can create your customized route using iMyFone AnyTo and move along the route virtually while being at a single place physically. However, such location changer software should not be used too often.


Pokemon Go is a very interesting game that features unique characters in the form of Pokemons. Arctovish shiny is one such Pokemon that never fails to amaze the Pokemon Go players. If you have ever wished to know more about this Pokemon obtained by fusing fossilized Pokemons, this article can help you out. If you want to widen your search area by spoofing your current location, there is no other better location changer software other than iMyFone AnyTo.