I'm 20 years old and my very controlling parents still tracking my iPhone on Find My Phone. They know every place I have been of the day. I mean I'm becoming an adult and I need my freedom. Does anyone who knows a way that I can >fake location on Find My iPhone? Thanks!
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how to fake location on Find My Friends

So how to fake location on Find My Friends, an app from Apple? You might also be thinking about this question as you don't want others to know where you have been. Right?

Here is it!

Gathering some readers' questions, today we are going to introduce several ways to solve this question: how to fake/hide location on Find My iPhone. We have divided the article into:

If you want to get GREAT results from faking location on Find My Friends, you will love this post.

Let's dive right in.

Part 1: The Necessity of Faking Location on Find My Friends

Well, if you are an iOS user, you should be familiar with Find My Friends. It shows the real location of you and the people you added on a map. This app's idea is good if you are worried about your children when you are not with them or going to a movie theater, park, and dating with people from different places.

However, you will have to be cautious of people who overuses this feature and tries to track you for inappropriate purpose. In this case, it's necessary to hide or fake your location on Find My Friends.

find my friend

Here we list the reasons that you need to fake your location on Find My iPhone below:

  • People that get to know where you correctly you are. In any way, this is not comfortable for many, as it is a privacy breach that nobody wants.
  • Someone with a criminal mind can use your location to harm you or your loved ones.
  • There are many requests that you get from unknown people by tracking your location.
  • It has been proved that some applications are prone to hacking so you might land into issues if some hacker gets access to your app account.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Fake Location on Find My iPhone without Jailbreak

It's easy to fake location on Find My iPhone to trick your family or friends when you want to escape from them. This doesn't mean you need to leave your phone at home. To fake Find My Friends location, many options can be followed to get the desired results.

In this section, you will be getting 5 ways to fake location on Find my iPhone without jailbreak. Check it out!

Way 1: iMyFone AnyTo (iOS 16 Supported)

The first tool to fake location on Find My Friends that came to my mind is iMyFone AnyTo, which is wildly used by millions of people. This program helps you change your location to anywhere in the world on iOS or Android devices. What's more, you can manage 5 iOS deivces at the same time with AnyTo. So you can use it to fake your location on Find My Friends without them knowing.

The best part?

Once you change your location with this tool, the location-based apps on your device will show the same virtual place. In this way, you can not only fake your location on Find My Friends app, but also show or share fake location on the social platform like WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Watch Video Tutorial to Fake Location Easily on iPhone

Fake Location for Find My Friends on iPhone without Jailbreak 2021

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Here is How to Fake Location on Find My iPhone with AnyTo:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the PC/Mac

Launch iMyFone AnyTo on your Windows PC/Mac (you can click the Try It Free button above to download it free). Click the Get Start button.

connect iphone to pc

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Choose the third icon on the upper-right corner - Teleport Mode. Then you can input an address or zoom and drag the map to choose a fake location for Find My Friends app. Below takes Vancouver for example.

search a location

Step 3: Location Changed on Find My Friends app

Now just click the Move button to change your location on Find My Friends to this new location!

change location on find my friends

Open Find My Friends app on your iPhone. You can see your location on it is changed to this virtual location. That's it!

view the fake location on find my friends app

See, this is the whole step of changing location for Find My Friends on iPhone. Pretty easy, right? All you need is iMyFone AnyTo and a computer, that's all!

Now you have your freedom!

With this method, you won't worry about your location being tracked by your friends, fiancee, spouse, or parents. This method won't be detected by Apple, either. You are safe!

Now, it's your turn. Just click the below icon to download, install and start your freedom journey with iMyFone AnyTo right now!

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Way 2: Nord VPN

If you don't have a computer around, you can use the second method to fake your location on Find My Friends. This would require you to install a VPN on your iPhone. Here we will talk about Nord VPN.

It is reported that there are some security risks when using a VPN. Sometimes it can cause data leaks, shady privacy policies, malware infections, etc.

For people who have essential data recorded on the device, we would suggest you use iMyFone AnyTo to fake locations on Find My Friends in the first method.

Step 1: To fake location on Find My iPhone without jailbreak using Nord VPN, first search for the app within the app store. Locate the icon on the main screen once installed. Sign in to Nord VPN access the server.

sign in to nord vpn

Step 2: Click on “Quick Connect” to connect the app as you like. Then allow the application to add the configurations.

Quick Connect

Step 3: Once the header turns green, you are connected to your chosen server and can spoof the location on Find My Friends.

spoof the location on Find My Friends

Way 3: Use A Burner iPhone

People are talking about using a burner iPhone to a fake location in Find My Friends application. We have researched and tested it out. It did work.

This is simple and straightforward. It requires you to have another iOS device as the burner phone. And install Find My Friends on it. See the steps below.

Step 1: Log out of Find My Friends account from your main phone. Then log in with the same account on the burner device.

Step 2: Leave the burner phone to the location you want your friends/family members to think you are. And that's it!

For example, you can share your location from the burner phone that you leave at home while you go out. This is tricky, so we hope you are correctly doing this.

This may be the easiest way to fake GPS on Find My Friends. However, you will miss messages when people try to contact you through Find My Friends app. They can't get any replies from you, which could cause people to be suspicious. So please weight the advantages and disadvantages of this method before using it.

burner phone Find My Friends

Way 4: Double Location

Double Location is another tool that you can use to manipulate your location on Find My Friends. This is too easy to use.

Step 1: Install this app on your iPhone. And you will get the following interface with Google Maps. Pinpoint the location and copy its co-ordinates with by clicking on them.

open Double Location

Step 2: You can also move within two fake locations. Specify the area and you are good to go.

move the fake location

Step 3: You can also select the medium of movement, speed and what to do once you arrive.

fake location

Step 4: You can also lock the GPS position if required and, thus, can manipulate the location on Find My Friends.

how to change location on find my friends

Way 5: FMFNotifier [for Jailbroken iDevice]

If your iPhone or iPad has been jailbroken, you can try FMFNotifier. Here is how to fake location on Find My iPhone using FMFNotifier.

Step 1: Turn on the location spoofer as soon as the app has been installed. Choose the label that you want to display while the location is spoofed. You can also customize the label.

turn on the location spoofer

Step 2: Choose the location where you want to be appeared on the Find My Friends application and lock it.

choose the location

Step 3: Now, you are good to go. If someone requests your location or starts to follow you, a notification will be displayed.

how to fake your location on find my friends

Part 3: Is There Any Risk in Find My Friends Location Faking?

  • In case there is a real emergency your friends and family are not able to locate your accurately.
  • It is a safety risk as researched and proven by Harvard IT Center. The research paper also shows that location manipulation compromises the device. It becomes vulnerable to hackers.
  • If the location change app malfunction then you need to reset your iPhone or else the location can never be reverted to the original.

Part 4: Hot FAQs about Find My Friends

1 What Happened to "Find My Friends" App on iOS 16?

After the iOS 16 update, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone have been assembled in a new app named "Find My". That means, with the help of this new app "Find My", you can not only share your location with family members but also track your iPhone's location.

2 Can You Turn off Find My Friends without Your Friends/Parents Knowing?

When you start sharing your location with your family and friends, they will get a notification when you want to disable Find My Friends on your iPhone.

Fortunately, you can use location spoofer like iMyFone AnyTo mentioned in Part 2 to fake your location on Find My Friends and make your family believe you're somewhere else, and your family members and friends will not get any information about your actual location.

3 Does Find My Friends Work on Airplane Mode?

If you turn on Airplane mode and have no WiFi, your location will show unavailable. If you are still on WiFi, your location will be showed on Find My Friends, however, there might be a delay.

4 Does Find My Friends Work When iPhone Is Off?

If your iPhone is turned off, Find My Friends will show the last location updated from your device, which means, you won't be followed by Find My Friends if you turn off your iPhone.

5 Why Does Find My Friends Say No Location Found?

That means, your iDevice is off or is not connected to WiFi or cellular. Besides, if your friends turned on "Hide My Location" in Find My Friend, it will say no location found either.

6 How do I fake my location on Find My Friends without Jailbreak?

Sharing your location with your friends is great, however, some reasons may make you consider faking your location. Generally, the reason to fake your location on Find My Friends is for security and privacy.

You want to fake the location but without jailbreak, then use iMyFone AnyTo. This helps you change your location on your iPhone to anywhere in the world. 

Here are the steps to follow

Step 1 – Connect your phone to PC/Mac and then open iMyFone AnyTo and download it. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2 – Once installed, open the program and select Teleport Mode on the upper right corner. 

Step 3 – Now on the map in iMyFone AnyTo select a fake location. You can input any address. 

Step 4 – When you select a place, it will show in the sidebar. Now click on the Move button to change the location to the selected one. 

Step 5 – Open the Find My Friends app, you can see the changed location to the fake location. 

With this method, you do not have to worry about your location being tracked.  

7 How do I secretly stop sharing my location?

TWhen you are heading out to the store or simply want a drive into the country and do not want anyone to know that you have left home, you can simply stop sharing the location on the Find My Friends app, but in some cases, you do not want them to know that you have stopped sharing the location. 

So, when you want to secretly stop sharing your location, you can do that with the iMyFone AnyTo program. It helps you fake your location on Find My Friends without them knowing. However, using this program requires a PC. 

There is another way to fake your location secretly on Find My Friends and that is Double Location.  

8 Is Find My Friends ever wrong?

Find My Friends may sometimes display a different location from where your friend might have said. As it is a service based on location data collected from radio reception that is broadcasted by several satellites. These satellites are moving fast overhead due to their low orbits, so they are frequently appearing and disappearing, and their signals are also being acquired or rejected by receivers.  

The Find My Friends app utilizes data collected from multiple broadcasts as well as calculations from your phone’s radio-receiver circuits and chips to determine the location of your friend’s and your phone. So, sometimes it may show you a different location. Also, a different location is shown when your friend is sharing a fake location with you. 

The bottom line

How to fake location on Find My iPhone? I bet you have picked the solution from this article. iMyFone AnyTo is a nice choice. It is a fun-filled activity that will ensure that your friends and family get tricked. However, we would suggest that this service must only be used when there is a dire need for changing your location on Find My Friends app. Other than this, the location change in normal routine is not suggested be used, as it is safer than your family knows your location.

Tell us what do you think about this topic. You can leave messages below if you have any questions!

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