Changing the location of your iPad simply requires that you tweak your iPad into fooling people about your location. It not only changes your location; it also makes it possible for you to access many sites and enjoy the Pok茅mon Go game on your iPad. In other words, when you fake GPS location on iPad, you make people and applications believe you are somewhere when its real sense you are not there. By spoofing your GPS location, every other application that makes use of the location is also affected. And now, let us quickly examine some legitimate reasons why you should spoof your location.

fake location on iPad

Part 1: Why Should You Spoof Your Location for iPad?

People spoof their location for several reasons many of which end up being grossly fraudulent. This, however, does not mean there are no good reasons to have your location spoofed and they include:

1. Protect Privacy

With your location being intact and many applications having access to it, your privacy might not be guaranteed. People can have an idea where you are per time and what you may be doing. By spoofing your location, no one truly knows where you are, and this helps to protect your privacy.

2. Access More Profiles at New Places on Dating App

Many of the top dating sites makes it difficult to access more profiles from the same location. When you spoof your location to a different location, it gives you access to more dating profiles. With iPad GPS spoof, you can enjoy surfing through dating apps and accessing more people from different locations.

fake location on iPad to protect privacy

3. Access More Tricks on Location-Based Game

So many apps and tricks can be used to spoof the location of your phone. Fake location allows your iPad to access a new level and stage in the game because it deals mainly with directions. One of those games is the Pok茅mon Go which requires a new location if you want to pick a different Pok茅mon type. With fake GPS iPad Pok茅mon go feels a lot interesting. This might have affected directions but makes the game interesting for you at all times.

4. Fool Your Family or Friends in Your Location-Sharing App

Do you have a location-sharing app with your friends, family and loved ones and want to fake GPS for iPad? You can spice up your user experience of the app by fooling them. Make them think you are somewhere else (maybe somewhere you have always dreamt to be) when in reality you are just some distance from where they are. This will be a very tricky and interesting thing to do on the location-sharing app.

Part 2: How to Fake GPS on iPad?

Several ways and applications that can be used to spoof GPS on iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPad. These applications vary in terms of compatibility and features and we shall be examining some of them briefly.

Way 1. Fake GPS on iPad via iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is an application that allows you to change location on iPad effortlessly. It is fully compatible with all modes of iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPad, and it provides you with all of the necessary features that make it very safe and easy to do. It also allows you to set the moving speed for your route as you want it with a pause feature. It comes with a specific coordinate feature that makes it the best for AR games. Tricking your device into thinking you are at a place different from where you are is effortless and effective with iMyFone AnyTo. With this app, you can share your new location with your friends on social media for trick and fun.

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Here are several amazing features of iMyFone AnyTo:

  • Share virtual location with your friends, family and loved ones on social platform.
  • Hide your iPhone鈥檚 location and prevent it from being tracked.
  • Switch locations and access more profiles and rooms on dating sites so that you can meet more people from different countries.
  • You can change to a different location and have access to geo-restricted contents.

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Guide for Faking GPS on iPad Using iMyFone AnyTo - Support iOS 14

Watch the video tutorial to spoof GPS location on iPad quickly first.

The step-by-step simple procedures to follow to fake the GPS location of your iPad making use of iMyFone AnyTo includes:

Step 1: Install and Launch iMyFone AnyTo on Your Computer/Mac

To do this, your iOS device needs to be connected to your device via a USB cable. Go on to unlock the device and click "Trust". Enter the passcode that appears and that completes the process.

start iMyFone AnyTo

Step 2: Selection of Destination on the Map

After installation and launching of iMyFone AnyTo on your computer/Mac, go on to choose "Teleport Mode". This allows you to zoom the map to aid your selection of a destination. Alternatively, you can search the desired location on the search bar provided and click it.

select location

Step 3: Change the GPS Location on Both the Map and Your iPad

After selecting the destination of your choice, a sidebar will pop up with necessary information about that destination. After going through it, click "Move" and your location on the map and your iPad will be changed immediately.

location changed

Way 2: Fake GPS on iPad via iSpoofer

iSpoofer is one of the many trusted apps that can be used to change the location of your iPhone. It can be installed following very simple steps and can be trusted with regards to privacy and security of information. Spoof location iPad helps you change your location to a new one seamlessly.

To Fake GPS on iPad Using iSpoofer Carefully Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Download iSpoofer to your computer and click on the set-up file to have it installed on your computer.

download iSpoofer

Step 2: After it successfully downloaded to your computer, launch the application, go on to connect your iPad to your computer via a USB cable. Don鈥檛 forget to tap "Trust" on your iPad.

ask to trust

Part 3: After iSpoofer successfully connected to your iPad. The map will pop up, after the map is loaded completely, you can use "Single Point Simulation Mode" to select a location on the map you want to visit. You can also use the search bar on the top to select a specific location. Click "Move" and your iPad will move to this location immediately.

change location on iPad

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Way 3. Fake GPS on iPad via Fake GPS Location for iPhone and iPad

Another application that can be used to spoof your location is the Fake GPS Location for iPhone and iPad. This fake GPS iPad application works very well on your iOS device and can be installed in few easy steps.

Steps to Fake GPS on iPad Using Fake GPS Location for iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Download the Fake GPS Location for iPhone and iPad on your iPad. Launch the app. Select the country and search the city you wish to visit.

select country and city

Step 2: Close the search window to go to the map screen and select a specific location as you wish.

select location

Step 3: Click "Start" button on the map to have the location on your iOS device changed.

location changed

Way 4. Fake iPad GPS Location by Editing A PLIST File

Another way to spoof your GPS location on iPad is to edit a PLIST file, by doing so, you can fake your iPad location wihtout jailbreak, now, let's take a look at how it works.

Step 1: Install 3uTools on your PC and open it.
(Note: Please make sure iTunes is not open.)

Step 2: Open the iDevice menu, go to "Back up/Restore > Back up iDevice > Back up Now".

Step 3: Once the backup is finished, go back to the Backup/Restore screen.

Step 4: Select "Backups Management" option and select the backup you just made at the top of the list.

Step 5: Click the "View" button to open it in the Backup Viewer and nevigate to > Library > Preferences folder.

Step 6: Click on "" and then it will open the plist editor. Once the editor has opened, click the "Restore Now" button.

Step 7: Open Apple Maps app on your iPad and search for the location you want to spoof and then click the "Simulate Location" button. That's it. Right now, you location has been faked successfully.

1. This method only works on iOS 10.
2. 3uTools only works on Windows.
3. To go back to your real location, just restart your iPhone.

Part 3: GPS Spoofing Problems of iPad

As much as there are legitimate benefits to spoofing as provided above, it is not without its problems. Certain consequences come with iPad fake location that should be considered before going on with it.

3.1. Will Affect All Location-Based Apps on Your iPad

With fake location iPad or iPhone, every other application on the iDevice that is location-based. This is damaging especially when you make use of google maps to access a new location and find direction.

3.2. Your Account Could Be Suspended or Completely Shut Down

Spoofing if not properly carried can result in the suspension or complete shutdown of your device. This is why it is always recommended that you use a trusted and secured app to spoof location.


Any of the 3 apps provided above can be used to spoof the location of your iPhone to an entirely different location. Fake GPS Location for iPhone and iPad is a great app but has limited features unlike iSpoofer and iMyFone AnyTo. iSpoofer, on the other hand, gets complicated to use due to compatibility. This makes iMyFone AnyTo the best-recommended app for you if you want an effortless way to change your location on your iPhone. It gives you access to amazing features while preventing any suspension or shutdown of your device.