Can I send a fake location on WhatsApp?

Well, the answer is "Yes". You can of course send your fake location on WhatsApp. There are many ways that will help you to mask your location and pretend that you are in a fake location. And this is what this article focuses on. We will help you share some tips on how to send fake locations on WhatsApp in iPhone and Android phones. Apart from this, you will learn how to send fake live locations on WhatsApp. So, without any further ado, let us begin and explore the ways.

Part 1: How to Send Fake Location & Live Location on WhatsApp for iPhone

1.1 Send Fake Location

May I introduce to you one of the most wanted location changer tools iMyFone AnyTo with the help of which you can change your GPS location to anywhere instantly. For today's topic "how to send fake location & live location on Whatsapp", you can easily achieve it whether you have an iPhone or Android device. Now iMyFone AnyTo - perfect location changer can do even better. It works well with location-based games like Pokémon GO and social media platforms like Facebook. And it is compatible with the latest iOS 16 version.


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iMyFone AnyTo has been helping users:

  • Change your location to anywhere in the world with 1 click.
  • Create your own route to make your iDevices move along.
  • Set the speed for your customized route to make it looks more real.
  • Work with all location-based apps like Life360, Grindr, Tinder and more.
  • Save the history of locations for further use.

After knowing how amazing iMyFone AnyTo is, now, let me invite you to watch the video to learn how to send a fake location on WhatsApp.

How to send fake location on WhatsApp using iMyFone AnyTo

How to Fake (Live) Location on WhatsApp without Jailbreak

Step 1: Launch iMyFone AnyTo

Start iMyFone AnyTo on your desktop/laptop/pad and click on "Get Started".

launch iMyFone AnyTo

Connect your device with the desktop/laptop/pad, unlock your phone, click "Trust" to establish connection with the desktop/laptop/pad.

connect device with desktop/laptop/pad

Step 2: Pick a Destination

Select the "Teleport Mode" by clicking on the 3rd icon available on the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the destination that you want to be shown in the text area available on the upper left corner and click on the arrow.

select destination

Step 3: Change GPS Location Instantly

The destination entered will be shown on the pop-up which shows your location details like name, coordinates and distance. Once you are sure about the destination displayed, click "Move".

change GPS location

Step 4: Send Location on WhatsApp

Now, that you’ve changed the location through the aforementioned tool, any of the app in your device will show the teleported location. You just need to use the WhatsApp location service and send the location you’ve chosen to your friends. Here is how.

Open WhatsApp and choose the contact you want to share your location with. In the chat window, tap on "Plus" sign available on the bottom. Tap "Location".

share location on WhatsApp

Tap on "Send Your Current Location" and the fake location on WhatsApp will be sent to the friend.

location sent

1.2 How to Send Fake Live Location on WhatsApp using iMyFone AnyTo

Apart from teleporting, you can also set multiple locations on the route and simulate your movements to the people with the help of iMyFone AnyTo. This can be done by using the “Multi-spot Mode". All in all, using this, you can easily send fake live location on WhatsApp to make seem everything real. Let us know how.

Step 1: Choose Multi-spot Mode

Launch iMyFone AnyTo and select the 2nd icon at the upper right corner to enter the "Multi-spot Mode".
select multi-spot mode

Step 2: Select Multi-spots

Select the different spots by entering the address or by giving the GPS coordinates. You can set the round trips and speed by dragging the speed bar available on the right side pane. Once the values are given, click "Move" to start your journey.

plan a route to move along

Step 3: Stimulation Is Done

iMyFone AnyTo will show that simulation of your movement based on the speed that you have given. Once the simulation is done, a popup will be displayed as "Completed".

elmuate route completed

Part 2: How to Fake Location on WhatsApp via other App

If you would like to try other options , Mock Locations app is a good choice. This spoofing app is easily available in Play Store. You have to enable the developer option to use this app. For this, all you need to do is go to the "About Phone" section in your "Settings". Scroll for the build number option and tap it 7 times. Now, let us see how we can use this app:

Step 1: Go to Play store and get the app installed.

Step 2: After successful installation, go to "Developer Options", search "Select mock location app".

Step 3: In the drop down select the application that you have downloaded earlier.

select mock location app

Step 4: Open the App, long press on the location that you want until a tick mark appears on the right hand side.

Step 5: Tap on the green tick to set the location.

Step 6: Ensure to tap on the "Pause button" for the location to be active.

location changed

Step 7: Now send your current location using WhatsApp.

Part 3: Why People Want to Share Fake Location on WhatsApp

No matter what, faking location on WhatsApp has its own reasons. Let us know why people would want to send fake live location on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp icon

  • To surprise: Assume that it’s your friend’s birthday and you’re just lying to him/her that you’re not here and won’t be able to join him/her. Upon asking by him, you share your fake location on WhatsApp. And all of a sudden, when he/she gets convinced about your location, appear in front of your friend. How surprising it would be for the birthday fellow.
  • Prank: Pulling a prank is always fun. And by faking live location on WhatsApp, you can easily do that. Moreover, spoofing is a great way to show off one of your jealous friends.
  • Playing Games: You would also want to spoof your location when you try to win location-based games like Pokémon GO.
  • Best for Introverts: Okay! So you’re an introvert and don’t want to socialize. When your friends make a plan and you can’t say them no, just "spoof it off". You can show them the fake location and tell them you’re not here thereby avoid the party and spend time alone.