“How to stop parents from tracking me through Life360 without them knowing?"

With the development of location technology, locating a person become more and more convenient and accurate than before. There are so many apps that are available for tracking location. Life360 is one of them. Many parents will use it to monitor their child to keep in touch with their loved one so that they can be tracked easily in case of danger.

But, being tracked by someone is always uncomfortable. So, if you're looking for the way to stop Life360 from tracking you, this article is what you need. In this article, we will give you 5 proven methods to help you prevent your parents and friends from tracking you in Life360.

how to stop Life360 from tracking you

Okay, now, before showing you the methods to stop Life360 from tracking you, let's figure out what is Life360 and how does it work first.

Part 1: What Is Life360?

Life360 is a platform that allows every member in the Circle to track their family and friends all the time. As a group-centered location-based communication, chat, and driving safety tool, the main goal of Life 360 is to give the users the peace of mind of keeping up with their beloved ones by tracking their location in real-time.

Circle in Life360

To run Life360 on your device, you have to turn on location services so that Life360 can keep updating your location to the members in the group named Circles, and that means, your location will be tracked all the time if you install Life360 on your phone.

Like what we said before, it’s uncomfortable that being tracked or spied by someone, even your parent tracked you for safety reasons. So, if you don't want your parents to monitor your location when you just want to hang out with your friends, it is necessary to learn how to stop Life360 on your phone. Here, we will show you 5 useful ways to stop Life360 from tracking you.

Part 2: Proven Ways to Stop Life360 from Tracking Your Location

1 Stop Life360 without Anyone Knowing

"How do I turn off the location tracking on Life360 without notifying the Circles?"

The most important thing you should know first is that, once you turn off the GPS signal of the phone to stop Life360, it will alert other group members in the Circle that you’ve gone off the grid. Yep, everyone in the Circle will get a notification of that.

notification on Life360

So, is there anyway to stop Life360 from tracking you without anyone knowing?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is definitely Yes!

To stop Life360 tracking without anyone knowing, the best and most convenient way is to fake location on Life360. We have researched and tested out the best and safest location spoofer to fake location for Life360 on iPhone and Android device. Now, let us show you how to use them to stop Life360 from tracking without anyone knowing.

For iPhone: Stop Life360 from Tracking Your Location with iMyFone AnyTo

First, let me invite you to watch the video tutorial to stop Life360 without parents knowing:
(You can start from 0:50 to skip the introduction part.)

Try It FreeTry It Free

iMyFone AnyTo is a program designed to help the iOS users to change your location immediately to anywhere in the world. The tool performs at its best if you wish to fake your location or simulate the movements.

With the help of iMyFone AnyTo, you can easily fake your location and make the Life360 believes about the changed location without any doubt. Once you changed your location with this tool, those members in Circle will not be able to track your real location anymore, in other words, they will receive NOTHING about this change.

Wow, pretty amazing, right? Ok, after knowing how amazing iMyFone AnyTo is, now, let’s take a step by step look of how it is done.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone AnyTo

Download iMyFone AnyTo by clicking the “Try It Free” button below and getting the iMyFone AnyTo installed into your PC/Mac. Then, launch it. Click the “Get Started” button after that.

Try It FreeTry It Free

install and launch iMyFone AnyTo

Step 2: Connect iPhone to Your PC/Mac

Connect your iPhone to PC/Mac using a lightening cable, and tap the “Trust” button after the "Trust this computer" window showed on your iPhone. Enter your passcode to establish the connection.

unlock and trust

Step 3: Select A Destination

After the connection, a map will pop up and you will see your current location is displayed on the map.

To proceed, you need to select the “Teleport Mode” (the third one icon) at the top right corner of the screen.

Once done, you can simply scroll the mouse and pin a location on the map as you wish. You can also select a destination by typing the GPS coordinate or address in the search bar at the top-left corner of the screen.

select a destination

Step 4: Spoof Location to Stop Life360 with 1 Click

Once the destination is selected, all the location information will be displayed on the side bar. Hit on the “Move” button and then you can see that your location on Life360 is changed immediately.

move and change location

Go back to your iPhone and you will notice that your location on your iPhone has been changed already. Right now, your true location won't be able to track by Life360 anymore. Pretty easy to operate, right?

location on iPhone changed

All you need just a computer and iMyFone AnyTo!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the “Try It Free” button below and try iMyFone AnyTo to stop Life360 from tracking you without anyone knowing now!

Try It FreeTry It Free

For Android: Stop Life360 from Tracking with Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

In Androids, for masking the location, an app called "Fake GPS Go Location spoofer" is available in Play Store. This app actively blocks the radio signals that the phone receives and we recommend using it if you’re an Android user. Here is how:

Step 1: Download Fake GPS Go Location spoofer from Play Store.

Step 2: Enable Developer Option on your phone to proceed.

Step 3: Select Fake GPS Go Location spoofer as mock location app.

Step 4: Open it and select a location you want as your fake location.

Step 5: Hit the Play button to set it as your fake location.

spoof life360 with Fake GPS GO

To verify if the app worked or not, go to your “Google Maps” and check your location and you will find it at the place of your selection. Once your location spoofed, your parent won't be able to track your location with Life360 anymore.

2 Turn Off Location Sharing to Disable Life360

In Life360, your are allowed to turn off location sharing from the app directly, this is one of the fastest way to stop being tracked by parents and friends. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Open the app and on the lower right corner, there is a "Settings" button needs to be clicked.

Step 2: Click on the Circle switcher at the top corner of the screen and select those Circles with whom you want to stop sharing.

Step 3: From the options, click the "Location sharing" button.

Step 4: Slide the Slider towards off. This will pause your location with the Circles selected instantly.

By doing so, you can prevent your location from being shared by Life360 in Circles.

turn off location sharing on Life360

1. Once you turn off location sharing on Life360, your location on the map will show "Location Sharing Paused" and every member in the circle will know that you have turned off the location sharing.
2. If you hit the “Check In” button, the location will get updated in every Circle no matter if location sharing is turned off.
3. If you hit the "Help Alert" button, it will turn location sharing back on for that Circle.

3 Turn On Airplane Mode to Stop Life360

Another way to stop sharing any updated information about your change of location is by turning on your "Airplane Mode". The flight mode pauses of your GPS and data or internet connection.

Once you turn on your "Airplane Mode", a white flag will be displayed along with your last known location and will straightway show the next indicator flag once you are in the grid. So, if you trying to stop Life360 and have your personal zone, turning on Airplane Mode is definitely a good choice.

Here is how to do turn on Airplane Mode to stop Life360 from tracking:

Method 1: Open Control Center and tap the Airplane button to turn it on.

Method 2: Go to "Settings" and select Airplane Mode to turn it on.

turn on airplane mode on iPhone

4 Delect Life360 Account to Disable Life360

"Does deleting the Life360 app stop tracking"?

Many of you guys might think the most direct way to stop Life360 from tracking you is to uninstall it. But, is this really helpful in protecting your privacy forever?

The trust is, if you just uninstall the app, your location will still remian in the last known location, but if you delete your account permanently from the home settings, the entire history of your whereabouts and tracks will be erased.

delect Life360 account

If you want to stop Life360 permanently, you have to delect your Life360 account. But, if you just want to stop Life360 from tracking your location temporarily, you can simply uninstall it.

To delete the account, canceling the subscription needs to be done as the Life360 app cannot make that happen from their end. Therefore, once you cancel your subscription (Fee/Paid), you will automatically disappear from their Circle, but deleting the Life360 app cannot stop tracking you, only the icon will disappear from your screen.

Special mention to the fact that, if you happen to log out of your Life360 account or your network zoned out, an alert flag indicates your last known location and that you are off the grid and will indicate gain once you are back in the grid or once you log in again.

5 Use Burner Phone to Stop Tracking by Life360

Burner phones are disposable phones that have additional security features and can help you keep your identity anonymous.

use burner phone to stop Life360 from tracking you

If you want to keep your identity intact but still use Life360, then download Life360 in your burner phone and then log in with the same user ID and password as the original account as the original phone. Not to mention, log out of your Life360 account on your original phone.

You can now leave the burner phone where it is expected to be, and you can carry out your "Fun". After done that, you can hang out with your friends at ease without worring about your parents will monitor you.

But, in this case, you won't be able to see any messages or alerts from your Circles as your phone is not with you. This can put you in trouble. But it's still worth a try.

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Part 3: Hot FAQs You Should Know about Life360

1 Can Life360 Track You When Your Phone Is Off?

If your phone is turned off, the GPS function will be turned off also, so it won't detect your location while your phone is off, meanwhile, Life360 will display the last location data updated on your account.

2 Does Life360 Notify When Location Is Turned Off?

Yes, your members in Circle will get a notification message telling them that your location or GPS is off.

3 Can Life360 See What You Are Doing on Your Phone?

Although Life360 can not see what someone is actually doing on their phone, like texts, phone calls, etc. but one thing for sure, since Life360 allows the devices to be linked, it can track texts sent between Circle members. Also, as a location tracking app, once you allow Life360 to access your location services, it can track your real-time location while your phone turned on.

4 What Happens If I Delete the Life360 App?

Deleting Life360 will not remove your profile from the system, it will still show the last logged location of your account, and a "Location Tracking Paused" or an exclamation mark will be displayed.

5 How Do I Turn off Location on Life360 without Anyone Knowing?

The best and workable method is to use a location spoofer to fake your location on Life360. That is the most effective method to stop Life360 from tracking your actual location without notifying the members in Circle.


We hope those methods mentioned above can help you stop your location from being tracked by Life360 successfully. If you want to stop Life360 from tracking you without anyone knowing, don't forget to try iMyFone AnyTo to fake your GPS on Life360 and make your family and friends believe that you're in somewhere else.